What if one day you found out that the monsters you thought only existed in stories, were real?
Years after the discovery of Vampires, seventeen year old Jade and her twin sister Violet are sent to the very first Vampire Containment Facility. Also known as Campus Eternal.
At the school, Jade is confronted by Vampires who believe she can save them, but she doesn't think she is strong enough.
There is a man there who everyone is afraid of, he is personally responsible for the death of the last human at Campus Eternal. Even though people see him as wicked and cruel, she believes that he can help her save the Vampires.
The only question is: Is he willing to help her?


8. Prototype Ch. 8 - Fool Everyone


I woke up dreading what was going to happen. I have school in less than ten minutes and I had to get ready, I could handle it… except for my hair malfunction, it was curly, CRAZY curly.
“Holy crap” Violet giggled “What happened to you?”
I glared at her “I would like to know the same thing.”
“I don’t remember your hair ever being curly like that” Violet stated.
“Because it never was” I stared at my reflection.
It’s what I get for sleeping with wet hair.
“Well get ready” Violet said “We gotta go now.”
I stared at my clock “Shit!” I hissed. All my time was gone; I didn’t have enough time to take a shower, looks like I had to face the day with the curls.
I threw on a pair of black skinny jeans with an orange V-neck shirt. One more look at my hair before I put my glasses on. Maybe… just maybe I did look kind of pretty today.
I sat in English reading the book I picked out on Monday, it looked so much clearer. I realized it was on the fight between the humans and the Vampires. I had to read this; I had to know what happened.
The bell rang and I put the book into my bag before making my way to anatomy.
The talk today was on Angel wings. A feather from a fallen could give any one person transportation to heaven or hell.
But fallen angels are just a myth right? I mean if they were around now… then they would have been around since the dawn of time, meaning that God was real. So then the Devil must be real too.
I walked into photography class; the first person I saw was Zero. He smiled before sitting next to me.
“What happened to you?” he asked almost playfully.
“Maybe the glasses sent some sort of electrical charge, hence the new locks,”
He nodded “Not bad, the curls look good.”
I felt heat rise to my face “Thanks.”
“But fair warning” he made a face “I hear that Mr. G is planning on giving us a project soon.”
“Project?” I asked “Is that a bad thing?”
“Is that a bad thing?” he eyed me “It’s bad.”
“Bad how?”
“Bad as in partners, worse as in not being able to work with people in your class.”
I frowned “Then how am I supposed to do the project?”
“It depends on his mood” Zero shrugged “But its coming up soon.”
“How soon?” I asked.
“Today or tomorrow soon, I heard a lot of the teachers are starting projects.”
I frowned again, I didn’t need to stress about a project right now, I had way too much stuff to worry about.
He shrugged “Don’t worry, I’m sure Ariel or Violet would help you with it.”
I nodded “Yeah.”
“Class your undivided please” Mr. G said loudly tapping in his desk.
The class quieted down to listen.
“I have given it a lot of thought, and I decided to give you guys a project.”
I glared over at Zero. Somehow it felt worse to know it ahead of time.
“Rules are” he held up three fingers “One you have to use a partner, two they can’t be anyone in this classroom.”
A girl was fast to raise her hand “What do we need a partner for?”
“Let me finish” I took a drink of his coffee “Three they must be opposite gender,”
The class started to talk amongst themselves.
“I want you to capture them in a romantic way, whether you have romantic feelings or not.”
I gulped, my only choices were Ariel and Violet… neither of which were boys.
“What if we aren’t interested in boys?” another girl asked.
“Then ask one of your male friends to help you out” he smiled victoriously at her “And don’t forget, pictures are due Thursday, printouts and interpretations due Friday”
I didn’t really have any male friends… what the hell am I going to do now? I didn’t know how to interpret a picture!
The bell rang and Zero stopped me “Damn, I didn’t think he would throw something like that at us.”
I made a face “I don’t know what to do for it.”
“You could always ask Brock or Zane.”
“Zane hates me, Brock is just” I sighed “I don’t know.”
“If you have to get Brock I’m sure Ariel would understand.”
“It just seems weird.”
“Well I’d say find someone to help you out” he shrugged “I would if I could.”
“Thanks” I looked up “So who are you going to ask?”
“I’m going to ask your sister.”
I nodded slowly, another person that would prefer her over me.
“But you would be my first choice” he smiled.
I felt suddenly bad for having that last thought “Really?”
“Yeah” he said “I mean you sister is hot, but you are… I don’t think that came out right.”
I glared at him.
The bell rang and I freaked.
“You made me late!” I pointed accusingly at him.
“My bad” he shrugged jogging off.
“You ass!” I hollered before rushing to my class.
I pushed my way through the door before taking in a breath of relief.
“Jade you’re late” Miss Shelby frowned.
“Sorry” I blushed.
“You missed the project discussion.”
I frowned, there is another project?
“Well it looks like you don’t have a partner.”
ANOTHER PARTNER!!! WHAT THE FUCK!? This school really wants to kill me doesn’t it?
The door opened behind me and Lucian stood there.
“Look who else is late” Miss Shelby made a face “Looks like I have no choice.”
I felt a wave of panic, no choice for what?
“You two are going to be partners for this project.”
I looked back at Lucian who simply nodded as she handed him a piece of paper then handing one to me.
I took my seat watching him take his. Lucian was my partner? For what? What was this today, divine punishment for Jade day?
The class ended quicker than I thought, we watched a video about some old museum. It was boring and I almost fell asleep right in the middle of it.
Music, the class I now had with my sister.
I sat there in the middle of the choir bleachers listening to Violet and Ariel talk about what song they wanted to sing. I on the other hand, preferred the silence.
My gaze went to Lucian… my partner. God did I like the sound of that. But aren’t he and Violet dating? Why has he been over there instead of hanging all over her? Don’t guys usually do that? Or do the girlfriends usually do that?
“So what do you think?” Violet asked.
“Think about what?” I asked.
“The song” she stated as if I was actually in their conversation.
“Go for it.”
“Were you even listening?”
I shook my head “I wasn’t paying attention.”
“What is up with you today?” Violet hissed.
I wanted to throw something at her, anything I could get my hands on.
“I’m just stressing about the projects I got today” I sighed “I have to have a partner for photography.”
“Zero asked me to be his partner” Violet smiled “He said he would have picked you but then he remembered me.”
I frowned, of course that would happen.
“Maybe I could help?” Ariel suggested.
“I have to have someone of the opposite gender.”
“Lame” she shrugged “I could ask around.”
I shook my head “I’ll see if I can find someone to help me.”
“You sure?” she asked “I could always ask Brock or Landon.”
I shook my head “I’m sure, thank you though.”
She smiled before going back to talking with Violet.
I went back to stalking conveniently; Lucian was in an area where I wouldn’t have to go out of my way to watch.
The bell rang and I felt suddenly empty.
I found myself not moving as everybody left.
My heart jumped before I realized I spaced out.
“Oh, uh yeah?” I asked.
A smile formed on his face “Meet me in the cafeteria tonight?”
“What time?” I asked “Wait no, why should I?”
“I do believe we have a project to do” he stated “And that would require us to spend some time together.”
“Fine” I huffed “What time tonight?”
“Whenever your sister falls asleep” he ran his hand through his hair “She always seems to ruin any good mood.”
“Wait” I held my hands up “So…”
The bell rang.
“I have to go” he started walking out.
“What time though?”
“I’ll wait all night for you” he said before closing the door.
He’ll wait all night for me?

