Something Wicked This Way Comes *ON HOLD*

Emmeline Walker was a normal girl who had no worries going to school with her best friend Georgie. She had loving parents and doting brothers, everything a girl could want. Then comes along the virus. People are dead and dying all over the world, and the world seems to end when Emmeline catches the virus and blacks out. When she wakes up, however, in a new world where the dead never really died, she learns that the virus wasn't the end of anything, but the beginning in a new world of horror.

This is a story about zombies, beware. :)


17. The Rescue Party Part 3

~~"Plan B? We had one?" Corey asked, his eyebrows raised in surprise.

"Yes. You just never knew about it." Gabriel had taken out a bright neon orange flag out and after Raven and the others noticed he waved it in the direction of the oncoming hoard. An answering yellow was waved from the other window and with that he pulled his leather jacket on. Quickly following were his metal arm guards over the material and then to finish he grabbed two handguns. He put them in the chest holders he was wearing and started to make his way to the stairs.

Terra and Adriel were close behind, but Gabriel put his hands out to stop the others from following. "Plan B was to have two of us go and distract while the others go and get Hayley's group to bring them to the designated safe house. Since you two are still new we still have the right to test your loyalties. And Corey, you've been having delinquent behavior lately so everyone decided that the three of you would stay here and help backup the others. Raven and I will be the distracters' while Suzie, Henry, and Ryan go for the retrieval."

The others nodded but Corey froze in his tracks and you could see his blood start to boil underneath as his face started to turn red from pent up anger. 

"Why the fuck-I'm not staying up here!" Corey shouted.

Gabriel spun around and got right in his face, his bright eyes colder than dry ice and as hard as diamonds.

"You will stay up here, assist Terra and Adriel, or ill put you on cleaning duty in the mess chambers for a month and ill dock your rations. Do. You. Understand." Gabriel's voice was like steel and unintentionally Corey took a step back.

His eyes narrowed and he sneered, but nodded reluctantly before pushing his way back into the room. Gabriel pulled Adriel close as Terra made her way back to the window and their gazes met. 

"Watch Corey for me. He's been a lot more eccentric with his behavior lately so just watch your backs. I've no idea what he's thinking right now."

Adriel nodded and glanced back at the young man behind him. Corey had situated himself on top of a desk, playing with one of the flexible rulers that was on it.

Gabriel spun on his heel and raced down the stairs from the third floor to the ground. The entrance had been barricaded so others couldn't get in, but it was in a way that couldn't quite trap the teams inside either.

Pushing aside one of the pieces of furniture, Gabriel got on his knees and crawled underneath the table to peak through the entryway.

The sidewalk was littered with glass, oil, and trash, making it look as thought the entire street was a dump. Cars were sideways and a few were even on top of each other, but most of them were still in single file lines heading both directions with the doors opened. A couple cars had the windows smashed and you could see what looked like stringy flesh clinging to the broken edges.

Crawling on his elbows Gabriel had to hold his breath not to breathe in the vile stench of rot. As soon as he was through, he jumped to his feet and started to dash between the cars to the other end. 

Raven slowly came out of a back entrance, her eyes and ears alert for everything around her. Spotting Gabriel a moment later crouching by a car, she quickly ran to him.

"What's the plan?" She asked. Her grip tightened on the revolver she was holding up and she mentally slowed her breathing so she didn't feel panicked.

"Well, distract them but it shouldn't be too hard considering all we need is a bit of noise."

Raven grinned like the Cheshire cat and rummaged in her bag. Smirking, she pulled out medium sized long sticks with a wire sticking out of them.

"Dynamite?!" Gabriel eyes widened in surprise, "Now where did you find those?"

Raven grinned, her hazel eyes lighting up. "I didn't find them; I made them. Here."

She pushed a few pieces of dynamite into his hands and together they ran to the alleys and quickly made their way down the sidewalks. Daggers were out and ready which turned into a great idea since it seemed the stragglers of ghosts hiding had great timing for jumping out.

When the duo finally reached 200 yards in front of the slightly slow paced zombie creatures, they each took a stick in their hand, lit it with a matchstick, and threw it into the bunch of a hundred or so monster. 

Raven and Gabriel ducked into a crouch, Raven by a car and Gabriel inside a store, and the air seemed to still as the other waited. The explosions that followed were so loud the glass around the immediate area shattered and heat waves seemed to pulse off the ground.

The others in the buildings ahead cringed back and covered their heads when the explosion happened, but at least it bought them time. Ryan grabbed the duffle bag carrying the ammunition and put it onto his shoulders, Henry and Suzie not far behind. Running down the shut down conveyor belts since the stairs were littered with bodies was the fastest way. Suzie dashed in from of the others, her shoulder length hair wild around her ears as she dashed to the door in front of her. Opening it, she lunged out in front of her, only to slam into a mass that smelled of rotting meat and sewage.

She jerked back with a scream but she wasn't fast enough. Too preoccupied in her haste to see her friend, she didn't check the exit way before bursting out and it resulted in her pretty much flying into a spider web of rotting limbs and chomping teeth.

Groping hands grabbed her clothes and she was pulled back into a group of 5 or 6 Ghosts. Staring in absolute horror she let out a shriek as holeless eyes and a torn out throat met her vision.

"Suzie!!" Ryan yelled her name out and grabbing the crowbar out of his waistpants, slammed it into the skull of the closest monster about to bite into her. The skull broke and the crowbar, no longer finding the resistance of the cranium, sank into the flesh on the head like playdoh. The eyes, having already been gouged out, were like spickets for the blood and brain matter that seemed to gush forth.

Henry grabbed his small pistol and fired right into one of the Ghosts mouths, shattering its teeth and back of the skull. Suzie, in her moment of panic, gripped the Ghist hanging onto her and with years of training, she flipped it over her shoulder. Her mouth opened in an anger filled ahout and  with one hard kick of her steel covered boot, she smashed it down into the front of the creatures face.

The two others were quickly dispatched by the guys and when they could see no others would suddenly pop out, they rounded the corner and dashed out onto the sidewalk, making headway towards Hayley's group.

Terra, up top, kept her eyes trained on the others and directed Adriel to where he should target the closest of the creatures. Another explosion went off to their left and they quickly covered themselves from the blast. 

Terra smoothed her hair out of her eyes and coughed but got back to her feet. The others had met up and now the group of seven that included a panting Tristan waved at them to get down and regroup.

"Looks like its time to head back." Terra said quietly. She hadn't done much but she felt like she had accomplished something none the less. Turning she helped Adriel pack up and faced Corey to ask him to scout the stairs. 



"Where's Corey?"

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