daddy issue


12. 12

The next morning I woke up to no Luke... I hear voices in the living room.." Yeah!! No problem! Bye ". I see Ashton hang up the phone. "What's up guys?". Luke jumps up and hugs me. We fall back on th couch and ashton starts his sentence.... " were going to London for 2 weeks!!! ". I look at luke.. "Oh when do you leave like next week??". "Tonight" calum says... I frown... "But school....". I say looking at Ashton... " it will only be one week of school becauae spring break!". He says with a smile.... "Whatever congrats" I say and walk to the kitchen... I see joey.. I run to him and he wraps his arms around me.. "What's wrong my darling". He asks and I look up and wipe a tear from my eyes... "The boys are leaving to go to London.. And I have to go to school... And I hate our school.... Nobody there likes me.… they give me dirty looks in the hall.... I just don't know what I did to them... I cant stand it anymore joey..." I say now more tears.. He releases me. And grabs my shoulders.. "Then why do you go darling " I sigh.. " so Ashton is proud of me and thinks im not a looser.. ". He then has a tear in his eye... "Honey...ashton loves you... He want the best for you..." I nod.. " but he doesnt want to be the guy whis sister dropped out of highschool becauae she was a does he??" I say and run to my room crying.

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