My Love Lost

I get to tell my boyfriend a really big surprise that we have always wanted but instead I get a surprise from him that we don't want but we have to deal with


3. Why Are You Talking To Him!?!?

   When I got out of the bathroom I couldn't believe my eyes. "Hey babe, have you seen my..." Luke started to ask. "Oh you mean your phone? ya its right here in my hand because when I got out of the bathroom I heard your phone beep so I decided to see who it was so I could tell that person that you would reply in a minute because you were busy, and when I looked to see who it was I was shocked because I haven't talked to this person in a LONG time and I thought that you haven't talked to him either, but I guess I was wrong" I said angrily. "Babe you don't understand I had to tell him that you were pregnant because I knew that you wouldn't" Luke said. "Why would I tell my alcoholic of a father about his grandchild because I knew that he wouldn't care about him or her because he was never around for me and when he was there for me he would be drunk and start to beat me and I don't want my dad to be around him or her because I know that he hasn't stopped drinking" I said. "He said that he is willing to stop just for that grandchild of his because he knew that he had to make it up to you since he wasn't there for you" Luke said. "Ok fine he can visit our son or daughter when I think he's ready and he can only visit when I think he's ready" I told Luke. "Ok fine, but I invited him over for dinner tomorrow night so that we can talk about this" Luke said. "Luke why didn't you tell me that you invited him over for dinner?" I asked. "Well I wanted to work it in with the conversation about me talking to your dad" Luke said. "Ok he can come over for dinner, but please next time tell me so I don't have the urge to slap you" I told Luke. "Ok the next time that I'm in contact with someone that you don't like I'll talk to you first" Luke said. "That's all I ask" I said with a smile. Before we went to be that night he gave a LONG apology kiss and I don't get those very often so I try to cherish it when I can.

-the next morning-

   When I woke up I decided to think of a dinner that my dad will love. So I decided to make fried chicken, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, and rolls. I'm making this because I know that he LOVES this dinner. When I was about to start it I heard Luke coming down the steps. "Hey babe, did you sleep well?" I asked him. "Ya I slept pretty good" he replied. "Well that's good" I said. "How come your starting dinner at 10:00am, your dads not coming until 5:00pm" Luke said. "Oh because it takes me awhile to make all this stuff for him and I make a lot only because so that he can take leftovers home so he doesn't come over for dinner the next day and the day after that and the day after and so on and so on" I said with an attitude. "Please don't have that attitude with your dad tonight please" Luke said. "Ok I won't" I said after I gave him a kiss.

 *Authors Note: Hey guys sorry that this chapter is sooo short I just want you guys thought of this fan fiction and again sorry that this chapter is sooo short*

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