Music and Love

Dan Smith, lead singer for the band Bastille, has fallen for Sunset Shimmer, the new lead guitarist for The Rainbooms but as the band begins to take its toll on Sunset things quickly fall apart.
Cover art by Charley M-Smith (XxcharliixX ) based on artwork by JaquelinDreamz (


3. Chapter 3

Dan sat at the kitchen table, writing out song lyrics.

"Just like Twilight." Sunset giggled from the doorway, making him jump. She was wearing shorts and a thin tank top with her silky hair in a high ponytail.

"What're you doing up so late?" she asks him, reaching into the fridge and pulling out a can of whip cream.

"Just writing a new song." He mutters. She fills her mouth with the cream and offers the can to Dan. He accepts with a small smile and does the same. As he hands it back his fingers brush against hers and a small blush rises up her cheeks. Suddenly she grins and presses down the button, spraying Dan with cream. He gasps and runs around the island, grabbing another can and spraying her back. They both laugh and begin to fight with it. In the end they're both covered in cream and have gone through around 32 cans.

"I better go get cleaned up." Sunset tells him.

"Do you uh, wanna go out tomorrow night?" she asks him, blushing again. 'Adorable' Dan thinks to himself. He nods eagerly, grinning.

"I'd love to." He says. She smiles at him.

"Great! I'll see you tomorrow." She kisses his cheek before skipping upstairs. He grabs a mop and begins to mop up, unable to stop smiling.

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