Summer Bubbles

***A Winning Entry*** A poem about what makes me happy. One of many entries. For the #WhatMakesYouHappy competition.


1. What Makes Me Happy?



When the stars drag their early afternoon paintbrush on the world's canvas 

and leave picturesque swirls of vibrancy,

wiping away the grey oils of spring.


When the sky is lemon like sorbet and

the sun is a tangerine gumball,

bobbing amongst candyfloss clouds.


When girls wear flower crowns and mint dresses,

and boys wear swimming shorts,

and both wear nothing on their feet.


When mouths are coated in dripping ice cream,

teeth clinking on lemonade glasses,

and sparkling cans fizz at their opening.


When people run their fingers through sand,

or pick emerald blades of grass

or brush the petals of fallen blossom.


When the world is just a mess of colours,

of azure and cerise and violet,

of scarlet and rose and all things bright.


When all that can be seen is

the light of the day and

smiles on exhilarated faces.


When smells of fresh flowers scent the air,

and dessert mingles in the breeze,

and you feel as if there is honeysuckle right under your nose.


When you could be wherever,


and still feel those bubbles of ultimate happiness in your stomach.


When you know that,

after so long,

summer is here.



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