daddy issue


6. 6

" Landen no !!! " I say trying to fix the couch. " Get up dush " I mumble trying to pull him up. " ughh fine " he says getting up. he sits on the floor an di straighten the blanket. " is it ok if Rylie comes over?? " he asks and I look at faith. we roll our eyes. " sure whtever" Rylie was landen gf... she thinks I steal him... shes best friends with a back stbbing jerk... Hannah. .. there was a knock at the door and I open it. " Yo...... Oh... look guys fresh cherries. " they guy at the door says laughing back at his friends. my mouth dropped open. " nah bro she cant be fresh " I cross my arms and glare. " what the hell do yall want? " I ash and they take a step back.. " daymmm... were here for you man candy " I make a confussed look... " ashton " he says and I stand up straighter. " im ashtons step sister " I correct him " he is down stairs " I say and walk away shutting the door. they knock again. I groan and turn back I swing it open. " hard to get aye? " I smirk. " yeah whatever , ashtons in the basement I said... " he smiles. " may we come in " I nod and step out of the way they smirk and walk by. the last boy smacked my ass. they ran downstairs. I rolled my eyes and sat down next to kiya on the recliner. she laughed and scooted over. we were talking about types of pizzas when Rylie and Hannah walk in. I look at faith and kiya and they shake their haead.. us 3 stayed there for about 10 minutes before I stood up... " im gonna check on the boys downstairs. " I say. " ill help " faith says jumping up. kiya stands up... " I will bring them some drinks.. " she says shrugging. we smile and sneck up stairs. " where are we going " faith wispers. " im changing first. " I say as we enter my room. " theres atleast 15 boys down there " I say walking to my closet. " kiya smirks. " theres only 7 lexi " I shake my head. " there was more over before you came " she smiles. " oh.. " I nod

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