Something Wicked This Way Comes *ON HOLD*

Emmeline Walker was a normal girl who had no worries going to school with her best friend Georgie. She had loving parents and doting brothers, everything a girl could want. Then comes along the virus. People are dead and dying all over the world, and the world seems to end when Emmeline catches the virus and blacks out. When she wakes up, however, in a new world where the dead never really died, she learns that the virus wasn't the end of anything, but the beginning in a new world of horror.

This is a story about zombies, beware. :)


4. Creepy Old Human Guys and Discoveries

~~A scream shattered the dream I was having of my family and I jerked up, my groggy eyesight trying to focus on the windows. The sunlight streamed through in a hazy way, almost like it was shining through clouds and I sat up and rubbed my eyes, before stretching. Another scream tore through the air and I jerked my eyes open, wide awake. I looked out the windows into the street to see a woman in jeans and a black t-shirt running down towards where my car was. I couldn't see what she looked like but she could've been in her 30's or something. What caught my eyes though was the crowd coming after her. People dressed from all walks of life amber after her, their faces grotesque and carnaged. They were gaining on the woman and I watched in horror as another group of these creatures came out of a side alley and blocked her off. I jumped out of the car on a stupid impulse when they surrounded her.

"Hey! Stop!!" I yelled at them, my voice scratching my throat at it bellowed out of my mouth. The mob ignored me and swarmed the woman whose screams we cut off as suddenly as they had begun.

The mob dispersed and I stood from frozen, unsure of what to do when the sight of the woman before me lay upon the ground unmoving. 

Maybe this was a movie, and as soon as the scene was over the woman would stand up and be okay.

I couldn't stomach the fact that it might be real. The sun overhead was peaking between the storm clouds, black and menacing, and I grabbed my things before moving over to her. The mob had disappeared, the only sounds to indicate they were ever here a few groans  from between the buildings.

I slowly came up to the woman's body and upon seeing her, I had to drop my pack and run to a nearby car where I puked the contents of my stomach. 

The woman's face had been chewed off, her skin and muscle gone to show the bone on almost every place of her body. Her one eye was white with blood coming from all her fresh wounds, and it hit me. This was real. The amount of detail someone would have to do for that amount of gore and reality was humanely impossible. 

I gagged and water came out from my now empty stomach. The action made my head spin and I squat down, a hand to my mouth to wipe away the puke.

"Woah. Calm down Em you can do this." I took some deep breaths and gave myself a pep talk, my eyes spinning. I felt like I was about to faint.

A crunch of gravel behind me and a groan made me whip around. My eyes popped out of my head at the woman who lay dead just a second ago. She was standing, swaying side to side, and

groaning. I quickly rushed up to her and grabbed her arm, her blood leaking down my hand to drip onto the pavement.

"oh my god you're alive! Are you okay?! Obviously not stupid question. Hold on. HEY IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? HELP!! PLEASE THERE'S SOMEONE INJURED!!" I shouted out my voice echoing. Thank god, it was just a movie. There was no way someone could survive something like that unless it was fake or something, my brain rationalized.

I looked back at the woman who had suddenly stopped swaying and I pulled her with me. 

"Come on we have to find you some help." I urged her forward but she never moved. I switched positions and stood directly in front of her to look in her eye. It was white and half hanging out and I couldn't help but grimace in disgust. 

"Excuse me? We need to get you some medical help. NOW." 

The woman's head had been hanging to the side slightly and at the sound of my voice she whipped around and stared at me. She lunged forward at me and snapped her teeth together and it was all I could do to leap out of the way. She lunged for me again and I ran sideways, confused and terrified at the same time that she was still attacking me. I ran backwards toward the car to grab my bag and leapt out of the way again when she jumped towards me, her ruined hands clasping in the air where I had just been.

 I circled her, not sure what to do, when a shot rang through the air and she collapsed at my feet, this time really dead, her skull shattered.

I stumbled back, a scared scream tearing forth from my lips. A gloved hand came around the side to clamp down on my mouth and I struggled, completely terrified.

"Stop! Do you want the rest of them to hear you?!" a mans voice shouted in my ear and I froze, my body and eyes unmoving. I turned around slowly and released a breath when I saw it was a man.

A whole, live man.

 A whole bunch of questions ran through my mind as I looked at him and took in his appearance. He was in his mid-50's, Asian, with black-brown eyes and dark brown hair. He was dressed in black cargo pants and a black wool thermal shirt. A gun hung from his hips on both sides and a machine gun hung from his left shoulder. He had two dogs with him, one a large German shepherd who looked at me with deep brown eyes and a black and brown hound dog whose droopy eyes looked at me expectantly...or so I thought.

I stood frozen, my questions forgotten when he raised his pistol at me. The only thing I could think to say was,

"Hi...please don't shoot me..."

I held up my hands and waited, a small smile coming to my mouth. The older man stared at me and gestured, his thick voice carrying to my ears easily even when it was barley a whisper.

"Follow me. Deck, Anne! Come!" he jogged away and I moved forward to follow, quickly adjusting to the mans pace with the dogs on either side of us.

We ran for awhile and by the time we stopped my legs were once again shaking and I had already drank both of my full water bottles. I was starving, especially after having puked up what little I had in my stomach.

We had ended up near what looked like an old factory building with the only windows occupying the second floor. A large fence surrounded the property and the man ran to the side where a chained piece was before quickly unlocking it to run inside. I followed and when my we made it to the building we ran up a staircase to the second floor. Climbing through a window with removable wooden bars, my eyes adjusted quickly to the semi-gloom and I gasped.

