Matthew Espinosa's Angel

Matthew Espinosa had the most perfect girlfriend till she died in a tragic accident......He sits around trying to forgot that night but one night he sees her telling him to try to find somebody who cares about him like she did, thats quiet girl Morgan Wells


4. My Angel

It was only sunday morning at Nash’s house and we were heading off for church. Seems like this was a good thing to do today. Hearing the pastor talk about Allie broke my heart so much, Morgan sat on the far right pushing her brown hair back. She known Allie would have wanted her to not worry as much like me. Nash got called up to the front for a little speech for something.


“Hello people it’s Nash Grier and can we just take a moment and pray for Allie Saum the pastor wanted me to do this since i knew her more but i’d like to bring up my best friend Matt up to the stage with me.”




Standing outside of church talking to a few people about somethings, Morgan walked up shyly. I smiled wrapping her up in a hug making sure she was okay today unlike thursday she was bawling.


“Morgan how are you today?” I asks


“Alright i guess.How are you so stronge Matt?”


“Because i know my baby girl is up there looking over me and you! Allie smiles down on us everyday you may not know this but your about as strong as me.”


Getting in the car with Nash’s Family wanting to look through my phone it’s been a few days. Taking it out scrolling through all the pictures of Allie and I i didn't cry at all which surprised me. My dad come to pick me up to head over to Allie’s place to figure out things for her funeral.


What a week i thought nobody seemed to know that hurt that i got made me more stronger. Grabbing the picture of Allie and me from the wall deciding to put it up. She wants me to find someone else i know but i don’t want to move on.


Sitting at the edge of the bed crying before I heard a voice calling my name it was Allie’s? Snapping my head towards the room door seeing Allie more beautiful as ever smiling at me.


“Hey there handsome!” Allie said


“Allie? It’s really you” She laughs a little taking a seat by me, I hug the crap outta her not wanting to let her go.


“LIsten Matt you must be so sad since my passing but hear me out for a minute. I am going to be in your heart forever but you're going to have to find that new special one, i love you too much to be dwelling over me dying no time for that Matt. There is somebody else in this world who needs you loving not just me i am gone not coming back understand that?” Slowly nodding my head holding onto her one last time.


“Your a strong young guy and  always my baby  now my time is go the other angels are waiting for me haha”


Shredding yet another tear hugging her goodbye one last time “Love you Allie i’ll see you in another life”


With that Allie got up heading for the door waving, that was something not the last time she come to talk to me.           


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