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The stories of Katrina Hurley... In different stories as in twilight saga, Percy Jackson, and more!


1. Random Fanfictions

This story is also on Wattpad... If you want to follow me my name is PercyandAnnabth4ever. This story starts kind of bad, but I promise it gets better as you read along!!


My name is Katrina "Trina" Hurley and today is march 15th a.k.a my eightteenth birthday! I was so excited this mourning when I woke up but now I'm not. Everything just happened so fast. Right now you must be like what's EVERYTHING? Well, let's start from the beginning. Like I said, today is my birthday. .... Like every other day, I put on my clothes , eat breakfast, did my hair ,and headed out the door. Today, was different. I walked outside to find a car for me in the front yard. I squeled and walked up to it and saw that it had a note attached: Dear Trina, So this is your new car. Make sure you be Careful with it. Love mom. Suddenly, hastily written on the bottom it said: Do not mess up this car! Love dad. My parents we're in a business meeting;they'd left yesterday night. They we're supposed to be back by the Time I got out for school. I drove the car to school and arrived in fifteen minutes;I was still early. I was going to head inside to find my best friends, the Cullens, but they were already there in the parking lot, waiting for me. I knew that they had heard me slam the door; they were trying to trick me. "Hey you guys." I say. They welcome me to the group. "HEY Trina," Emmet said. "What's up?" "What do you thinks up dummy?" I tease. He pretends to be hurt by this. He touched his chest dramatically."That really hurt, Tri." I just roll my eyes. " So what's up with you guys?" I ask. Rosalie flips her hair and says, " one word. Makeover." Emmett smiles. "Watched her do her makeover." "um... TMI." I say,pretending to look uncomfortable. He just laughs, throwing back his head for impact. " Playing piano." Edward states. "Stuff...." Jasper and Bella say. " Well I was..." Alice's face suddenly goes blank and she doesn't talk anymore. "Are you-" I start. "So shall we go inside?" Edward says his face blanck as well. He turns to Jasper and Alice.'Come when your ready.' He mouthed. I look at him suspicious ly as we walked inside without Jasper and Alice . He puts a smile on his beautiful face. I wish I was as beautiful the Cullens. My brown hair tangled right over my shoulder. I was pale;not nearly as pale as the Cullens. They'd finally let me in the group a few months ago. I wasn't ruining the friendship already by asking to go to there house. I knew that there house was a private place. When we got inside, I knew everyone was jealous that I was friends with the Cullens. But we just had that bond. Everyone seemed to be so open towards me once we began talking; sometimes they're so different.... I mean I'd just seen what happened to Alice, my favorite of the group, and they blocked my question an d changed the subject. They could be so annoying. Suddenly, my friends Lori and Jacki ran up to me and pulled me away. Now these girls were just wierd. They were hilarious but wired. " I can't believe you hang out with the Cullens... Since when we're you good enough for them?" Lori said. "what's wrong?" "what s wrong," they hissed. "is that your hanging out with the most popular kids in the school." "But-" "And you didn't invite us....." Jackie added. We all laughed. "You... Guys.... Suck!" I said in between laughs. Now do you seen what I mean. They were crazy. "Ok I'll introduce you!" I finally give in. I look but the Cullens were gone. "Sorry." I apologize to them. "It's cool." The bell rung. "I got to go." I ran down the hall. Bella came up to me easily. "How-" I slowed my run to a walk. So did she. "How d you do that?" I said. "Do what,Trina? I've been next to you the whole time." Bella said her voice concerned. " But-" but she hadn't. She had just appeared next to me. "We have this period together." She changed the subject. Two wired things in one day. Wired. I pretended to listen all the way to our period. In the middle of class, I realized that no one had said, "Happy Birthday" I pondered this until lunch. "so, will you be come over tonight,Trina?" Alice says slowly. "Of course, Alice. You already asked me yesterday and the day before." I reply. "Remember: it's at six o'clock. Be there by six." She reminded me. Everyone exchanged looks. I couldn't stand it. " are you guys...hiding something?..." I ask, Alice, looking her in her eyes. I could tell if she lied;it's something I've had since a kid. "No." She lied. "why are you lying to me?" I asked everyone. I