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The stories of Katrina Hurley... In different stories as in twilight saga, Percy Jackson, and more!


4. I Fall in love with the enemy

It didn't take me very long too notice that Jacob was spying on me. He was everywhere. At the market, in the woods. It was getting annoying. I'd look once and look again to find him gone. This scared me. He looked at me like I was a next target. The only place he wouldn't follow was home. The police had started an investigation on my missing parents. Coming up with stories I didn't and couldn't believe. I looked through my capsule more and More. The whole thing thrilled me to the bone. I was going to meet them soon! I could tell Edward had told the others. They were quieter than usual. So last night,I explained that I'd be gone for a few days. Carlisle accepted the idea; the others, not so much. But I had to go. .... I got a job and began working overnight to get money for my family surprise. When I get home, Esme calls me. "Trina, a letter was sent for you!" Esme calls. there is an envelope for me with the same address on the photo on the table. I picked it up and observe it. No cuts. I go to my room and slowly open the envelope and take the letter. Dear Katrina, I'm sorry to say that I'm your real mother... After all these years and you still want to come. I'm sorry. I know those words aren't enough to represent the guilt I feel. I refuse to tell my real name;I feel as though you would resent me even more. Look in the box for a present that I've given you. I apologize; this is All I can say for now. Sincerely, Your mother After reading the letter, two box appeared next to me. I quickly opened the smaller one. There was a small note. Knowledge is the key. I took out a small book. It's title read, Greek gods and history. Why would she be sending me a book of Greek myths? I flip through it and things are underlined. I open the big box and discover a letter (which I read) and a ring that has a note attached: Throw the ring and watch what happens. I do. The ring ( that is a mix of the colors copper and gold) forms a sword. It is celestial bronze,and has a golden handle. I toss it again and it becomes a ring again. I put it on. I loved the ring. I can't believe that my mom cared enough to write and give me presents! ......... I went hunting with Edward two days before I had to leave. "so your gonna go?" He asked. "yeah." I smile. "but I have something. I showed him his ticket. "Everyones getting one. Just don't tell anyone." He winks."sure." Really,Edward? He just smiles. ..... The next day was a gloomy day. Everyone except Edward and I was sluggish. Even Carlisle. Night came after a long day of spying. Jacob still lurks Around. I see him in forest;I know everyone see s him. Though we can't say any thing because in the forest, he's still on his side of the territory. Anyway as I was saying, night came. Everyone was in a room watching the news. "family meeting!" I announce in a sing like voice. Everyone thinks they know what's about to happen. "So, as you guys know, I'm going to see my parents tomorrow. I know you guys are sad but I feel like I have to get you something for everything...so " I take some dollar bills that I have the ticket in and began to pretends to count the money. Edward winks. "you didn't have to get us anything." Esme begans. "Yes I did. Here." I hand Esme the money with the tickets in them. " you guys each get three hundred bucks and a ticket." I explain, keeping a straight face. Esme hands everyone three hundred bucks and then sees the ticket. "What are these tickets for?" Rosalie says, grabbing hers from Esme. "Welp, you all were so sad about not going with me so I decided that you are going with me." I said, trying to keep a straight face. Everyone cheered. Even quiet Edward couldn't keep the cheer that escaped his lips. --- A few hours later, we arrived. I checked into the hotel. I began heading to,my room but Alice stopped in the middle of the hallway. "Are you coming to my sleepover tonight, Trina? It's girls only." "I thought it was tomorrow." "It is." Alice smirked. "I'm having one both days." "Not tonight, Alice. I'm going through alot right now. Maybe tomorrow?" Alice sighed. "I understand. I'll see you later." I spent a lot of the night in my hotel room....alone. I was lonely and it,was getting on my nerves. Five seconds later, I was heading out the door fully clothed to the address. Then I turned into an ally. I know it was stupid. I was just in such a hurry. When I'm halfway down the ally, I hear a noise. Footsteps. I stop they stop. I was really beginning to freak- Something grabbed my arm and dragged me to the floor. I slashed wildly behind me. Some how the grips tightens. A nauseating smell fills