daddy issue


8. 8

 I woke up the next morning to Rylie and Landen making out on the couch.. that was it.. I tried up just seeing him with her worthless ass..he deserved better and he doesn't now her plan... "GET THE FUCK OUT RYLIE AND DONT EVER COME BACK." I shout and she falls of the couch on the floor. she stands up and puts her shirt back on. " sorry lex , tought it would be ok if I stayed " I she with a smirk tucking a hair behind her ear. I look at her with a glare. " you maybe fooling him , but bitch I know your plan and I know ur routin " is ay and slam the door on her.. " what the hell" landen asks standing up. " Look , she does thi with everyboy.. " he folds his arms. " what " I snicker.. " your going to the top of hill in city park tomorrow for a date.. she is going to ask for roses o after you drive to the flower shop and get 2 dozen roses. you get outsideand she isses your cheek and says. " sorry dick head I gotta go " and ned , her side bang , picks her up in his jeep... " he smirks.
" ok , yeah whatever , you just arejelious you cant mekout with your boyfriend or BANG EACHOTHER without ashton knowing " I stand in shock...... I step back and swallow the lump in my troght.. I shake my head. " ... Im a Christian " I say taking a step closer. I poke his chest. " Luke also doesn't have a rep for braking hearts.. " say poking him back a step. " your jelious admit it " he says. " no " I say. " no , get the fuck out.. go and screw Rylie.. but wear your belt extra tight tonight.. she likes it when by play hard to get. I say flipping him off and running upstairs. I plop on my bed and cry into my pillow. why was he being like this.. what happened to the old him.. my best friend.

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