daddy issue


9. 9

 I groan pinning the last piece of my hair back.. I look into my vanity mirrior. I adjust my top and get up. after landen and I's blow out I just wanted to stay home and be on my laptop... Kiya and faith on the other hand didn't have a clue what happened.. They wanted to go adventure in our fabulous city of la.. I knew some youtubers who were staying in one of the best mansions this week for aminty fest... so we decided to call them... 
ring ring. 
" Hey Lexi whats up " 
" Hi Joe I have the boys at my place and a few friends form school , and I was wondering of maybe we could come over and have a pool party ?? " 
" oh sure!! thad be bloddy epic " 
" ok! do you want us to bring anything " 
" have you seen this house , it has everything " 
" ok joe , haha , ill see you in about an hour " 
" did you gusy ant to stay the night? " 
" sure if you guys are willing to put up with us.. " 
" of course " 
"thanks joseph " 
" yep alexis " 
I hung up and shriked.. " WERE STAYING IN A MASION WITH JOE SUGG " the girls shrik.. I walk to my closet and pack my bag.. the girls just use theirs the packed for my place.. I texted ashton and within 5 minutes him and the boys and cal's gf were ready.. we walked to the grage .... " shit " calum chuckles.. we had 1 car and 8 people... I look at luke.. " Ok , ashton , kiya , faith and Michael you go in the car , we will take a taxi.. " they nod and get in. calum called a taxi and we were just 5 minutes behind. I get in and sit next to luke. calums girl friend lilian sat in the frount. luke was in the middle. I hold his hand. 10 minutes later we were at the most beautiful house ever. " thanks " I say as I get out of the taxi. I see caspar run out of the house and hug me. he spun me around and kissed my cheek. " LEXIIIIIII " he says putting me down. " hi caspar" I say laughing. I then see a wild joey graceffa trotting twords me. I laugh at him. he was vlogging. " hi my darling " he says twiring me. 
" hello joey " I hug him. joe steps outside and yells my name king kong style. " JOEEE " I yell back. he runs back inside. e get our bags form the trunk. we walk inside and I grab lukes hand. " its beautiful " I say looking at the huge living room. I look up at luke and he smiled. joe gave us a tour.. luke and I clamed a room to ourselves. we put our bags down and plopped on the bed. he wiggles his hands into mine and then we heard our names being called from downstairs. everyone was sitting around the bar.. we got wine glasses , but we had to have grape juice since were not 21.. I took a picture of luke. after we all went swimming

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