Music and Love

Dan Smith, lead singer for the band Bastille, has fallen for Sunset Shimmer, the new lead guitarist for The Rainbooms but as the band begins to take its toll on Sunset things quickly fall apart.
Cover art by Charley M-Smith (XxcharliixX ) based on artwork by JaquelinDreamz (


6. Chapter 6

"This is going to be wicked!" Kyle said excitedly, peering out of the window as they approached the beach.

"I haven't been to the beach since I was little." Will tells the group. Woody pulls the van up at the beach side and they all hop out and move onto the beach which is empty except for the eight girls and a dog setting up towels and a large parasol. Pinkie and Maud walk off along the beach to try find some rocks, Applejack and Rainbow Dash set up a volleyball net and Fluttershy goes to the rock pool.

"Hey Dan, this is Princess Twilight Sparkle, one of my best friends." Sunset says, introducing the singer to the purple princess who shakes his hand.

"Hello Princess Twilight Sparkle." He laughs.

"Just Twilight is fine." she smiles.

"Well then hello just Twilight. And hey Sunset." He pulls her into a hug and kisses her cheek lightly, making her blush softly.

"Forgetting someone?" A male voice asks. Dan looks away from Sunset but sees no one.

"How could we ever forget you Spike?" Sunset laughs and picks up the purple and green dog. She hands him a dog biscuit from a bag which he happily munches on. Will sets up a blanket and lies down next to Twilight and Rarity, a pair of sunglasses shading his eyes.

"You want to go for a swim?" Sunset asks. He nods shyly and she laughs, shrugging off her shirt and shorts to reveal the swimsuit she's wearing underneath. Dan takes his off his jeans, shoes and socks leaving him in dark blue shorts and and light blue shirt. He leaves his clothes with Will, as does Kyle who has decided to swim with them. Woody has joined has joined his cousins on a search for rocks.

"Uhm Dan, shirt." Sunset points out with a laugh.

"Dan never takes his shirt off." Kyle says, rubbing sun cream onto his shoulder.

"Oh, right, okay. Well then let's go." She says, pulling her hair into a ponytail. The three start to walk down the beach when Dan is tackled into the sand.

"Sweetie Belle!" Rarity screeches from her towel.

"Apple Bloom what the hay are you doing?! Get up and apologizes!" Applejack shouts.

"Hey Scoots, wanna play volleyball?" Rainbow calls from besides AJ. As the weight is removed from Dans back he sits up and starts brushing the sand off his tongue frantically.

"Sorry Dan, we were just trying to get to the water and couldn't stop when we saw you." Scootaloo says, brushing the sand off of his face.

"Yeah, we were having a race." Sweetie Belle adds, handing him a bottle of water and a towel. They all look at him nervously. He smiles at them, unable to stay angry at any kid for long.

"It's okay, it was just a mistake." He says and he grabs Kyles hand and pulls himself up.

"You guys coming into the water?" He asks them. Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom nod eagerly but Scootaloo excuses herself to play volleyball with Rainbow Dash, Applejack and now also Pinkie Pie.

"Don't worry kid, you can be on my team." Rainbow says as Dan, Sunset, Kyle, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom make their way the the icy water. Sunset squeals when she gets in, making Kyle laugh. He runs up behind Dan, shoving him into the water. Dan sinks under the waves for a moment before emerging, wet and angry.

"Kyle. Why the Celestias name did you do that?!" he asks, trying not to curse or get violent in front of the two younger ones.

"I was trying to wash the sand off you." Kyle grins. After a moment Dan can't help but laugh.

"What will I do with you?" he says, dragging his friend deeper into the water. Sunset joins them and the three begin to have a water fight, laughing and squealing as they're hit by wave after wave of the freezing salt water. A shrill scream jolts them out of their game.

"Apple Bloom what's wrong?" Sunset answers. The girl is screaming and crying, running towards them.

"Sweetie Belle!" She yells, pointing further out into the ocean. The see her head bop out of the water before sinking back down underneath. Without thinking Dan swims deeper into the sea, trying to grab hold of her. As soon as he grabs a hold of her arm he tug her above the surface, struggling against the now vicious waves. He slings her onto his back and swims quickly to the shallower areas, occasionally dipping under his self. As soon as he's able to stand up he runs across the sand towards Rarity, Twilight and Will to get her a towel. He sets her down beside her sister and she starts coughing, water coming out of her mouth, her usually curly pink and purple hair flattened against her face.

"Sweetie Belle are you okay?!" Rarity squeals, wrapping a towel around the shuddering child while Twilight wrings the water out of her hair. Sweetie Belle nods, unable to look up.

"But darling whatever were you doing?!" she asks.

"She was trying to get our ball back but she got swept up in the waves." Apple Bloom answers. Suddenly Rarity throws her arms around Dans neck.

"You saved my sister. How can I ever repay you?!" she says. Dan blushes and runs a hand through his hair awkwardly.

"You don't have to repay me, I couldn't just leave her." He says. She smiles at him gratefully.

"Well thank you anyway, you're a hero." She says, kissing his cheek before returning to her sister, making Dan blush even harder.

"You better not be leaving me for her." Sunset jokes, walking up behind him. He grins at her.


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