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The stories of Katrina Hurley... In different stories as in twilight saga, Percy Jackson, and more!


3. Chapter 3

The next day Edward, Alice,Bella,Emmett , and Rosalie helped me work on expanding my powers. "We are just going to see if you can expand your powers in any way." Edward said. "how does this work?" I ask. " We're going to give you a type of... Test." "We are going to give you a scenario and you are going to have to find a solution using your powers." Edward explained. "Try to visualize your power like a mist, fog , or force field in my case "Bella added. "ok. I'll try." I say trying to use an upbeat voice tone. I stick out my hand and wiggle my fingers. "Try me." I smirk. He touched my hand. I feel the familiar tug in my gut. Now visualize. I think to myself. I close my eyes and imagine a red fog spreading across the forest. "try harder." Emmett taunted. "ow!" Iguess Rosalie had flicked him. I instantly felt anger rise into my gut. I tried harder this time. The tug in my gut hurt a little this time. This time I imagined a dark fog coming over Emmet; enclosing him;choking him as he feel to the ground. I could imagine the dark fog cover the entire house, the entire forest . Why am I think such dark thoughts?  I Shouldn't be. I thought to myself. I heard Rosalie scream. My eyes snapped open. "He smells like him! No offense, Edward." Rosalie screamed. "none taken. Edward said. " we all do, smell like you though." Alice added. "Good job, Trina." "Can you stop now? I don't like this." Rosalie said. I closed my eyes and slowly imagined the fog come back to my body but then I slipped and it snapped back hard. So hard that I felt it and I  had to step back. "I think that's enough for today." I say, opening my eyes. Everyone chuckles. "Soon you'll be able to expand your powers farther," Bella said. "but for your first try you did pretty good." " thanks for your help, you guys." I say. I was grateful for their help. "No prob." They all said at once. ....... The first day of school was a whole different story. Today, i was wearing a red top with a black jacket along with black jeans and heels that Rosalie had lent to me. I looked one word- awesome. Alice and Rosalie even help me with makeup. You know: eyeliner, lipstick. I'd never really needed mascara though. I'd never thought I'd use Rosalie's makeup kit. Today just happened to be the day I did. I made sure that no one touched my hair. I liked it long and curly. I had to drink extra elk blood and they reminded me of the rules and to stay away from human.s. I was scared at first but Bella soothed me by saying they would all be there to help me. I had missed about four or five days of school; I would have lots of make up work. I drove my car to school along with Emmett and Rosalie. When we got to school, we we're five minutes early. For the longest time , I just sat there. " what if I can't do this?" I think . By then the rest of the Cullens were there. I slowly get out of the car. Yo u can do this. You can do this. But once I got a look at the school my mind set changed. youcantdothis!youcantdothis! My mind panicked. I pushed my body forward into the school. The horrid smell filled my nose. My teeth ached. How am I supposed to last six periods like this? I think to myself. My head hurt. I felt dizzy. I felt the involuntary feeling of biting and ripping apart in my mouth. My instinct told me to kill. With all the strength in my body, I refrain. I push back on my instincts with all my might. I soul went aflame. Wa s all this hard work for nothing? No. Was all the pain for nothing? No. I was not going to let it when. I didn't want to be a monster. I felt a tight Involuntary tug in my gut. Suddenly, the pain stops. My soul began to sedate. My hard breathing stops. I realize that I had stopped once I'd gotten into the school, staring forward in space. I take a small step forward. Nothing. No pain. "are you ok?" Bella says urgently. ""yeah. "And I was. I began walking faster. It was easier. It didn't Hurt nearly at much as it had five seconds earlier. The Cullens had changed schedules to make sure that I had at least one period with everyone. .... Two months passed without my knowing. The whole idea of being a vampire hAD become "normal". Even though I loved my home, sometimes I felt lonely. Ironic, right? I felt like I was missing something. Something important. It wasn't blood. I still hunted extra, hoping it would cute my loneliness. No luck. In Fact, I way coming back from hunting right now. Jasper and the others were watching TV. "back already?" Esme was the first to notice me come in. "yes." ...and today there is supposed to be a thunder storm.... The TV said. "Yeah,"Emmet said. "I thought I smelled one coming!" "Time for a game!" The boys cheered. Even calm Edward broke