My Love Lost

I get to tell my boyfriend a really big surprise that we have always wanted but instead I get a surprise from him that we don't want but we have to deal with


2. Why Didn't You Tell Me?

   "Hey Luke how was the doctor?" I asked. "Umm well I need to tel you something and I need you to sit down" Luke said. "Ok" I said with a concurred face. "Ok well when I went to the doctors and got my usual check up the doctors found something on my leg" Luke said. "Ok and what is it?" I asked. "Well that's the thing, he said that it's a tumor" Luke said with a sad face. "Why didn't you tell me yesterday because I knew that you wanted to tell me something" I said kinda mad and sad.

"Well I didn't want to tell you yesterday because I didn't know what it was either and instead of telling you I decided to keep it a secret until today because i found out what it was" Luke said. "How long Luke?" I said. "The doctor didn't tell me, but he said that if I come in tomorrow afternoon that he would tell me and I want ou to come with me" Luke said. "Ok but I have a doctors appointment in the morning for our first aultra sound and I want you to come with me" I said. "Ok" Luke said.

-the next day-

   "Luke get up were gonna be late for my doctors appointment" I yelled at him for him to get up. "Ok ok I'm up let me get dressed really fast and then we can leave" Luke said. When Luke finally got dressed it was 9:30am and I have to be at my appointment at 10:00am. "Hurry up Luke were gonna be late" I said. "Ok let me grab my keys and we'll go" Luke said. When he got his keys we left.

And Luke had to drive really fast because it was 9:45am and remember I have to be there at 10:00am but were there and I ran inside and ran straight to the elevator and dragged Luke with me. When we got to the doctors office I waited impatiently for the doctor. When the doctor got in the room I got nervous because I didn't know what to expect. "Ok so I'm here to give you a check up to see how your doing" the doctor said. After the check up he asked me if I wanted an aultra sound and I said yes.

"Ok now we're gonna give you an aultra sound for your two weeks" the doctor said. When the ultra sound was finished we headed for Luke's appointment for his check up to see how long he had. "Do you want me to wait here?" I asked. "No I think that you can come in with me" he told me.

   So when we went to his appointment I got SUPER nervous because we have know idea what's gonna happen. "Ok Mr. Hemmings so today we're gonna find out how long you have or we can see if we can remove your leg so that you can live long with your girlfriend" the doctor suggested. "Ok we can do that" Luke said.

2 hours later

   "Ok so the test results are in and it's possible that we can remove your leg so that you can live a long happy life with your girlfriend" the doctor said. "Thank god we thought that I didn't have very long for me to live because my girlfriend is pregnant with our first child and I wanted to see he or she grow up and be independent" Luke said. "Do you want to set an appointment with me so that we can remove your leg?" the doctor asked. "Oh yes make that appointment doc" Luke said.

   On the way home from the doctors we decided to go out for a late lunch because it was about 1:30pm and I was REALLY hungry. So we stopped at a really fancy restaurant that I can't pronounce. When we got to the restaurant I was excited because Luke and I haven't had a romantic lunch in a LONG time because both of us have been really busy lately. "Luke this is a very special lunch because we haven't had a romantic lunch in a VERY long time" I said excitedly.

"I know that's why I wanted to come here so that we can spend time together" Luke said with a smile on his face. When we walked into the restaurant I felt underdressed because people were all dressed up, but I didn't care what those people think because I'm dating the best guy in the whole world. "My intake your coat sir?" The waiter asked. "Ya sure" Luke said. After the waiter took Luke's coat he took us to our table. "I'm sorry but can we get a booth please?" Luke asked. "Yes you may sir" the waiter said. When he took us to our booth I saw two candles and a rose right in the center of the table.

   "Luke this is beautiful, I love it and I love you" I told him with a smile. "Thank you I try my hardest just for you" Luke said. As we were looking at each other without saying a word I thought about the cancer that Luke had in his leg and that how will he be able to teach our son or daughter how to walk. And as I thought about more I realized that I shouldn't be thinking about this because I need to think about the future with our baby instead of thinking about how we're gonna manage without Luke's leg.

"My I take your order sir?" the waiter asked. "Ummm....yes I would like to have the spaghetti with bread sticks and a salad" Luke replied. "And for you ma'am?" "I think that I will have the same thing to please" I told him. "Ok I'll have that right out for you" the waiter told us. "Thank you" Luke and I said. When the waiter left it got really quiet so I decided to start a conversation. "So Luke, what do you want our son or daughter to be named?" I asked him.

"If it's a boy I want him to be named Jackson and if it's a girl I want her to be named Jessie" Luke said. "Well if it's a boy I want him to be named Anthony and if its a girl I want her to be named Aubrey" I said. "I like those names to but what ever name that we choose I'll love him or her just the same" Luke said while smiling.

   We were about to say something else but our food came and it smelled FANTASTIC. "Thank you" I said. "My pleasure" the waiter replied. After the waiter left we dove right in the food because we were REALLY hungry. After we ate we decided to leave because we already paid up front. And the ride home was really quiet because none of us knows what to say.

When we got home I was really tired so I decide to go to bed but I didn't yet because I had to use the bathroom. "Hey Luke before we go to bed I have to use the bathroom" I told him. "Ok I'll just use the one upstairs" he said. "Ok" I replied. When I got out of the bathroom I heard his phone beep so I decided to go look at it to see who it was. And when I read to see who it was from I couldn't believe my eyes.    

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