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2. Chapter 2

P.S. Chapters Two and three don't have a name because on Wattpad, it was all one chapter.

That's all! Here's the story!


When I finally came to, I could hear voices. I was to weak to move;plus the pain was only in my neck now. I was scared. I couldn't see or open my eyes or move. A jolt of energy went through me. I could open my eyes. I took a first breath to "test the water". Everything seemed fine. Even the cut on my arm had healed. One problem, I was a lighter skin tone and weight. Now my jacked up brain was telling to run. I had nowhere to run. There was no danger. I was in the Cullens house. I felt quesy, my head and throat hurt, and I felt like throwing up. I knew I needed to get a drink fast. Asap. I didn't want to just jump up; I felt I might damage myself again so I lied there. Alice POV "She's going to get up in five seconds." I explained, Jasper by my side. It felt better knowing that she was alive. I was I first to have seen what happened with my future telling. When we got there it was too late. She looked mangled, thrown out on the floor. Her arm was atrocious; it  was bleeding really bad. "I should have stopped her." Esme cried. "It's not your fault." Carlisle soothed. Bella carried her in her arms. I felt like her and I we're connected in some way. She was so peppy, like Coca Cola that was under high pressure. Watching her in like this, in this state, was hard. She was so Nice.  I missed her already. She Mouned a Few times,"dead." She thought she was dead. Edward could hear her mind. He probably knew what she was thinking. "She's wondering if she's dead." He answered my question. I had been right. .... Now it was just a few hours later and her heartbeats had just stopped. She was a vampire. Katrina's POV I could hear people walking closer to the room. I decided to play dead. I waited until one of them (Emmett) came up to me and screamed my head off. He screamed so loud. I instantly wacked him with a pillow. "How'd I fall asleep here?" I asked Carlisle once I'd beat Emmett. "I remember leaving." "yes, you did." He explained. "but we brought you back." "why?" I ask. "You were really bloody when we brought you back. Do you remember why?" "No, nothing comes to mind." "Well now your a vampire and-" "A vampire? Yeah right." I say, coughing, trying to ignore the pain in my throat. I was thristy. My throat was getting drier by the second. "You should go hunting." Carlisle suggested. "Hunting? What?" I say in between coughs and struggled  breathes. "Edward and Bella will take you?" Carlisle asked. "Sure, Carlisle." Edward answered. "What? Can Someone please tell me-" I then was dragged  from the room. When we got outdoor s, Bella held my hand and helped me walk. I was so ironically weak that I couldn't feel my legs or arms. When we got to the forest, she ordered me to run. "What? Do you not see that I can barely walk? How'm I supposed to run?" "come on, Trina." Edward pushed. "fine." Though as soon as I let go off Bella's arm, my knees wobble . "can I give up now?" I ask. My knees failing and I fall. "nope." I get up and began to try to run. I do. Everything is super clear. My eyes are like high definition now. Edward caught up easily. In no time,I was in front of him. I stuck out my tongue. "told ya. Plus, you're a new born. You run faster than me; for now at least." Edward smirked. "you'd better get used to losing. This only lasts a year." "And In that year, I'll beat you in everything I can!" I yelled,laughing. This was so much fun. Suddenly, we stopped at a pool. I could smell blood. I Hated this. I was going to eat the poor creature. Ok, maybe drink all of it's blood, but still. " I can't just kill animals." I whispered,my legs losing all energy as soon as I stopped running. "It's better than dying." Bella chimes in. When did she get here? "ugh." I said, dragging my aching body to a tree. My neck hurt even more, smelling blood was tempting. "I know how you feel, but this better and safer than drinking  humans." Bella said. "Bella, I get it now. I'm a vampire. Can we stop this horrible prank Now?" "this isn't a prank." Bella said."this is real life." My neck ignited more. "We don't have any weapons." I stalled. "you need an example?" Edward said. "sure..."I said slowly. He used super speed and attacks the elk. When comes back, he wipes the blood off his face. "Your turn." "Umm.... Fine. But if I come back and you and Bella are making out, I will shoot out of here!" I pout. I have to say it wasn't that bad. I felt alot better. I could walk; I felt stronger. Enough to beat Emmett with one soccer punch. I felt more alert and focused. When I came back to the tree, they were making out. "Oh... Gross!" I yelled. I ran far away in the direction of our house. I realized that My parents had never come. I could've been out for weeks. Bella and Edward see me and stop running. Apparently, they'd been running behind me the entire time. "What's wrong?" Bella asked me. "how long have I been out? " I asked. "just a few hours. Carlisle said it was the fastest