One more year...

The war is over. Hermione has decides to go back to Hogwarts to finish her studies, but she Isn't the only one. She get chosen as a prefect and she gets surprised when she realise who the male prefect is. I do not own these characters, I just use them in my movellas! Can contain sexual content!


1. I am a prefect.

Hermione's P.O.V

I'm back. Hogwarts was easily repaired after the war but the damaged minds will never be repaired as the walls has been. They are children, children that never will be the same as they were before this awful war. I've returned to continue my studies but also to be a person to talk to. The students shouldn't be alone in this. They shouldn't have to live a life of fear because they didn't have anyone to talk to. Mcgonagall was now the headmistress. She had asked me to be her right hand and a prefect at this school. I had told her that I would think about it but my mind were already made up. A few days later, I'd written her a letter, accepting her offer. She was very happy to have my support and she knew she could trust me.

It was the first day as a prefect, the ceremony went quite fast since it was only about half of the students attending this year. It wasn't only cause some were scared but also that some of them weren't even alive. I had found my way to the prefects dorm when I walked into someone when I walked around the corner.

- "HEY WATCH OUT!" he screamed brushing of his Slytherin robe, not even looking at the person who he had run into.

- "Sorry." I said trying to get his attention. And I did.

- "Granger, your not allowed to be up here." he said spitting the words out of his filthy mouth.

- "Well, I am a prefect so I actually am, excuse me." I said with my most nonchalant tone, trying to walk around him.

- Hey Granger, he yelled after me. You were kidding right? He said sounding concerned and unsure.

- "Uhmm, no....why?" I asked sounding even more concerned then himself.

- "Cause I'm also a prefect." He said slightly disappointed.

Everything around me went from white to black in a second. I were just looking at the thin air in front of me, not even caring to say a word. I continued to walk quiet towards the dorm. The dorm where I would have to stand living with the one and only, Draco bloody Malfoy!

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