my nose. Some how familiar... The intruder whips me around. "Jacob!" I scream. He puts his hand over my mouth. "Shut up!"He hisses. "Come with me."He drags me to another part of ally with no windows. When we get there, he calms down for a second,"Listen to me, we don't have much time to talk. Somethings going on with me and I need your help." What. The. Crap. "I,think that there's some thing wrong. I know you probably think I'm crazy, but I kind of...." He stammers to find the right words. That's Soooo cute. Wait what? Pssh, he was not cute. "like you." At that moment , I freak out. I finally get out of his grip and I run all the way back to the hotel. I change into my pajamas and do something I know that I'm going to regret. I knock on the door. "Hey Alice. I was wondering if I could join you, if it's not to late...." Alice just smiles."come on in, we don't bite!" I just smile. "Hey everyone. Trina's here!"Alice announces. "hey Trina!" "hey." I felt so awkward crashing a party.,I noticed they were painting nails. "mind if I?..." "not at all." Bella chimed as she continued her rant about their boyfriends/husbands/siblings. I look at the available choices: lavender, dark red, and black. I decided to pick red. As I painted my toe nails with the paint, I saw that Rosalie had become suddenly interested in my nail polish. She whispered to the others And they all giggled. "I'm sorry ...what am I missing?" "Who is he?" Alice asked. "what?" "The guy you're crushing on." Rosalie explained. "What. The. Crap. I don't have a crush on anyone. Nada. nope." "Your Toes are red! That has to,mean something. I mean when do you pick red over lavender or black!" Bella says. "No. I don't-" "Okie dokie. You don't have a crush." Alice winked at me. "You guys aren't going to let this go are you?" "Nope." They say in unison, popping the "p". I groan. --- While the others are watching a lovey dovey Romeo and Juliet movie. I'm sitting with them, my mind going in all directions. Was I in love with Jacob? Would my parents like me? I felt so bad for running away from Jacob. He'd admitted his love for me and I'd just ran away. Guilt was over whelming me. "Hey you guys. I'm going to go get some more movies." Alice annouced. "We're going with you this time. I'm not going to watch another lovey dovey one. " they left. I looked in the closet and quickly grabbed Bella's purse. I grab her phone, quickly type a number into my phone, and put it back exactly as it was left. Sorry Bella. I pretended to walk out of the bathroom. "let's, play truth or dare." I suggest. "yeah." Rosalie says. "ok. I'll start first."Bella's voice was as calm as wind chims. "Alice, truth or dare." "Um....truth."She replys. We keep going until it's my turn. "Trina, truth or dare?" Rosalie asks. "Um..... Dare." "Ok, I dare you To declare a prank war!" " ohhhhhh!" Everyone cheers. "ok." I say going on Facebook. Me: I DECLARE PRANK WAR!!! +THECULLENCLAN I turn back to the girls. "Did it." "And Emmett will react in 5,4,3,2" We all heard screaming down the hall. Dang it, Emmett. Me: this was a dare. Sorry Emmett! +THECULLENCLAN " aww...  Dang you Trina! " Emmett  called out to me.  I just smiled. My turn eventually came around again. " Trina,  truth or dare? " alice asked  me. " um... Truth. " " have you ever been kissed by a boy? " " to be honest,"I thought for a second. "no.". " wow.  Never is a long time. " Rosalie admitted. " yeah. "I reply quickly. " can I go to my room for a second? I need to get a pillow real quick." "sure. "Bella and Rosalie reply in unison..again. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. It was two in the morning. Then I texted Jacob.: Me :you awake.? One second later he responded. Jacob: who is this Me : it's Katrina. And I wanted to apologize for earlier. Jacob: I completely understand. I should be the first to apologize. Srry. Me: Jake  it's fine.  I was actually wondering if you and I could meet up later. Text you with the details later.  I promise to. Jacob:I'll be there.  Just don't bring anyone. "Trina! You coming! " " yeah, alice! " Me : gotta go. Sorry. I grab my pillow from my suitcase and then go to alices room. ... After the sleepover ended at 6 am, I went to my room and texted Jacob the details of our meeting today. Me: meet  me at this place in 1 hour. That cool? Jacob : I can sneak away.  See you there. I closed my phone and walked down the hall hoping (hope+ING) that I could finally get to the address my parents wanted me to meet them.  I got there 10 minutes later  thanks to a friendly taxi driver. I decided not to be too excited that way I wouldn't get my high hopes up. I took a deep breath and stepped into the office building. The building was quiet and everything was either white or gray. The chairs, the walls, everything. I walked up to the front desk. No one was there. "hello?" I ask loudly. No one answered.  "hello? "I repeated. " hello. " a voice said from behind me. I gasped and whirled around to see a janitor. She smiled sweetly at me. " sorry I didn't mean to scare you. " I sighed in relief. "no you didn't scare me. I'm just on high alert right now." The lady was at least forty years old and was wearing a gray janitors suit.  The lady holds an earpiece to her head.  I hear the buzzing off a voice. The lady stared at me. "Katrina?" "yes? " I said holding my breath. I didn't want to Smell her blood. "you haven't changed a bit..."  murmurs under her breath. "I'm sorry. " I apologize. "do I know you?" " My name is Hestia. Follow me please. " I hesitate. " Come, come. " She motions. I  slowly  follow her behind the counter and down the hall. She  leads  me to an elevator. "Come." I quickly go with her into the elevator.  Where's  Jacob when you needed him? There was a huge amount of people upstairs working with computers. The room was huge and white. The room was divided in cells. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop.  Or in this case my huge feet slamming against the what seemed like  hollow floor. There was a TV that showed the downstairs lobby place.  Everyone seemed to be giving me the evil eye because I was making such a  ruckus. I continued to follow Hestia. I followed her to the small door at the right wall. She knocks.  "Um... Miss Athena.  It's me, Hestia.  You have a visitor." Hestia? What are you doing here?  You're supposed to be---." "I know.  May we come in. " " Sure. But please make this quick. I have a job to attend to. " Athena's  voice rings through the door. Hestia pauses. " Do you want to open the door? " I realize that she's talking to me. "Sure." I said quickly, not thinking.  A second later I whirl around. "wait..." But she's  gone.  Athena must have well been impatient. "Come in." I quickly put my shaking hand on the knob and go inside. "Um.. Hi. " I say, trying not to look scared. Athena's eyes widen when she sees me. She turns pale.  Athena has a chiseled face. As if someone had craved her from rock. She looked twenty years old and was wearing a gray business suit.  She wasn't  wearing  any Makeup. " I think I'm lost. " " Why don't you sit down? " " umm.. Ok. " I let go of the knob I was gripping so tightly. I sit in one of the two chairs. " What is your name?" Athena asks. "Katrina Brown-Cullen" I answer. "You're married?" She looked concerned. "Adopted." I explain. "oh." She sighs in relief. "As I was saying, I think I'm lost. I found a note telling me to meet someone here." She smiles sweetly at me. "But that must have been a mistake." I continue. "Can I ask you if you have mother living with you? A biological one?" "Not at the moment. No." I reply. "Do you remember her?" "Not really. No. Not at all." She frowned at this. "Where did you find this note." "In a capsule, in my first adopted parents' room." This was getting suspicious. She smiles a full smile, showing her beautiful pearly white teeth. I can't below but to stare. "What if I told you that I knew your mother?" She says I looked at her with a crazy look. " You knew my mother?" "Why is that so surprising?" She asks me. "I just never thought..." But I cut myself off. "Can you tell,me who she is or... was?" I ask. She takes a deep breath and slowly turns her chair. She mumbles something to herself. Then she turns around again. " I am your mother." I start to say something but then someone bursts into the door. It's hestia. "There's a boy downstairs. He's just sitting there. He's a human. Athena's eyes widened. "Humans can't find this place." "wait," I ask. "Is he Indian with brown hair?" "Yes. Do you know him?" I sighed. "It's just my friend. No worries. I asked him to meet me here." "Katrina, please don't ask him to come here again." Athena says behind me. Hestia closes the door. I start to,leave but Athena grabs my arm and shoves something in my hand. "Call me later." She whispers. I nod and walk to the lobby. I smile when I see Jacob. "Thanks for coming." "No prob." He smiles a cute crooked smile. For a second Jacob crinkled his nose. "What?" I ask smiling like an idiot. "Your smell." I instantly change my scent to his. "Better." He sighs. I laugh. "I only have a little while. Please tell me what is UP." "Do you want to go somewhere maybe? Just for a few minutes?" "Sure." He smiles again. He was one happy boy. Five minutes later, we are at a McDonalds. Twenty minutes later, I was sitting in my hotel room thinking hard about everything that had happened today. And I knew that I was in love with Jacob black, a werewolf, an enemy of vampires (which I was),and the alpha of his pack.  
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