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The stories of Katrina Hurley... In different stories as in twilight saga, Percy Jackson, and more!


5. Renesmee Part 1

We were back in forks now and i was happy to be there. I called Jacob everyday for two months after I fell in love with him. I guess you could say that we were dating now. I mean, it wasn't an understatement, my heart fluttered everytime we smiled at each other and we were almost always together. Though sometimes he'd look sad, and I didn't know why. We'd had a lot of secret meetups lately and I was surprised Edward hadn't figured out about it. I knew it was a matter of time before he did. Today, I was texting Jacob when someone knocked on my door. "Katrina, it's me." "Who?" "Bella." "Oh." I quickly closed my texting app and opened the door. "Hey Bella." She had a serious look on her face. " Can I come in?" "Sure. What's up?" I ask as she sits on my bed. "I think you know." She Crosses her arms and purses her lips. "What are you talking about?" I ask, closing the door behind me. "I know you know already. Why didn't you tell me you had a boyfriend?" A smirk came across her face when she said boyfriend. "um... I knew you'd act like this." I lie. "So.. What's his name? What does he look like? How old his he? Wait, that doesn't really matter? Is he human or a vampire? " Bella babbled on with question. " His name is Jacob." I said. Her face fell at that name. "Not my favorite name." She mummers. Why? "Jacob Everwood. He has blonde hair and brown eyes and he always wears a dodgers hat." I lied, thinking up an appearance from the top of my head. " Omiglob, I have to tell Alice and Rosalie." She was smiling now. Apparently she didn't like the name Jacob. I wondered why. I'd ask Jacob later. +++++++++++ "Hey Jacob!" I said , running to greet him. Today, I was wearing my cherry red dress and a blue small jacket over It with brown boots that came up to the knee. "Hey!" Jacob plucked me up and spun me around a few times before setting me down. My heart fluttered again. You shouldn't have came, my brain says. Though of course,I don't listen. We were in our "hideout"for the third time this week. Our hideout was a tiny part of the forest. It was Friday and five o'clock in the afternoon. He places something on my hand. I blush. "You didn't have to get me anything, Jacob." "I didn't." He says. "I made it." I blush even harder. Sudden ly, he looks up. A smile faded from his face. "What is it ,Jacob?" I ask concerned. But he just stared with a curious look in his face. "Get in the car." He hisses suddenly. I quickly change my scent to his before getting in the car. I pull my hood up and zip up my jacket. As I do, something falls into my lap. It's a necklace. It was a simple one; a leather like substance with a clasp on the back and a tiny little charm in the bottom. I pick it up and try to put it in but I can't get the stupid clasp to hook on. Jacob's just standing there listening in the same position he was before. He was in the car in a flash. He smiled as I huffed a heavy sigh, annoyed at the necklace. "So what happened?" I asked. "Do you need help?" "Yeah." I reply. With a graceful whisk of his hand, he clicks the necklace in place. "Thanks." I say. "Now, what happened?" "It's nothing." He says, waving his hand as if waving the subject away. "Why is everyone acting so strange lately?" I blurt out suddenly. "Weird?" "Yeah. First, the girls I hang out with and now ...you." "I don't mean to be weird. It's just a weird thing happened today." He looked pained. "Jacob, what happened?" He kisses me on the forehead. "Don't worry about it." "Jake, why does Bella hate the name Jacob?" "Don't worry about it." He repeats again. I open,my mouth to protest but I close it realizing the pained look in his eyes. He starts up the car and we drive off. "Do you promise to keep that necklace safe for,me?" "Of course, Jacob." I say."It's a beautiful necklace." He smiles at me. "I'm glad you like it. " he chuckles. "I thought you wouldn't, honestly. You never came to me as the girly type." "I'm not. I just..." I stop myself. "Jacob, we're best friends,right?" "Yeah. Duh." "Good. I'm really glad we're friends Jake." I reply. We pull into a movie theater. "It's been a while since I've seen a movie." Jake said. We get out of the car and walk into the movie theater; I pull up my hood just in case we meet someone who might know us. Jacob puts on some shades. "You know what," Jacob exclaims as we buy popcorn for him. "The next time we hang out, I'm totally bring out my motorcycles." "You have motorcycles?" I exclaim. "Jake, those are dangerous." He scoffs. We decided to watch a horror movie called, "Dr. Jeckle and Mr.Hyde". To sum it up, it was a movie about a guy that took a super formula thing that turns him into a monster at night. We had to sit in the back of the theater because Jacob was so tall. The middle of the movie wasn't scary(I'd seen worse), but I held onto Jacob's hand anyway. "That wasn't even scary," Jacob says, as we come out of the movie. "We should get our money back." "Let the humans have there fun." I said. "That was probably really scary to them." " You're pretty tough for a girl. Good thing your not a marshmallow." I laughed. ..... After driving me back to our hang out in the forest, He knows that he has to leave. "I'll see you soon." He squashes me in a big hug. "You too. Jake, you're squashing me." He let's go. "Sorry." "it s ok." Suddenly, he kisses me. And then he just runs away. .... I enter the house happily. Though the house is empty so I know that the Cullens are gone hunting. I sat down to watch some TV when suddenly Edward comes down the steps. "Hey Trina," Edward says. where are the others? " Hunting." Knew it! I do a mental dance move in my head. He smiles. "What did you do today?" Edward asks me, using vampire speed to sit on the couch. I change the station to mystery. My brain thinks about Jacob, but I change the image to watching TV with the fake boyfriend, Jacob Everwood, that I told Bella about. "You know, I know about Jacob." "I'm sure Bella told you." I say nervously. "You know that's not what I mean. I'm mean Jacob Black." "What about him?" "You're dating him!" He says clearly frustrated. "No, I'm not, Edward." "I read his mind, Katrina. And I read yours. I finally pieced it together. "He's not good for you, Trina. You have to listen to me. He kills-" "Vampires. I know. But he would never do something like that. He would never hurt anyone." I tell him. "Jake would never ever hurt anyone." "You're wrong." Edward says. "He killed one of us a long time ago. He didn't tell you did he?" "Just ask him about Renesmee." He says, grabbing onto my shoulders and gazing at me in my eyes. I just nodded. "Next time I will." ...... I spent a few hours hunting in the forest after that. His words kept playing my head. Who was Renesmee? I had to figure out. I'd ask Jacob the next time I saw him. ........ "Hey Jacob!" I ran into his arms again. He grabs into a bear hug before kissing me on the cheek. "I need to ask you something....."
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