Stay with me//Luke Hemmings

Stay with me//Luke Hemmings
By: Thida Phlong



Thida's POV

"When the day is almost over and your fast asleep my love, I'm the luckiest girl alive." I sang the last bit and said what I always say at the end "Thanks for listening guys and girls, comment and subscribe, follow me on Instagram @thidaaustinah_ and comment what songs I should sing next okay well, bye." I uploaded the video of me singing and put it on YouTube I didn't want to make it to a career but if that does happen than I'll take it, but for now I'm taking courses for being a lawyer which is really hard since I'm only 17.


"YESS MUM?!?!"


When she said Zach I jumped from my desk and quickly took off my black one shoulder T-shirt and out my black nirvana singlet on. On my way downstairs I could hear my mum saying "So Zach, you and Thida are close." And I could hear Zach say "Yes ma'm we are close but I like us just friends if you know what I mean." "How about being more than a friend.That was my queue to step in "Hi Zach!" I said at the last step "Hi Thida, ready to go?" "Yes,I am." "You kids be good!" My mother said when I got into the passenger seat.

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