transformation he had ever seen. Why?" Edward asked. "My parents we're supposed to be at home a few hours before I was attacked but they weren't there. If they're there now, they could be freaking out." I respond, slightly distorted. "do you think I could maybe... Go home and check?" "we'd have to ask Carlisle." Edward decided. "you might not be ready to smell human blood." I sigh. "hey, do you smell elk?" Bella asks. "What do you mean Bella?" I say. "I smell it too." Edward said. "it could be us." I say. " We have been drinking elk blood." "But it's stronger. It like it's right here." He hissed. " Is it you?" Bella said , smelling in my direction. I smell myself too. It was me. "It's me." I say, nodding. "how do you just change scents?" Bella said. "that must be her power..." Edward replied. "When you touched the elk you adapted it's scent. You can adapt scents." "Bella , hold out your hand towards Trina." She did. "Now Trina... touch Bella's hand." He said. I touched the middle of her hand with one finger. I instantly felt a tug in my gut. My scent changed to Bella's scent. "Awesome!" I squeled. "Now try using your own scent." Bella instructed. I closed my eyes and focussed and sure enough, I had my scent back. Wow! I thought to myself. Edward are listening? He smiles."yes." "Come in Trina. Let's go." Bella said. "We have many things to tell Carlisle." .... We all ran to the house together. I beat Edward this time and the time before. I was in a roll! He told me to 'enjoy it while I could'. Just his way of telling himself that he won. We walked up the steps. Alice opened the door. "I'm so happy to see you awake!",Alice squeled and hugged me. "I'm happy to be awake." I reply,smiling. "Come on, Carlisle wants to talk to you." I let Alice drag me towards Carlisle's office. "Hey you guys!" I say happily as Alice Drags me past everyone. "Bye you guys!" I am taken to Carlisle's office. It was simple; though he had alot of old pictures of places. "Ah, Katrina and Alice. Happy to see you. Come in." Carlisle greeted us. " I have a few rules for when you go back to school." Carlisle said calmly. " Please continue." I urged. I listened carefully. " People are going to wonder who you are. Since you look a little different, you can pass as Alice's sister. At school, you will be know as Katrina Brown-Cullen. " "What will I tell my crazy friends?" I reply concerned. "You'll have to figure out what they will believe." Carlisle says. "I already know you'll make the right decision." She winked. "What?" I ask. " Edward and Bella didn't explain?" I shook my head. " Well, I will explain. Bella has the power of force fields. She can make them with her mind. Edward can read minds;everyone except Bella unless she wants him to. Edward is the fastest. Emmett is the strongest one. Alice has the power if future reading. Jasper has the power to control people's emotions. I have the power to withstand human blood more easily than the others. It's why I'm a doctor." "Wow. Umm... So my power is changing scents." "Really?" Carlisle said calmly. " Edward and Bella didn't explain?" I asked. "I'm Afraid not, Katrina." He said. "Shall I demonstrate?" I ask. "Please continue." Alice and Carlisle said. I stick out my hand and wiggle my fingers. "Try me." Alice touched my hand. I felt a tug in my gut. "Wow, you do smell like Me!" Alice squeled. "Can you turn back to your own scent?" I closed my eyes and focused. I felt another tug in my gut.. "That's is a power I've never seen before. We'll have to see how far you can go with that power. It could help us defeat our enemies." Carlisle said clearly interested. For a second, Alice's face goes blank. "What is it Alice?" " Carlisle," Alice speaks up. "About her...." " Katrina, can you leave us be for a little." Carlisle asks. " Yes , Carlisle." I nod,shaking his hand. "Nice talking to you." I walk out the room, and into the living room. .... Alice's POV "Katrina is going to do something to cause the voltouri to get involved." I blurted. "What did you see?" Carlisle asked calmly. "I saw Katrina and the voltouri but it was fuzzy. I can't make out she does wrong." Carlisle sighs. "I'll work in it, Carlisle." I say. Goodness, I hope Edward didn't see it. I think to myself. I walk to the door to see that Trina was alone in the living room;it was eight o'clock;everyone had went hunting again. I knew Jasper hadn't left; he was in his room somewhere. "Trina?" I say walking up to her. "are you okay?" "Yes." She said, though she clearly wasn't. "it's just... Can you give me a ride? To my house?" "why?" "my parents never came home. I just feel that if I can just see that there not home, I can get over it." "Well, we could sneak out. But I'd have to bring Jasper." I reply. "we have to be fast. Edward could read our minds and figure out what we're up to." Trina smiles. "thanks." She whispers. "Let me get Jasper." I use super speed. He's in his room listening to something. "Jasper, honey." He looks up. " you need to help me and Trina sneak out." Jasper smiles. "finally something fun." He kisses me shortly. " let's go." .... "Get