My Love Lost

I get to tell my boyfriend a really big surprise that we have always wanted but instead I get a surprise from him that we don't want but we have to deal with


1. Can't Wait To Tell Him

   Ok so my name is Anna and I have a big surprise for my boyfriend Luke. The surprise that I wanna tell him is that I'm pregnant with our first child and this is a special surprise because we have been trying for a baby for a LONG time and now finally I'm pregnant. Oh and by the way I'm 18 and Luke is 18 and I know that we're young but we have been together since your 8th grade year of middle school. But now I'm pregnant and to tell him I gonna make him a romantic dinner because I think that's the best way to tell him.


   Before I yelled for him to come down stairs I decided to get ready in the downstairs bathroom because he's upstairs and I want this to be a BIG surprise. And I decided to wear a short red dress that was tight in ALL the right places, red heels, and my diamond necklace that he got me for my birthday last year. And for my hair I decided to curl my hair but only at the tips of my hair instead of the hole thing. And now I'm ready for the best romantic dinner ever.

"Hey Luke, can you come down here for a second I need to talk to you about some thing" I did with excitement. "Ok give me one second" Luke shouted. But when he said that it sounded like he was upset. When he got down stairs I lit the candles that were in the center of the table. "Hey Luke, do you want to sit?" I asked. "Ummm...ok but I need to tell you something after" Luke said. "Ok so you know how that we've always wanted a baby?" "Ya" Luke said. "Well....I'm pregnant" I said with a big smile on my face. "OH MY GOD that's amazing news I'm soooo excited I could kiss you right now and I think that I will" Luke said. And before I could say anything he grabbed me by my waist and started to kiss me and I think that is the best kiss yet that we have had.


   "Oh what did you want to tell me?" I asked. "Oh it's ummm....nothing lets just enjoy this moment right now" he said. After we ate dinner I decided to do the dishes. After I did the dishes it was about 11:30pm so I decided to go straight to bed and I think that Luke decided to go to bed to because he was already asleep before I got upstairs. As I get undressed I keep thinking about what he's gonna tell me and I just can't get it off my mind. But I decided to let it go and wait for him to tell me what he has to tell me.


-The next day-


   When I woke up I looked on the left side of the bed and he wasn't there so I decide to put on some slippers and go down stairs but when I got down stairs he wasn't there. When I waked into the kitchen to get a drink of water I found a note on the refrigerator door saying the he went to the doctors and would be back in 30 minutes.


30 minutes later


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