New Beginings

I'm siting in my science class waiting
For Miss Hughes to do the class register
When I see a beautiful, and I mean beautiful,
Curly headed lad walk through the door.
I was speechless. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life!
Little did I know that this boy could turn my whole life upside down"
Continue reading to find out what happens !!


4. Annas pov:

After a long night of revision and talking to lou, I finally decided to get to sleep.



my alarm clock flashed 2:45 am on my desk. I shot up.

*BANG BANG* I ferociously span my head around. Rather scared I cautiously got out of bed when it happened again *BANG BANG* I sped over to my balcony doors to see Lou in the window, he had wet hair as it had been raining.

"Oh my Lou, what are you doing here, its quarter to three are you silly?"

"babe I missed you so much, I haven't seen you much today and I've really missed you. haven't you missed me?" considering it was almost three am. not realty thought about him.

"Yeah of course I have." I lied. "but what are you doing here Louis? you know my mom and dad don't like you. they will call the police on you if they realise you're here so you need to leave now!" I quickly shushed him back out the balcony door he came from. was he purposely trying to get me into trouble or something?  my mom and dad don't like him because he cheated on me once, and you're probably wondering as to why I am still with the guy, well . I still love him.


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