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The stories of Katrina Hurley... In different stories as in twilight saga, Percy Jackson, and more!


6. Renesmee Part 2

"Hey Jacob!" I ran into his arms again. He grabs into a bear hug before kissing me on the cheek. "I need to ask you something....." "What is it?" He asked me now. "I need to know, so please don't be mad." He looks concerned now. "What I need to know is..." My voice shake. "Did you just see that rustle in the bushes?" I point behind him. "No." He looks confused now. "I'm sorry." I apologize. "That's not what I meant." "It's ok. You don't have to ask me now." Jacob says, probably seeing my struggle to find words. He drags me to a café and we "decide" to sit at a table outside. "Listen, before you say anything, I need-" "Excuse me, are you ready to order, miss." The male employee asks us. He looks at least twenty five. I blush. "Jacob what do you want?" The waiter looks at Jacob as if he just saw him sitting right next to me. "Yes, " he replies, with a tone that is less cheerful and upbeat. " what would you like?" "A cappuccino. That's all." Jacob nods, quickly interlocking my hand with his. The waiter leaves, frowning. When the waiter leaves, Jacob said, "What was that about?" He seemed angry. "What was what about?" I raised an eyebrow. "Nothing." He calmed down quickly but still didn't smile. "I need-" "We need-" Jacob and I talked in unison. Finally, after moments of covering each others words, Jacob speaks, "How about I talk first?" I nod. Though as soon as Jacob opens his mouth, his phone rings. He groans. "I have to take this." He gets up and goes behind the building. I realize that we hadn't unlocked hands until then. "Excuse me, miss." It was the waiter again. I whip around to see his face. He hands me the cappuccino before bending down to pick up something. "Umm... Is this yours?" He hands me a tiny clip wallet. "yes. Thank you." I smile at him. My hand accidendly touched his. I see red creep into his cheeks as he walks away. I laugh silently to myself. I look at the tag inside my bag and sure enough there was a number. The old number-on-tag-trick. I look up and see someone across the street and smile. It was one of my adopted cousin's from my mom's side. I waved. She didn't wave back. Her dark hair just waved in the wind; Her face was mad. Liliana had always been pale, but not this pale: her skin was glowing magnificently. And when did she have red eyes? A bus came past as if it didn't see her and then, she was gone. The realization hit me like nausea . Jacob comes back with a huge frown on his face, which is unusual for Jacob. "We need to talk." He says, as I hand him his cappuccino. " I know. We do. I've been wanting to ask you..." "Ask me what?" He says, forgetting whatever he was going to say. " It's ok if you don't want to answer." I say. "What is it?" He's looking me in the eyes now. I can't help but to want smile. His eyes are like a puppy dog. It was cute in a way. " I wanted to know if we could go to the hangout." "yes. But that want what you were going to ask." "I know but in order for me to tell you, we need to be in private." He quickly understood and so we drove back to the hideout. We ride back in akwardly silence. I couldn't take the quiet anymore so I spoke. "how are you today?" "I'm great." He said simply. Though I knew he wasn't. He was tense. "Why are you so tense?" "I'm not tense." He said, pulling into the hideout. He parks the car. "Yes... Aww forget it." I report. "Remember how you said, you needed to ask me something?" He asked. "what was it?" "It's ok, " I say nervously. "if you don't want to answer ." He nods at me. "What is it you want to know?" "I need to know," I began, biting my lip nervously. Then I turn to look him in the eyes, "Who is Renesmee?" He's warm brown eyes are black now. He leans in slowly to my ear. "Who told you... About her?" "I found out myself.." I lied. "I looked through Carlisle's room." "Don't lie. They told you, " His lips are at my ear now. "Didn't they?" I close my eyes. "Jacob, it doesn't matter how I found out-" "OF course it doesn't!" He's shaking now and I can't touch him; he's burning up. "Jacob, please calm down. We don't need a ten ton wolf in a tiny car." I say in a tiny voice. I hear his heart slow down slightly. "Please?" I say, my voice still tiny. His heart finally gives in a slows down to it's normal pace. "I didn't kill her, you know." He