New Beginings

I'm siting in my science class waiting
For Miss Hughes to do the class register
When I see a beautiful, and I mean beautiful,
Curly headed lad walk through the door.
I was speechless. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life!
Little did I know that this boy could turn my whole life upside down"
Continue reading to find out what happens !!


1. Ana's POV:

Today I did nothing at school.

It's just all the same these days.

Anyway I have to go, my moms calling me for tea.


I can't believe it's already Wednesday, can't wait 'till it's Friday again,

Apparently their is a new boy in my science class today, he has to sit opposite me so there's no doubt I'm going to have to let him copy my notes.


I don't socialise well with people, considering I'm an only child I guess that hasn't helped.

My mom thinks that I isolate myself from everyone else,

But I don't.

She always tells me "You need to stop being unsociable and find some "real" friends!"

I have real friends she just doesn't believe me,

I tell her this all the time.

She just doesn't believe me.

I guess I better start getting ready for school,

The bus will be here in twenty minutes.


So, when I got to school I met Sophia like I always did and then we went to find Louis,

Louis I my sweet boyfriend!

We've been together since we were 13.

I really love him,

And nobody could ever change that.

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