Music and Love

Dan Smith, lead singer for the band Bastille, has fallen for Sunset Shimmer, the new lead guitarist for The Rainbooms but as the band begins to take its toll on Sunset things quickly fall apart.
Cover art by Charley M-Smith (XxcharliixX ) based on artwork by JaquelinDreamz (


4. Chapter 4

Dan pulled at his tie nervously, the single rose in his shaking slightly with his hand. The door swung open and an older man with a frown on his face stood there.

"So, you must be the boy taking out my Sunset." He grunts.

"Oh Zeb don't be like that. Come on in deary." The woman behind him, Sunsets mother, invites him in. He steps inside the house carefully and Sunsets mother squeals.

"Oh he brought her a rose! Isn't that the sweetest thing!" She says, pulling him further into the house.

"Mooooom!" Sunset whines, walking cautiously down the stairs. Dan gasps when he sees her. She's in a elegant black dress with two earrings and a pair of low heels, her hair tumbling in waves around her shoulders.

"You uh, you look great." Dan manages to get out. She giggles.

"Thanks, you don't look too bad yourself." she grins as she reaches the bottom step.

"Look Sunset he bought you a rose!" her mother squeals, lifting his arm up as though he's incapable of doing so himself.

"Thank you." She says, taking it from him. She walks into the kitchen and pulls out a thin vase, filling it with water and placing the red flower inside.

"Why're you all dressed up?" A male voice asks.

"Because, Starry, I'm going on a date." Her brothers laughs loudly and makes his way into the hall.

"You're taking Sunset out?" He asks, speaking to Dan. Dan nods nervously, begging his body not to blush and give away how nervous he is. "Good luck with that." he sniggers.

"Shut up Starry, you're going to wreck her confidence." A young girl says from the top of the stairs. Dan guesses she's about nine.

"Thanks Flossy." Sunset laughs.

"Please can I take a picture?" Her mother begs, a camera already in hand. 'Where the buck did that come from.' Dan wonders. The next minute is a chaotic mess of people shoving and shouting before Dan is shoved out of the door into the cool night.

"Sorry about that, mom is obsessed with taking photos. We have to stop her every time she gets the camera out." She laughs quietly at something, probably a memory. Dan leads her to his car and she gets in gratefully.

"As amazing as this car is, it isn't nearly as cool as Vinyls." She says, running a hand along the smooth leather of the seats.

"The school DJ has a better car than me?! Figures." He laughs as he starts the engine.

"Lazaroti's is okay, right?" He asks her nervously. She smiles and nods.

"I love it there, it's where we went for my parents anniversary last year." She tells him. He smiles at her. Suddenly he takes his eyes off the road and his gaze lock with hers. A loud beep pulls him back to reality and he realizes he was driving on the wrong site of the road in his daze. As he quickly makes his way to the right side of the road he receives a lot of rude and gestures, making him blush.

"I guess you were entranced by my beauty." She jokes, flicking her hair back with a laugh. Dan smiled at her nervously. 'She doesn't even know how right she is.'

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