New Beginings

I'm siting in my science class waiting
For Miss Hughes to do the class register
When I see a beautiful, and I mean beautiful,
Curly headed lad walk through the door.
I was speechless. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life!
Little did I know that this boy could turn my whole life upside down"
Continue reading to find out what happens !!


6. Harry's POV


Ever since I laid my eyes on Ana I knew I wanted her, I watched her some days walking through the corridors with that long auburn hair flowing behind her. she was truly beautiful, but she has a boyfriend. Louis Tomlinson. he was the luckiest man in the world in my opinion and I was going to make sure she knew I thought this.


it was a dark Monday night when I was scrolling through insta when I saw her. I instantly knew that I had to add her, so I did. I waited up for 2 hours until it was midnight, I waited for her to answer me but she had seemed not to, putting the worrying aside, I went to bed. I live alone in a four bedroom apartment that my mom and dad brought for me when I started college.

I just wished I could tell her how I felt without creeping her out as she's only known me for two days, I just needed to get that boyfriend of hers out of the way. but how. I had yet to find out.


A/N: hey guys!! so this is the first Movella ive wrote I hope you like it. I need a friend for Ana so I need names guys!!1 I will include you and I will make sure you  can fall in love with your favourite apart from harry obvs! anyway read it I hope you all like it. I will try and update everyday but I have exams and stuff so I may struggle to but hope you like it. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

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