The Time I Went To School And Had A Day That Was Almost Rather Remarkable

This story lasts exactly 23 hours and 47 minutes and approximately 15 seconds.


2. Jack


(Note from Samuel: I have tried to edit this chapter as much as possible but mum called me for tea half way through, and I never finished, so please excuse if Jack has made any grammatical errors).


Er, so hi, yeah, it’s me. Jack*. I guess Samuel’s asked me to write this bcos I’m his best friend?? Something like that, I dunno, but anyways he wants me to write about what happened at school last Wednesday. No idea why, because tbh nothing actually happened other than Miss Tanner had a hissy fit because Samuel called her ‘irrelevant’. But wait that doesn’t happen until fifth period so I suppose I should say about all the rest of it before then.

                So about Samuel. He’s kinda known as the weird kid in our year, which I guess is sort of true, but he makes up for it bcos he’s funny as. Like, he’s the kind of person who’s funny without even realising they are, know what I mean?? He’ll stay stupid stuff like ‘I thought Harrison Ford was a type of car’ and then he won’t even know why we’re laughing. The others can be sort of mean and laugh at him, but I always laugh with him when he says stuff like this, bcos he honestly doesn’t even know he’s being stupid. Like srsly, for someone who is so smart, he can be super dumb

                And Samuel is really smart. Like, super mega scary Einstein type smart. I remember in primary school the teacher would ask him really hard maths questions like 1768 divided 23 and he would tell her the answer before she had even typed it into her calculator. The others think it’s freaky, but it’s actually kind of awesome.

                Still, being friends with Samuel isn’t exactly easy. Like sometimes, he will just shut himself up on his room for the whole weekend, and if I try and ring him he won’t answer bcos it ‘disturbs his thought process’ or something stupid. And he never plays football bcos he is legit the worst at running, and everyone takes the mickey out of him. But he still comes to the games and stuff, bcos his sister plays on our team. She’s actually pretty good at football, for a girl, and she’s kinda hot too. She’s the only girl on the team, and tbh that’s just cos she’dve kicked our butts if we didn’t let her on.

                I think that’s the reason Samuel doesn’t really get bullied. Like, he gets teased and stuff, but no one ever really tries to hurt him, and I think they would if he didn’t have Livvy for a sister. She just does this awesome death stare type thing and tosses her hair and completely slays anyone who tries to bully him. Plus she’s the only girl in our year who is allowed to go into the sixth form pod thing, but tbh I think that’s cos half the guys in the sixth form have a crush on her. Makes sense.

                But anyways I cba to write anymore now, so I’m just gonna stop here.

                Jack, out *mic drop*


*Samuel: this isn’t technically a complete sentence, but Livvy says it’s okay when it is used for ‘artistic effect’.

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