silence. "I've never played." I say. "You will!" ....... The game was intense. Alice was an amazing pitcher. Esme kind of stayed out and played referee. I loved playing with boys, especially Emmett. Getting on his nerves would make my day. I played outfield with him. "Don't cry when I get more outs, Emmett." I teased. "Yeah right." He countered. The game started. Alice threw the pitch. The game Started with a flash of thunder. In fact, I had so much fun that Emmett couldn't stop me from hitting my home runs. Even with my home runs, the other team still won. Of course,Emmett and I had to much fun teasing each other to notice the difference. We we're starting to run away. I heard a Russel in the bushes. I stopped. "aren't you coming?" Carlisle asked calmly. "I'll meet you there." I yelled back. They left without me. I smelled a super strong horrible smell. the smell made my inside curl.I had learned to change smells once I smelled them. I did that. My insides calmed. The smell now smelled like a really good Cologne. I slowly walked to the bush. Sudden ly, it ran. I began to run after it. It was a boy who looked about my age. He was shirtless and had on short jeans. "wait!" I called. He halted. "How do you smell like me blood sucker?" He looked me with hatred. He had dark brown eyes and glossy tan skin. He was hot .. "What are you doing here? This is our side of the territory!" I tell. "My question first." He countered. "This is my power." I say. "changing scents." "All I need to know." He smiles a evil smile;somehow, a cute smile. Suddenly, our eyes meet. His eyes widened and he just stared. "What?" I demanded but kept looking in his eyes. He shakes his head as though he just woke up. "I'm.... Not going to tell you my name." He mumbles the last part. "I'm Katrina." I say hearing his last words. He hesitates. "What? Never heard a name before?" I tease. "Jacob." He says. "What?" I say. "my name is Jacob.Jacob black." "Jacob....." I've heard that name somewhere. Bella. "Bella. "I say my thought out loud. "Wait? You know Bella swan?" His eyes widen. "yeah. I live with them." I answer. "Can you take me to her?" He asks suddenly. "How do I know you're not going to hurt them?" "Because I'm Bella's best friend." ...... I disguised his scent and we ran. He was alot faster than me; compared to him I was walking. By the time, I got to the house there minutes after Jacob. He just opened the door and walked in. "are you kidding?" I ask. "You don't just-" "If Bella's here I won't have your head." Jacob said harshly ,walking inside anyway. I decided to wait out side. ........ Apparently, Bella was there. With Edward. "What is that doing here?" Edward yelled. "Trina I know what you did!" He yelled. "I'm sure she was just curious." Bella comforted him. "Get in here!" He yelled. "Go to your room." Bella said to me calmly as I walked into the room. I did. "Time for a talk." Jacob said. I went to my room. I could still hear the yelling from my room. To distract myself, I began going through the time capsule. I saw pictures of me and my real,parents. I came across a photo of The Greek goddess Athena. Right after it there was a ticket that expired in two weeks. How would my parents know that I'd be able to come..... On the back of the photo it had an address. I hopped up. "Bella!" I screamed running down the stairs. "Look at this!" I say, pointing at the address and plane ticket. "That's Nice Trina." Bella says, not looking up from the magazine she was reading. Everyone was back by now. Jacob was gone. I went to the kitchen. Esme was there. "Esme?" "yes Trina?" " I need to tell you that.... I think I know who my real parents are." She instantly looks up concerned. I bring out the passport and address. "Maybe they're still out there... Somewhere.." A spark of hope vows off in me. "We'll, we're not going to hold you back but are you sure?" Esme answers. "They could have moved." "They didn't..." I say. "Plus, that building only has two hundred floors not six hundred." Esme says. "They left me a ticket. I just feel so.... Confused. After all these years, I finally feel like I'm closer to knowing to what they were like. I mean I love it here; I love you guys.... I just feel like...." Your my mother... I wanted to say. She had been the closest to a mother; she had been a mother to me when my parents died. I wanted to tell her.... I knew that Edward was probably listening to our conversation and our minds. " whatever you think is best..." Esme said in a motherly tone. "I promise that I'll come back. I guess I'll leave in a week." I hug her. "Thanks for listening Esme." She just smiles. I felt guilty for just leaving her there, but I was going to be without her for a few days. As I was walking up the stairs, Edward looked at me. Actually, he glared.
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