One more year...

The war is over. Hermione has decides to go back to Hogwarts to finish her studies, but she Isn't the only one. She get chosen as a prefect and she gets surprised when she realise who the male prefect is. I do not own these characters, I just use them in my movellas! Can contain sexual content!


2. A letter!

Draco's P.O.V

Are you kidding me. Hermione the Mudblood as a prefect. I guess she did good in the war but why her. She must have befriended McGonagall to get this. McGonagall had asked me if i wanted to finish my studies here at Hogwarts after the war and my mother automatically said yes for me. She had always wanted me to become something in life, not just some death-eater like my dad. My mum who were McGonagall's favourite student when she was studying here at Hogwarts asked her for a favour about me becoming a prefect and she was very glad we had asked her because she only had one. And I guess that one was Granger! In the first year here at Hogwarts I had kept my distance from her and Potter since I had a small crush on here. My hate for Potter grew and as I learned that Hermione was a Muggleborn my love fated away over the years. I don't hate her but she ain't on my list of favourite people either! The first few days had went quite fast and our relationship had went from non-talkingmode to chattingmode. It was day number three and I was back from the prefects bathroom when I walked up to her sitting in the couch reading something.

- "What is that?"

- "It's a letter for us." she said handing it over still staring right into the thin air in front of her like she'd seen a dragon or something.

I read the letter slowly.

"You will regret being back here! This won't be nice"

Authors note

I'm sorry for not updating in a long time but I hope you understand since I have a lot going on at school and family stuff is always in the way but I try to update ASAP❤️

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