I'll Tell You a Secret


2. Chapter 1

Xxxx xxxx x xxxx, xxxxx xxx x xxx xxx x xxxx. Xxxx xxxx xxxx x xxxxx xxxx xx Xxxxxxx. Xxxx xxxxx xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx xxx Xxx-Xxxxxx. Xxxxx xxxxx XXXXXXXX XXXXX XXX. XXXXX'X xxxxxxxxxxxxx, XX X xxxxxxxxx. XXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXX X Xxxx xx xxxxxx xxx. Xxxx x xxxxxxx. Xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? XXXXXXXXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXXX. X xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxxx. Xxxxxxx xxxxxx, xxxxxxx XXXXXXXX x xxxxxxxxxx. Xxxxx xxxxx. Xxxxx. Xxxxxxx xx, xxxx xxxxx.

xxxxx xx xxx. Xxxx'x?, xxx xxx. Xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx'x... Xxxxx xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx, xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx x xxxxxxxxxxx... Xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxxx xxx Xxxx. "Xxxx," Xxxxxxxxx xxxxx, "Xxx xxxxxx?" "Xx!" Xxx-Xxxxxx xxxx. Xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx; x xxxx xx xxxxxx xxx. Xxxx x xxxxxxx. Xxxxxx xxxxxxxx XXXXXiX xx xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? Xxxx XXXXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXXX.

(Xxxxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx.) Xxxx, Xxx-Xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xx x x xxxxxx xx xxxx. Xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx. Xxxxx xxxxx, Xxxxx. Xxxx x xxxx, xxxxx. Xxxxxxx, xx xxxxxxxx xxxxx. Xxxxx xx xxxxx, xxxx xxxx x xxxxx xxx xxxx. Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxx, xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxx x xxxxx xxxxxx... X xxxxx xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx xx xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx? Xxxx XXXXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXXX? Xxx xxxx xxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxx.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxx. X xxxxxxxxxx. X xxxxxx xxxxxx, Xxx-Xxxxxx xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxxxx. Xxxxx xxxxx! Xxxxx!


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