The floor was cement on both ends except in the middle where it looked like wood was placed for a mini gym. Punching bags, weights, and what looked like weapons were below the windows on the wood floor. On the other side of the floor couches and blankets were placed onto a couple rugs that lay on top of each other. Makeshift beds lay around with more dogs upon them, and what looked like a heater sat in the middle. An orange cord stretched to a door where it disappeared down a staircase. Once through the window the man locked it and jumped down from the railing and landed below. I took a breath before angling myself and launching forward, my hands gripping the bar as I spun down and I dismounted. 

Deck and Anne quickly followed, jumping lightly to the ground on all fours. The other dogs jumped up to greet them, licks exchanging between the six before they turned to me and stared. The man stood, watching me as I shrugged off my coat and drank the rest of my water in one gulp. My stomach rumbled and I blushed, embarrassed.

" wouldn't have anything to eat would you?" I asked politely. The man nodded quietly and gestured to the couches.

"Sit down." 

I hurriedly did as he said, shrugging my coat back on, and made my way over to a loveseat. The man looked at his dogs and pointed at me.


They all dispersed as he disappeared down the stairs where the orange cord was and sat in front of me, waiting.

I stared back, taking in the different breeds and colors they were. I had always loved dogs, even had one back home, so I admired their looks.

There was Deck, the panda colored German shepherd, Anne the black, white, and brown hound, and then the other four whose names I didn't know.

A red nosed pit bull girl with blue eyes sat to my left, a pure black long-haired retriever boy sat next to Deck, a small shitzu-like poodle with tan and gold curls was right next to my feet on my right, and a large Saint Bernard/mastiff mix sat a little off on the right, his mismatched eyes blinking in his unique brown and blue-grey furred head. Anne has gotten on the couch next to me and lay her big brown eyes on her paws.

A shuffle could be heard and the man appeared with a basket in hand as he ascended the stairs, his eyes immediately finding mine. They sparkled with an unknown emotion and I looked away, placing my hand palm up for Anne to sniff it. When she did I slowly moved my hand to her paw and poked it, not sure how she would react, but she looked at me with cool eyes. Taking a leap of faith I moved my hand to her head where I lightly scratched behind her ears. Anne tilted her head towards me and I took that as an ok before scratching and petting her full on.

I looked back up to see the man staring at me with surprise, his mouth quirking in a smile.

His quiet voice echoed in the silence. "I've seen many people try to pet her before but no one has ever succeeded except for me, until this very moment. At ease." at the command the rest of the dogs lay down in various areas. The poodle pup jumped into my lap and I became preoccupied with petting them both as their master lay out some food before us.

"That's Mickey." he said. 

I looked up in confusion and he pointed at the dogs and named them out.

"Mickey." the poodle pup.

 "Deck." the German shepherd.

"Anne." the walker hound.

"Rosy." the red pitbull.

"Twilight." the black, long haired retriever.

"Goliath." the mastiff, St. Bernard mix?

I nodded my head and giggled as each one barked in acknowledgement of their names. I cleared my throat and paused in my petting actions.

"And what's yours?" I asked quietly.

The mans dark eyes bore into the table the food lay on, the swirls forming his name as the answer to the question I'm sure he was asking it.

"Shin. Shin Mashishimi."

 "I'm Emmeline Walter."  I smiled at him and in return he shoved a can of beans at me with a fork.

"Eat. You'll need all the strength you can get before leaving here, especially in the world we now live in." he ended in a whisper.

My heart rate sped up. "No! Wait a minute, what do you mean 'world we now live in'? I haven't understood anything that's been going on since I woke up from the hospital!" I complained. 

"Hospital?" he asked confused.

"Yes. Just two days ago I woke up in the hospital just north of here. I have no idea where I am, no idea what's been going on...i don't even know what year it is!" by the end of my rant my whole body was shaking with my wound up nerves. Anne sat up and licked my face while Mickey wagged his tail and yipped at me. Still fuming I started petting them again and eventually I calmed down to the point I was no longer shaking.

Shin stared at me a little longer before leaning back into the couch. He let loose a long breath before speaking.

"Well, by the end of two months from now it will be 2016 if that helps. Tell me, what do you remember before you woke up?" he asked.

I sat stunned, not quite believing what he had just told me. A year. I had been asleep, for over a year. I felt faint and I started petting the dogs again, not even trying to hide my shock. 

My voice wobbled when I finally found it again. "Um... W-well, I was in school...high school, the last semester. I had been walking down the hall with my friend Georgie when I...i had become sick. I can't really remember anything else... besides collapsing and then I woke up in a-a hospital bed." 

I whipped my head up to stare at Shin again. "Tell me, where am I?" 

"Los Angeles, California. Well, what's left of it." 

When those words came out of his mouth I covered my face with my hands and felt tears prick my eyes. I wasn't even home, in my own state, let alone city. I brought my knees up and my hair fell forward to cover my face in a curtain of red and gold. 

I couldn't do this. This was too much to take in. A sob thundered from my chest and I choked trying to keep it in. My body resumed shaking, though this time it was for a different reason. Tears poured from my eyes as I let grief consume me at all that I may have lost. 

Asleep for over a year, in a different city. My whole family could be dead and I'd never know. I continued to sob and when I felt hands surround me and pull me down into a hug I released my tension and let the tears flow freely. Shin held me like that for what could have been hours and the dogs whined at me with each new cry that escaped my lips drenched with tears.

When my eyes had dried out, I let them close in exhaustion and let the darkness claim me into sleep.

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