Music and Love

Dan Smith, lead singer for the band Bastille, has fallen for Sunset Shimmer, the new lead guitarist for The Rainbooms but as the band begins to take its toll on Sunset things quickly fall apart.
Cover art by Charley M-Smith (XxcharliixX ) based on artwork by JaquelinDreamz (


5. Chapter 5

"So you used to use the serving spoon instead of a normal spoon?!" Sunset laughed. Dan nodded, grinning from ear to ear.

"Yup. Every day. I couldn't even fit it in my mouth!" Dan told her, making her laugh even more.

"That is the most adorable thing ever." She tells him, taking his hand.

"Thank you for tonight." She whispers. Dan smiles and quickly pays the bill. As they get to the car he lowers the hood so the wind can blow through their hair as he slowly drives. The soft music he puts of drifts out of the stereo, and Sunset puts her head back and closes her eyes, letting it wash over her.

"Do you mind if I park at mine and walk you home?" Dan asks her as the stars fill the sky over head. She just puts her thumbs up, not wanting to interrupt the song. He parks outside and waits till the song has finished before turning the engine off. As they walk clouds fill the skies and rain begins to pour on the unsuspecting victims below.

"Come on, I know a short cut." Sunset yells over the rain as she rips her shoes off. Dan hands her his jacket to keep her warm before tearing off his own shoes and socks. They leap over a fence and begin to run through the now muddy park. 'Oh shit.' Dan thinks to himself as he feels himself falling. In a last ditch attempt to stay upright he grabs hold of Sunset but instead brings her down with him. The two land in the mud. Dan expects her to start yelling but instead she just laughs.

"You goofball." She says as they awkwardly stand up. Instead of running they now just walk through the mud hand in hand, the rain flattening their hair to their heads. As they reach Sunsets door the rain starts to clear up.

"Typical." Dan mutters, making her giggle.

"Thank you again for tonight." she whispers, wrapping her arms around his neck. She leans forward when the door swings open.

"In now please Sunset." Her father says, glaring at Dan.

"But daddyyyyyy." Sunset whines.

"Now." he repeats. She sighs and removes Dans jacket, handing it back to him.

"See you on Monday." She says before walking into the warm house.

"Goodbye." Her father says, giving him a fake smile before slamming the door in his face.

"Charming." Dan mutters as he makes his way back to his own home. His phone vibrates with a message.

Sorry about him, he's over protective xx it reads. Before he can reply he gets another text.

Hope we can go out again sometime soon x and with that Dan smiles the whole way home.

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