Something Wicked This Way Comes *ON HOLD*

Emmeline Walker was a normal girl who had no worries going to school with her best friend Georgie. She had loving parents and doting brothers, everything a girl could want. Then comes along the virus. People are dead and dying all over the world, and the world seems to end when Emmeline catches the virus and blacks out. When she wakes up, however, in a new world where the dead never really died, she learns that the virus wasn't the end of anything, but the beginning in a new world of horror.

This is a story about zombies, beware. :)


11. Good News Bad News

~~Adriel watched the three of them closely, his thoughts troubled as he wondered what they were so heatedly discussing. 

The two men up there seemed to be around his age, though he couldn't be sure. The one with sea-green eyes had brown waves that were bleached on the ends and the other man had straight blonde hair and black eyes. They were both tall and well muscled, easily carrying auras of authority.

Looking back at Carol, he couldn't help but feel a major respect for the woman. Even though she was around his mothers age, she was a little spit-fire and full of strength that didn't come from working out.

She had saved him when he was strolling down the street near a park, arrogant in the assurance there were no Soulless around. He had been devastatingly wrong when he turned a corner and a children's daycare was seen. Little soul less children scrambled out the exit way after his retreating form. He had always loved children and so killing even one to save his life went against his nature. Carol had swooped in and grabbed him, like an angel in blue, and quickly carried him out of there in her truck. 

She was on her rounds looking for survivors and had she not noticed him he would probably be dead now. Yes, extreme liking and respect was what he felt towards her.

A tug on his left arm made him glance down in distaste; the black teenager Chelsea was still following him around like a love-sick puppy and it honestly disturbed him.

How could she imprint on someone so quickly? What Adriel didn't know was that the girl was just reverting back to simplistic thinking for her survival. She had no ability with weapons nor with skillfully hiding. The only things that had kept her alive were Morena, who was extremely good with her head, and her fast legs when running away.

Clinging to Adriel, who had enough muscle to share and who she immediately felt was extremely capable, made her instantly attracted to him. If she could make him like her, then that was one more person who could guarantee her survival.

She wasn't scared at using any sort of resource she had if it meant that she could live another day. 

Her sweaty palms gripped Adriel's forearm with more strength, thoroughly clinging to him when he tried to pull away. He sighed in annoyance and was about to snap at her when Carols firm voice shattered the semi-quiet in the room.

"Can I get everyone's attention please!" She waited patiently until everyone had quieted down.

"As most of you know, we only call team meetings if there is something we feel everyone should know or if its an emergency. We'll start off with the good news first before getting to the bad, so everyone please pay attention."

"As everyone has probably noticed, a new group has joined us, so please feel free to interact and get them integrated into our system." Carol pointed over towards where Adriel and the others were located. 

Unexpectedly, clapping sounded and everyone converged, welcoming the others with open arms and wide smiles. When they finished the giant welcoming, the crowd quieted and turned back to Carol and the other two.

Mark crossed his arms over his chest and looked towards the ceiling while Gabriel shouted out the last part of the meeting. 

"Alright, everyone quiet! It seems a distress signal  was sent out from Hayley's patrol group this morning. Normally we would send out a rescue party, but the fuckers were stupid enough not to tell us they had gone into C section." He let that settle with the crowd and gasps as well as murmurs could be heard furiously passing between the people.

"Anyway," Mark continued, his voice calmer, quieter. "We need some volunteers to retrieve them, since that section requires more than two days to navigate safely. Upon return, as thanks for going to get them, we'll provide double rations for a week...if you manage to make it back alive." 

The quiet that followed that announcement was almost deafening. Heavy breathing as people thought over what was said echoed around the chamber until finally a hand shot up into the air.

"If you leave out cleanup duties for a week, I'll be the first volunteer." A young woman with a high ponytail and light brown eyes shouted out. Quiet chuckles followed but her tone had been serious. If she was going to risk her life, she wanted to make it a little more worthwhile.

"Done Raven. Hayley is one of only two medical personnel we have in the base, we need to get her and the others back as soon as possible. Who else?"

An older man in his mid thirties raised his hand, quickly followed by two others. Adriel was curious and so raised his hand as well. Terra was the last one in the crowd to follow suit, and then Gabriel and Ryan, the truck driver, also jumped forward to lend their aid. Eight all together, it was a perfect team size and one that was quickly accepted.

Even though Adriel and Terra were new to the base, they exuded confidence with the weapons they carried around their shoulders, and anyone could see they knew how to use them.

The meeting was finished on the note that the group of five dressed in black camouflage were a military trained group and that they came from strongholds to the north. There were more cheers at that and shouts of joy and hope, glad to hear some form of the human race had survived.

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