new avengers in town

Theresa, Stella, Kayla and Vanessa all have one thing in common. They are Avengers. Theresa is Iron Girl, Stella is Thor's sister, Kayla is the she-hulk and Vanessa is Miss America. They fight crime and help keep all of Earth safe. What will happen when they meet the Avengers? Will they argue? Or will they befriend each other?


1. Vanessa's P.O.V

Brushing my long, tangled hair, I waited for Stella and Theresa to get back. A I waited, I thought about how we were so much like the Avengers. They go out and save people just like us. Kayla and I never get to go and save the world as Stella and Theresa think we'd be risking people's safety as Kayla is basically the she-hulk. Kayla was there when Dr. Banners was doing the experiment (she is his sister). They both paid the price. Becoming the she-hulk was hard for Kayla, as she loved being surrounded with people or partying all night listening to loud music. She can't do that anymore otherwise she'll become the destroy of villages, cities, towns or even counties. Before becoming the she-hulk, Kayla Banners was loud, sensitive, kind, mischievous and funny. She could make a person who was mourning laugh but now she's shy, sensitive and quiet. She stays hidden away in her room reading or crying about her past. She never talks to anyone fearing if she comes close to them she'll hurt them.

"We are back vom saving de word!" Stella boomed. She really doesn't know how to use an indoor voice does she.

"Nessie!" Yelled Theresa. "You alright?"

"Yeah!" I yelled walking over to them. "Kayla! Please come down!" I felt my heart pound.

"Okay." A small voice whispered calmly. Kayla walked down her brown hair flowing down her back, her brown eyes hidden behind her glasses and her pale skin glowing. She wore a short sleeved green shirt, denim shorts, black leggings and green slippers.

"We've been invited to a party. Guess who's the host? Tony Stark!" Theresa yelled. "Please come." She begged Kayla.

"Okay."  Kayla mumbled.

"YES!!!" Theresa and Stella screamed. "Dress shopping." We walked out together and walked over to our limo. We all giggled while Kayla told us some jokes just like she use to. We walked into a dress shop and searched for dresses.

"Kayla! I found some!" Theresa yelled holding out some dresses: a green strapless knee length dress; a thigh length ruffled green one; a short ruffled pink one ; and a short sleeveless pink dress.


*Two hours later*

Once we got home we raced into Stella's room and got changed. Kayla wearing the green strapless dress and silver heels , Theresa wearing a knee length red dress and gold heels, Stella wearing a yellow cocktail dress and gold heels and I was wearing a short gold party dress and silver heels. My hair was flowing down my back, Theresa's curled, Stella's in a bun and Kayla's in a messy bun.

Once we arrived Theresa told our driver to come back at midnight or whenever she called.

"This is bloody amazing!" Kayla screamed.

"Who are you and what did you do with Kayla?" We all laughed. Tonight we'll meet the Avengers and we'll be invited onto the stage and introduce ourselves. How could this get any better?

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