The Misfits

Ashton has the hugest crush, on his bestfriend Avery.
Avery and her 4 bestfriends are the misfits of the school
What will Ashton do to get his one and only love
Read "The Misfits" to find out what happens


2. hanging with Ashy

Avery's P.O.V

I woke up to a annoying beeping sound

Ugh another dreadful day

I got up and put on my Ash shirt,my blink-182 sweater,My helled-boots(black),and my shorts

I went to the bathroom to do my hair/make-up

I put my wavy brown hair in a bun

my make-up was simple, Eyeliner, Macara, and lip gloss

As I walked out of the bathroom the doorbell rang

I ran downstairs knowing it was Ashton

Once I got downstairs, I hoped in Ashton's "Bright Red Truck" so we could go to chick-fil-la

We blasted our music;Blink-182,Nirvana,5sos (there band)

Once we got to chick-fil-la, we ordered

I got a chicken sandwitch with, waffle fries, and a lemonade

Ashton got, chicken nuggets, fruit cup, waffle fries, and a coke

When we finished we headed to the boys house (A.K.A Lukes,Ashtons,Micheals,Calum,and Niall (befored 1D was created)

The other Misfits were there for our band practice

All the girls had boyfriends except me

Mia was dating Luke

Chantelle was dating Micheal

Lela was dating Niall

Last but not least Calum was dating our lovely blue-haired Angel

Me and Ashton were single

So yah everyone was all snuggly and stuff and me and Ashton were on the X-box

After while we go bored so we decided to lay on the couch we were all snuggled up and then I fell asleep

Ashton's P.O.V

Her eyes flutterd closed

as she layed there cuddled up she was so adorable

soon after I then drifted asleep

Avery's P.O.V

I woke up snuggled to Ashton

awww he is so cute when he sleeps

I then pulled out my phone

I got on instagram, and snapchat

I was tagged in a video on instagram

The video was of me and Ashton snuggled up

the comments read "you guys are so adorable,or you guys are goal, or OMG just date already"

I then go tone snapchat to find a bunch of photos of me and Ashton cuddling

The photos and videos went viral

As soon as I finshed the photos a sleepy Ashton put his head on my shoulder and said "what ya looking at?"



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