All of Me - a Collection of Poems

This is just a collection of poems that I have written over the last couple of years.


3. Star Light, Star Bright

In the city,

The stars aren't so pretty.

Headlights, traffic lights,

Street lamps and night lights-

They all combine

With the loud whine

Of impatient drivers honking,

And replace the tiny lights

Dotting the night sky.

In the city,

The trees aren't so pretty.

There's hardly any at all.

They've all been crowded into

A few small squares

For everyone to share.

They've been replaced

By towers of steel

Where people - not animals- reside.

In the country,

The stars are all you see.

The moon, with her light,

Guides the owl in flight

And again finds her home in a tree.

The trees are free to grow as they will

And to shelter animals still.

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