ready,Jass." I warn him. He instantly begans to control her heartbeat. We we're closing in on the house; we didn't want her to go bloodlust. That's a side she now had. Trina's house was small, but it had a nature to it that made it look bigger. "Trina, I'm not sure about this... Are you sure you're ready?" "I've considered all possible possibilities." She said a determined look on her face. She walked up to the door and held the key. She held her breath, twisted the key , and unlocked the door. Her house was quiet. It smelled like human. No movement or sound. She walked slowly into her  parents bedroom and slowly opened the door. Nothing. Relief spread over me; though, it could have been Jass. She turned on the light. "it's exactly how they left it." She said earlier. " wait here." She said. She walked inside and slowly picked up something that was on the bed. A brown purse like bag. "This was my mothers." She said calmly. Jass had a good grip on her emotions. She opened it and one piece of paper was there. "Your room is where you'll find the key to your real personality." She read out loud. "My mother loved poems." She sighed. She got up and headed to her room. The door was already open. Before she opened the door. I saw a flash of light. There was a present tense memory. The rest of our family was in the living room. "Where do you think they went?" Esme said anxiously. "I think they'd've gone to the place she felt like she had to go." Edward said. "Earlier she did say that she wanted to go visit her parents...." "What is it , Alice?" Jasper said concerned. "They've noticed that we're missing." I informed them. "You need to hurry. I'm sure Edward will come here ,he is the fastest." I say. She used super speed this time. Her room is a empty. Like a tornado had been through here and cleared everything out. "oh no." She said, pointing to something on her bed.. A capsule that read, from your parents. She read it quickly. "They're gone." She said silently. "They've left to another country because they're not my real parents." She replied silently. She grabbed the capsule and puts in her mom's brown satchel along with the note. Another flash of light. "We need to go! Now!" I warn them. She opens a window. "You guys go first." We do and when she gets out, she closes the windows behind her and we run into the darkness. ...... Katrina's POV I was sick at heart. I hadn't been living with my real parents the whole time. To make matters worse, my real parents had never visited once. I felt like crying but Jass still had a hook on my emotions. When we got to the house, everyone was gone. "I want to show you something." Alice grabbed my hand and pulled me to a room upstairs using superspeed. It had almost all of my stuff in it. "What's this?" I asked. "Your new room." She smiled. "omg!" I squeled. I go inside ,take off my mothers/my new satchel and capsule and place it on my blue covered bed. I hug Alice and Jasper (Jasper seems surprised), thrilled. We hear the door close. I let go of them instantly and,using superspeed, ran down stairs with them. Esme was the first one to hug me. "I hope you guys don't mind that I put some of my stuff from my house on the bed upstairs." I mumble. "It's fine." Esme said. "No," I whined. "It's I should be grounded for there months. I just had to know..... It's not Alice and Jasper's fault...." "It's fine." Carlisle said calmly. "Like your new room Trina?" Emmett smirks. "yes." I stick out my tongue. "So you wanna arm wrestle? It's a tradition ,you know, ever since Bella came." He says.. "I remember being a newborn and beating you by like a lot." Bella said. What's a newborn? I think, directing my thought at Edward. "newborn vampires are humans that just became vampires;it's why you could beat me at running. For the first year, you are stronger, faster, and your iris's are red. As the year goes on they turn colors until they turn into a dark topaz." "Umm... Ramble much." I tease. I can't believe that this is my first day being a vampire! I think to myself. Edward smirks. I know he hear me. "So, are you gonna arm wrestle or not?" Emmett said being impatient. "Isn't it like ten o'clock?" I ask. Emmett just looks at me. "So.." "Fine." I give in. "Your on. " ..... "Ready to lose." I ask as he gets a rock double my size and places it in front of us. "Yeah right." (the next sentence is from the actual braking Dawn movie) "Don't hurt yourself Emmett!" Edward teased as we started the wrestle. I couldn't help but laugh at how hard Emmett was trying. I wasn't trying nearly as hard;barely at all. I ended up beating him. "You are never going to live down." I taunted him. "I won. I won! In your face! Mawhahahaha!" I laughed maleficent like. He just pout y face. I sighed. "Man that was hilarious!" ..... All the rest of the night we talked about rules and stuff that vampires have to follow and learn. Some of them were kind of gross. I learned that there were werewolves living past treaty line. This was my first day being a vampire. ...................................

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