daddy issue


11. 11

 It was 3 in the morning when I heard a noise.. The boys were all gone out to a club... I grab my phone.. it was outside my window.. I open my curtin. my eyes were meet with 2 blue eyes glowing back at mine.. it was luke... I open the window.. " What the hell Lucas " I say him looking at me biting his lip.. I help him in. he had a kitten in his arms.. "Awhh." I say covering my mouth.. it was a calico.. " The boys dropped my off about 40 minutes ago because i was tired and they wanted to go to the other side of town and all the doors were locked and I didn't have any keys.. and I saw this baby by the entrance gate.. so here we are " he says with a cheesey grin. he smiles so big his eyes squint.. I kiss his cheek and the kitten meses with a pice of my fallen hair. I smirk and take the kitten.. we walk to the living room.. I saw a trash can.. I made luek empty it.. we put a pillow in it and water dish with some lunch meat. we set the kitten next to the bed and I lay back down.. I look at luke and he was taking his shirt off. I bit my lip and he looked back at me. " hey you sneak " he says and crawls next to me. "Hi" I giggle. he tickles me and I lay close into his chest. we both let out a yawn and kiss goodnight.. Sorry its short again

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