daddy issue


2. 2

" hey girly " i say walking through the hallway and putting my arm around 1-3 of my best friends shoulder. " hey " she smiles. " so , kiya whatcha doing tonight ? " i say with a smile. " nothing , just gonna watch some tv " she says with a sigh. " well im doing faith makeup and hair for her date with michael but... well i have a date tonight to and have no one to do my hair.. and a fridge full of food. " i say and act sad. " be over at 7 ? " she smirks. and i nod. "thanks " i say and begin to walk off. i then feel an arm wround me.. i look back. " hey , i heard you had food. " he winks. " if you help me get ready. " i smile. " for?? " " im going out to dinner with luke tonight " 
he gasps. " you and faith are on the prowel. " he says with a little growl. " whatever pick kiya up at 6:40 and driev to my place " i say and brush him off. " yes ma"am " ... i get outside and go to the car. i jump in the middle back seat. i was first to the car thank god. i put my head phones on and get lost in the tangled world we call music. 
" hey lexi get up , were home , you fell asleep. " i hear ashton say as he shakes my leg. i stretch. i yawn. i feel like punching him beause he woke me. i get out and walk up to my room. i lay on my bed and get on instagram. i heard a knock on my door and groan. " come in " i say and sit up. faith walks in iwth 2 dresses. " ok i know i picked teh red oen but what about this black one?! " she smiles. " yeah black " i say and motion for her to sit at the vanity. i ruffle her hair. " loose or tight " "loose" i smile and put her hair in some rollers. i turn her chair around and do her makeup. i was taking teh last roller out when kiya and landen walk in. " he- oh my gosh faith !!! " kiya says stopping in her own mid sentance. " dang !! " landen says with a wistle and a smirk, "thanks" she says and puts her earing in. " go put your dress on " i say and she walks to the restroom. " so what am i doing to your hair like? " kiya asks sitting on my bed. " umm hold on " i text luke and ask him if its fancy or casual and he says fancy. " fancy " i say and she nods. i sit on my stool and brush through all teh tangles and faith walks back in. " faith your hot " i say and smile. " you look perfect " kiya says. " he will love it " landen says. we hear a honk downstairs. she quickly puts her shoes on and landen takes a picture of us 3 girls. " dont let him hurt you !! " i say " head high " kiya smiles. " use protection.. i mean i want to be an uncle but not thsi year " landen winks as she walks out blowing us all a kiss. " now , witch dress? " i ask landen and he walks to my closet. " how about red. your getting sushi right? " i nod. " red " he ays and grabs my designer dress. " this!! '' he says and throws it at me. " thanks " i say and run to the bathroom and slip into it. i put a robe ona nd grab some heels and sip them on. kiya pins a pice of my hair from each side to the back of my head and i stand up. i take teh robe off and their mouths drop. there was a little knock on my door. ashton walked in. " hey..." i look at him. " yeah ? " i ask and over cross my legs. " just checking on what your wearing... its a brotherly thing " he smiles and walks out. 


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