Thug Life ~Ashton Irwin

The new Badboy in school? Yes! This is off the top of my head, so I'm coming up with things while writing


1. Chapter 1

"Emily Trowbridge, to the principals office immediately please!" The speaker calls throughout the school. I've only been called to the office once, because I chucked paper across the room. Yes, I'm the good girl of the grade, I have two friends; Issa and Rose who are SERIOUS neat freaks.

If you ask me, I would say that it's kinda funny, whenever someone throws paper on the ground they go off their brains and rush to pick up the rubbish.. Girls.

Anyway, I'm in my way to the office, not scared because I don't remember doing anything wrong.. I reached my hand out to the cold metal doornob, slowly twisting it before pushing the old warn down wooden door open ad stepping inside. "AHH, their she is! Emily, I'd like to ask you a huge favour!" Principal Squash says. I nod telling him to go on " I would like you to show Mr Irwin around our school, can you do that for me?" He asks. I hadn't noticed the tanned boy behind me, the one with honey blonde hair that curls on his forehead, those tattoos! And hazel eyes! While I was looking at him, he winked at me. Oh great. Just another man slut to add to our disgusting school. "Yeah, sure" mr squash giving me a satisfied grin, turns and pulls out three pieces of paper,

Locker number- 269

Locker combo- 2001

Timetable - 1st is English. Great. With me. *note my sarcasm. I turn on my heals looking briefly at Irwin before gesturing to follow me. Grabbing his bag, he jumped up and went besides me. I wouldn't be surprised if he was 6'ft tall. "Well, Irwin-" "Ashton" he cuts me off. I nod "well Ashton.

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