Matthew Espinosa's Angel

Matthew Espinosa had the most perfect girlfriend till she died in a tragic accident......He sits around trying to forgot that night but one night he sees her telling him to try to find somebody who cares about him like she did, thats quiet girl Morgan Wells


6. Funerals are the worst...

This was so crazy i was getting ready for my dead girlfriend’s funeral what a trip man. The whole family too a quick picture to post on facebook. Maybe this was a bad idea to come to this i thought. Allie laid in the coffin lifeless this was sicken to me all of this was nerve wrecking to everybody.


Placing one hand on Allie’s cold one letting a single tear drop, a hand was laid on mine. It was time for the service to start, I slide to my spot in the middle row with Nash, my family and his. Morgan had come in with her mom and sister what a lovely family and i was smiling towards them.


It was finally my time to say a few words about Allie, I didn't want to go up there crying just stay calm Matt.


“Umm where do i start with the topic Allie Saum ahaha she was a best friend of mine for the longest time and when she smiled it light up the whole room and never had a dull moment ever in life. One day it was her birthday and i asked her out and which she said yes that was three years ago wow thats a long time ago. She always told we don't have time to be sorry that was our motto! That night of her death was such a horrible night for me and a lot of other people. She told me not to dwell on her passing and live a good life but that's kinda impossible! I have tried to stay happy for her put everything brings back memories my room, the streets and the sky.”




A lot of other people went to the stand to say a few words about her and all that jazz. They lifted her to get buried up where her parents had reserved her to be at.


Going down the street with all the other cars and the police guiding us seemed like half the town was with us. After all that driving she was down six feet under with all the other dead people of Salina.


There was a little dinner at this church but i didn't want to go at all. Nothing was going to be the same at all for me all this was surreal. Standing outside the church kicking a rock around, somebody tapped my shoulder.


“Hi Matthew!” Said Morgan clutching her black hand bag with her hair curled


“Hey.” I say blankly not looking at her anymore this was sadding for me. “What's up i guess”


Morgan doesnt say a word all i hear is sobbing “Nothing Much just thinking that's all i should probably get going then this is too much for me”


“Please don’t leave me Morgan…..I need somebody besides Nash or family”

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