daddy issue


3. 3

 i see the silver mustang pull up.i fix my hair and look back at the 3 of them. i hug kiya first. " my Netflix password is 34789 " i whisper in her er and she smirks. i hug landen. " junks in the third shelf up. " i say and he laughs. i then stand in front of ashton. i hold my hand clutch in front of me and he smiles. " dont to anything you ill regret " he says adn hugs me. " thanks ash " i say and walk to the door. i open it to see luke on the steps fixing his tie. i smile. " oh.. hey " he says and puts his hand on the back of his neck. " bye guys " i say with a wave. " bye. dont hurt her " ashton says with a smile. i shut the door and luke bite his lip. " you look.... hot " he says with a chuckkle. " thanks , you look pretty hot yourself " i say with a giggle. he sowly intertwines his fingers into mine. we separate and get in the car. we drove to kobe just talking about school. we park and he looks at me. i could tell tonight was gonna have some heat. we both lean in and kiss. he smiles. " dang.. your a good. for you first time " he says with a little smile. we go inside and get our seats. " you know... for it being sushi you would think there would be less Americans working here.. " ( sorry if that offend anyone!! ) he throws his head back laughing. " why are you still single??? " he asks and i sigh. " because i havent got the guts to ask the boy across from me out." i say and he blushes, " i think he will say yes" he whispers across th table. i look at him. " will you? " i ask. " yeah " he nods. -- 1 hour and a half later - - we walked back to the car. we get in and i feel lukes lips on mine. our lips move in sync. i rawled over the glove box and onto his lap. i take off his blazer and ruffle his hair, his lips pull up into a smile. " who knew you were a rebel " he saya in a raspy voice. " good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught " i wink and out lips get back in rythem.

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