Matthew Espinosa's Angel

Matthew Espinosa had the most perfect girlfriend till she died in a tragic accident......He sits around trying to forgot that night but one night he sees her telling him to try to find somebody who cares about him like she did, thats quiet girl Morgan Wells


5. Without You

It was yet another day without Allie by my side at school this sucked, I stayed home last week after her death. This was the first time in a few days i would be at school with all her friends. Sitting in history class noticing a familiar brown haired girl Morgan she was in my class huh, the teacher sat next to me.


He told me that if i had to step outside go right ahead, Allie seat was empty for the most part. Today was so rough walking past her locker, having to unlock it for all her stuff. That locker held her favorite hoodie, a few pictures of us. Morgan was in eye view holding her books close to her. She didn't have  nobody to walk the halls with anymore and nobody really to have to talk to.


“Hey there Morgan” I say getting a shocked response almost tripping “Hi Matthew”


haven't seen her since yesterday morning knowing me i gave her a hug for old time sake. Allie even had a picture of Morgan and her in there huh? Why didn't i see her way before this.


“They seemed to have found the suspects Matthew ugh i feel so horrible again” Once she said that wednesday come into mind….


“Good! but i need to probably get back to class got court after school wish me luck Morgan.”




Court was so horrible for everybody in the room that day, Nash had my back the whole time so did the other boys. Telling my side of the story, seeing the people who were in the mix come out in handcuffs. I was about to punch them, Morgan told me to settle down. They had rough faces on.


They said all the charges they got, got sent off again. I knew one of them the forbes guy that was a friend’s cousin.


Ugh please let me never go back to this day ever again, there i stood where i tried to save Allie with Morgan. She wanted to plant a flower for her, We stood there not saying a word. Slinging an arm around Morgan focusing on her finally moments on life. It’s sucks not saying a final goodbye to a loved one.  


The police gave my truck back after court i drove it here. It got cleaned up within last weekend and I sat in it leaving Morgan time alone. She walked up sliding in Allie’s spot then not saying a single word to me. I slide the sun glasses that rested on my head to wear, pulling my head over me. Morgan wore a blue denim looking shirt, white capri and black flip flops something i’d wear if i were a girl.


Driving down the street to drop Morgan off seemed like a forever drive there. Finally getting to that blue and white house of the Well’s resident. Stopping the car getting out taking Morgan to the front door.


“Bye Morgan see you tomorrow” I said


“Bye Matthew. Allie was really in love with you from the looks of it. Some time i dream of her talking to me which is weird cause she said i should not dwell on her passing just live my life to the fullest”


“Yeah i know that haha huh thats weird i had the same thing to happen so told me also to live to the fullest, find somebody else instead of laying around crying for her, that a girl needs my love now more than ever.”


But who was this girl i have to give my love too instead this was so confusing as hell give me names next time Allie


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