Music and Love

Dan Smith, lead singer for the band Bastille, has fallen for Sunset Shimmer, the new lead guitarist for The Rainbooms but as the band begins to take its toll on Sunset things quickly fall apart.
Cover art by Charley M-Smith (XxcharliixX ) based on artwork by JaquelinDreamz (


1. Chapter 1

Dan woke up and quickly pulled on his clothes from the day before, running his fingers quickly through his hair as he brushed his teeth. He bolted down stairs to meet his blue skinned best friend, Kyle. The two made their way down the road, heading towards Canterlot High where they would meet with their friends Woody and Will who made up their band, Bastille. They approached the school and slowed down outside the music room. Music could be heard from inside, female singing, three guitars, fast drums, a bass and... a tambourine?

"We shine like rainbows, shine like rainbows!" They sing, six voices in total. They slowly end the song and begin laughing.

"That was awesome." one girl shouts. They all begin to pack up their instruments. They file out of the room, passing the four boys without giving them a second glance. The last girl has red and yellow curled hair and a big grin on her face, not saying anything but not seeming detached from the group. Her eyes flicker up for a moment and meet Dans. His heart flutters in his chest.

"Bacon hair." Kyle mutters, making them all laugh. She giggles silently, making Dan wonder if she heard them.

"Who is she anyway?" Dan asks, trying to act casual as the four begin to set up in the music room.

"Sunset Shimmer, she's in the year below us. Hangs around with Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and when Princess Twilight Sparkle comes over from Equestria her too. She had a lot of trouble with magic last year, just before you came." Will informs him. Dan stares at him, confused.

"Wait who's Princess Twilight Sparkle? And what's Equestria? And magic?!" Dan runs a hand through his hair, trying to get to grips with everything he has just been told.

"Long story." Woody grins as they launch into their first song.

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