Matthew Espinosa's Angel

Matthew Espinosa had the most perfect girlfriend till she died in a tragic accident......He sits around trying to forgot that night but one night he sees her telling him to try to find somebody who cares about him like she did, thats quiet girl Morgan Wells


3. Just an cold glass of lemonade

Sitting outside with the boys having a nice tall glass of lemonade from Elizabeth. Sky was playing with those two girls i wasn't trying to paying much attention. My phone went off the hook with Allie’s family, mine. I didn't want to look at my phone all because the home screen is Allie and me. I let it just ring and ring until Nash grabbed it seeing who was calling.


“Dude are you going to answer?”


“No just throw leave it that phone brings back memories”


Nash put his runs a hand through my hair smiling at me, I laugh at him. Those girls brought Sky over to us. The brown hair girl held out a hand for my to shake.


“You may not know me but i am Morgan a friend of Allie’s” She says, i take her hand feeling a surge of energy.


“Oh yeah i remember you Morgan! Allie is in a better place” I said smiling up to Morgan but she busted out in tears. Everybody looked at her with tears too, I got up engulfing her in a hug tightly letting her cry in my shoulder. She still cried, “Hey Morgan don’t worry about her anymore alright this is only a setback for all of us”


“I know but she was my best friend who understood me.” Morgan says looking up at me, I kissed her forehead rubbing her back.


I held onto her for a few more minutes then walking her home. My truck was still at the police station but i didn't want that car anymore. Making our way across the street telling her to call me if she needed somebody for her pain. HUgging her one last time seeing my mom pull up in the driveway of Nash’s.


I didn’t want to go home too much memories of her in my room. I’d have to face her room where some of my things were. Turns out she was here to check up on me for the night handing me a bag of clothes.


“This is just a set back baby boy, tuesday is the funeral her family said” NOdding my head saying goodbye.


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