The Misfits

Ashton has the hugest crush, on his bestfriend Avery.
Avery and her 4 bestfriends are the misfits of the school
What will Ashton do to get his one and only love
Read "The Misfits" to find out what happens


3. Viral Photos

Every single photo went viral

millions of people saw them


Avery's P.O.V

I slowly got up and told Ashton I would be right back

I ran over to Chantelle, and Mia and dragged them to the game room

once we got there I gave them a huge lecture about this

I said things like

"you know I like him" or "why did you do that?!"

they startyed bring all gushy and ohhing and awing

Ashton's P.O.V

I waled past thr game room, and heard anger in Avery's voice I was about to go in but im glad I dint I started listening to the whole conversation (not spying)

 She was saying stuff like you know I like him, and how could you

she semmed angry and sad

then she said what if he dosent even feel the same way

Mia said he probably dose+your both single and always cuddle like just now you guys were cuddling

Oh my gosh

Avery likes me

I cant believe this

I always thought she liked me the way I liked her and it was true


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