says now. "Jacob, I don't believe you could hurt anybody on purpose. That's why I had to ask you. Not the Cullens." " Thanks." He says, his voice grateful. A silence covers us. "Jacob?" I say, my eyes open now. "Yea?" "Will you tell me what happened?" I look at him but he frowns. "Why don't you ask the Cullens?" His voice was shaking now. "They wouldn't tell me. I tried but they told me to ask you." "I don't know." He replies before looking at his watch. " Okay, how about this? I can sneak out later. Keep your window open." "That's fine." I say, getting out of the car. "If you stick to your word. Promise?" "Promise." He smiles weakly. "bye." "See you, Jake." And with that Jacob pulls away from the hangout. .... I'm pretty sure Edward hates my guts. He avoids me now. But I didn't care at all. ..... I wasn't surprised when Jacob came later on through the window. It was at least midnight and I was reading a book about Greek mythologies. I had just texted my mother before my phone rang. DA-DING! I said goodbye to my mom and checked my messages. 1 new message... And it was from Jacob. Jacob_werewolf_16: Make sure your window is open. I don't need to smash face first into a bunch of glass . I quickly opened my window and peeked outside. I didn't see him. Though suddenly my lips were being crashed on his. "Hiiiiiii." I said, my voice shaking. I grabbed his arm and pulled him inside. "Ok," he said. " I only have a few minutes, so ima make this quick. And he did. In five minutes or less, he had told the entire story . I was stunned. Jacob-he didn't kill Renesmee. They had had a fight and Jacob ran away, and when he came back she was gone. Like the wind. "Question." I blurt out after a few moments of silence. "Shoot." Jacob says, studying his shoes. We were sitting on my bed now. "What's imprinting? I mean I get it,I just.... Can you explain it more?" Jacob sighed as if he'd told this a million times before. (A/N: please tell me if I miss anything...) "When you become a werewolf, you can imprint. Imprinting is when... It's like... When you see her, everything changes. All of a sudden,it's not gravity holding you anymore... it's her. " "Wow that is deep. It seems like you've been through it." He sighs and looks down, "I have. " I can't help but to feel bad for him. Our silence was cut short by a sigh from Jacob . "I'm sorry but this is goodbye. " He walked over to the window. "I'll see you later." "Bye."I said. But he was gone. .... "JACOB! Please. Answer. My. Calls. I'm worried. Please." I sighed as I continued my desperate voicemail. "Call me back,OK?" I was whispering now. "Bye." I hung up. Jacob wouldn't show up when I texted him to meet me somewhere or answer any of my calls. I was worried. "Don't leave me,Jake. " I whispered even though the call was over. It had been weeks since I'd seen him. Last time was when we had that talk...about Renesmee. But the thing is: I've tried to apologize. Suddenly my phone beeped and so I looked. And it was Jacob. I quickly went to my email. And I gagged. Stop texting me...I can't see you anymore..... I had to respond. Maybe to make him understand. I'm sorry for making you tell Jacob. I should've never done it... I just never believed that you would ever be heartless to anyone. Your always in such a good mood. I wish I could see you,again. It's been such a while. Jacob responded: fine meet me at the hideout tomorrow... Early. Ok Jake. I'll see you then. Bye. I decided to get dressed and go hunting. Edward had finally told Bella and everyone what happened. They protested and taunted. But they didn't know Jacob. Bella seemed hurt the most and I hated seeing her sad. So, again,I was alone. I kept telling myself that I didn't need them, but even I couldn't fool myself. I felt lonley again. That had been the reason I'd started dating Jacob. So I'd never be alone. Ironic, right? .... I decided that today I would try to sneak into the werewolves camp. I had to see Jacob. I mean... what do I do? I wasn't thinking straight .. I'd wait. I hated the fact that I couldn't call Jacob. He'd help me. Though right now, he wasn't my boyfriend, I felt scared. I could explain to the Cullens. They would be mad but at least they'd understand. Or I could just do nothing and die of guilt, and that would probably be boring because I can't die. Or I could ask mom.. Yes, great idea. I picked up my phone and dialed the number.  
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