realize that everyones heads were down. "Why can't you just... Tell me the truth?" I say calming down. "I'm sorry, Trina. We just... Can't." I knew Alice was telling the truth. I grabbed my backpack and left. They didn't bother calling me. I slipped around the corner quietly, and headed to the library. The library was my thinking place, which was ironic since I was a trouble maker. I had been kicked out of multiple schools. Five to be exact. I had ADHD and dyslexia, though I could read Greek writing well. I had to admit, I was smart. I studied everyday. I decided I would still go to the Cullens house after school. ... When I arrived to the Cullens house (in my new car of course), I took my time getting to the door. I checked myself. I had had time to take a bath, brush my teeth, and change into my new purple gradient dress after school. My parents still hadn't come home and I was worried. I slowly began up the steps. Before I even knocked on the door, Alice was there . "Hey! Nice new dress." "How did you know I got a new dress?" Her eyes dart away from mine. "Well, come on in, we don't bite!" She says changing the subject. I come in and she closes the door behind her. Bella is the second one to greet me. "Hey Trina." She says, hugging me. "Sorry about earlier." I apologize. "Say no more." Bella says. Alice nods in agreement. "But literally I shouldn't have gotten so mad." I say again. "It's fine." Edward says, startling me. "What the- how'd you...?" I'm amazed at his speed. Bella pulls me away by my arm. "So, happy birthday!" "You remembered?" I ask. "I honestly thought you'd forgotten." "Forget your birthday? yeah right. " Rosalie snorts, as I walk into the living room. "Nice dress Trina!" "Thanks Rosalie." I reply. I noticed that she was wearing a blue dress. It was simple but elegant. Bella was wearing a similar dress;it was black. "You guys look great!" I squel. "Thanks." They say, smiling. "Finish each others sentences much." I mumble in a sing song voice. Bella and Rosalie laugh. "Happy birthday." Rosalie gets up and goes to the kitchen. "You can go ahead and sit Katrina." Alice says, her voice more beautiful than wind chimes. "ok." I sit in couch. "I hope you don't mind that the boys are gone. They'll be back in a few minutes." Esme chimes in to the conversation. She wears a red dress spaghetti strap dress. "I don't mind at all." In fact, I was so comfortable that I felt like I was home. "You can help yourself to the food in the table." Esme says. "Thank you, but I already ate at home." ... The boys are just as dressed up as the girls. Tuxedos everywhere. I felt very undressed compared to them. I could tell Emmett was uncomfortable in the tux because he kept playing with collar( witch I constantly teased him about). Most our conversations went like this: "Hey Emmett?" "Yeah." "Are you UN comfortable in the tux your wearing?" "Of course not." He lied. "Yes you are...." I whispered in a sing song voice. Whenever he got mad I'd say in a curt British accent,"Remember Mr. so and so, remember I'm lady." (from Anne Franks diary). He be so mad,in other words it was hilarious. Everyone would laugh. ... Everyone gave me their presents: Rosalie gave me a make up kit, Emmett:a football(E and i could play to gether), Alice,Jasper,Edward,and Bella gave me a tutoring lesson for math, English, and science, Carlisle and Esme gave me a picture of them. They we're my family now. At least they felt like family. ..... Before I had to leave, I decided what I wanted to do. "I'm gonna go exploring." I said after a long few hours of presents. "Do you want anyone to come with you?" Esme asked, clearly concerned. "No, " I say. "I can go by myself." "Are you sure? Maybe...." Her voice trailed off. She sighed. "Bye, I'll be back in a little." I say, closing the door after me. .... I guess I lost track of time because next thing I know I'm in a dead grass clearing. In other words, I'm lost. I saw the silhouette of a man in the distance and decided that it must've been a travler. "Hello?" I scream. " I seem to have lost my way...." My voice faltered as I saw that he was running..... Towards me. The next thing was a blur. I feel agonizing pain shoot up my neck like electricity. I screamed a shrill scream. I can feel a warm and sticky liquid on my arm; I know I'm bleeding bad. I'm jacked up. Everything slowly darkens. I was dead. Wait, if I'm dead how come I can think? I think, before the pain gets worse. I could feel pain covering my whole body. I was paralyzed. I couldn't scream; I couldn't shriek. The excruciating pain went in for what seemed like forever.  

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