I wait for him outside his house. To his parents, I am just another girl, a girl with a stutter. I knock gently at the door, and it swings open, and I see him. I smile brightly because we don't need words. To most, we are that girl with the stutter and that boy who is too shy to speak, but to each other we are the people who laugh and open up. He cleans all the harsh edges of my words. When he's around me he opens up and forget about all the times he's been hurt. *some cursing, and touchy topics*


2. First

We finally make it to school. I lean against his shoulder as I walk because me brain is defiantly not ready for a taxing school day,

"Ready for school, Miss Magdalena?" Quinton says.

"No, and do you have to call me that?" I ask.

"Yes, yes I do," He says looking at me with a serious look. I roll my eyes and sigh. Most people think that a nickname should be shorter than your actual name. My name is Magdalena, but almost everyone calls me Mags or Mag. Only he calls me Miss Magdalena,

"What class do I have first?" I ask

"We have math first,"

"Ugh,"  I groan letting my head fall back,

"What you don't want to be with me?" He said looking at me.

"No, I don't want to be with math,""

"Are you cheating on me?"

"No, and if I did it would be a very unhappy relationship because he's always trying to find his ex."

"Interesting. Well, we should probably go to this math so that we don't get in trouble,"

"Okay, Mr. Perfect," I say hurrying up a tad. We soon make it to math class which is not very fun. We talk about things that I struggle to understand. I rarely raise my hand because of my stutter, and I hate it when teachers call on me. They know that I can't talk in front of people, so why make me? I have even started to do it because of their harsh words. Every time I mess up they yell at me or make fun of me. I don't know what Quint's parents are like. I've only met them a couple times, and they didn't talk much. Whenever he comes out of his house he seems tired and relieved to be gone. If I question him about, he just shakes his head.

The nest class I have is art. I honestly love art because I don't have to talk to anyone. I love to sketch. Sometimes my art doesn't make any sense. It is just a bunch of sad shapes, but my teacher seems to think they are amazing.

For the rest of the day, I take notes and get back mediocre grades. Fun. Quint has an AP class that lass 10 minutes after I get out. I wait for him by the gate and start on my math homework. It is something about advanced polynomials. It just seems like a bunch of things to memorize, but even after I memorize every detail, I still only get average grades.

I want to be an artist when I grow up. I know they don't make much money, but my happiness will hopefully be worth it.

Quint walks out of the main building looking a little tired,

"How are you Miss Magdalena?" he asks halfheartedly,

"Fine, but I think you need a root bear float." This makes him smile and we walk together to the local place that sells smoothies, milkshakes, and most importantly floats. He always teases that we are the only ones that keep the place open because we come here at least once a week, "Two root bear floats, please," I say nicely to the man at the register,

"That'll be $2.00, ma'am," he responds. I hand over the money and he quickly returns it with the floats. We go to a booth. He still looks just really tired. He smiles and we say cheers, but it is not true,

"What's going on?" I finally ask,

"Nothing. I promise," he adds after I raise my eyebrows,

"Okay, Quinton, but if anything does happen you better tell me."

"I will." Then, I lean against him and we drink a floats in each other's company. Once we are done, he walks me back to my house and goes home himself. I wonder what happens when he disappears behind that door. 

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