~ <> ~

I laid in bed pretending to sleep. I had to be sure that Violet was out, but she seemed like she was restless.
“Can’t sleep?” I asked her.
She nodded “I can’t wait to meet Zero tomorrow.”
I nodded “Aren’t you with Lucian though?”
She nodded “Of course” she smiled “We had dinner tonight too; I just had to tell him that Zero needed my help with his project.”
I nodded again “Well would you mind if I went to go get food?”
She shook her head “I might as well get in a good shower while you’re gone.”
I nodded throwing on some clothes. A pair of black skinny jeans and a brown hoodie with a gray tank top under.
“Later” I told Violet as I shut and locked the door behind me.
It was 2:45am.
Would he really have waited for me?
I hurried to the cafeteria, sure enough it was empty. I frowned once I scanned every empty chair. I might as well eat something now that I was here, I couldn’t just walk back into our room without Violet getting suspicious.
She said that she already had dinner with Lucian.
I filled my plate with spaghetti, grabbed a sprite and took a seat. Might as well enjoy the time I have to myself.
“I was wondering when you would show up?”
I jumped.
“Sorry” he said taking a seat next to me.
“Aren’t you going to eat something?” I asked him.
He shook his head.
I stared at my plate; suddenly I didn’t feel so hungry.
“Don’t not eat on my account” he said.
“That’s not it” I said messing with my fork “It’s more of a self conscience thing.”
“I don’t see why” he pulled his back pack up and pulled out a piece of paper “Did you read this?”
I shook my head taking a bite “Was I supposed to?”
He glared at me for a minute “It’s the details of our project” he sighed “We are going to need time in order to sketch each other.”
“Wait what?” I nearly choked on my food “We have to draw each other?”
He nodded “That’s why you are going to spend the weekend in my room.”
“I’m going to do what now?”
“If I were to go to your room” he hesitated “There would be issues.”
“You mean Violet” I said before thinking.
He looked at me like he was confused “Not just her.”
“So are you and her you know” I looked away “Dating?”
“Is this some sort of human humor?”
I looked at him “No, it’s a damn question!”
He shook his head “Why would I be dating your sister?”
I made a face “You didn’t have dinner with her earlier?”
He looked even more confused “Why would I have? I said I was going to meet you here.”
I felt stupid all of a sudden “Really?”
He looked at me for a minute “Would it bother you if I were?”
I felt heat rise to my face, I had to turn away quickly “No why would it?”
“That sounded like jealousy to me.”
“No such thing” I stated.
“Then why would you be asking me about your sister?”
“She just…”
“She just what?” he asked.
“She has just been telling me all these things, and she even got those pills from you.”
“I never gave her anything” he looked almost angry.
I just stared at my food.
“How are you feeling?”
I looked up “What is that supposed to mean?”
“Well you have missed two days of school” he kept his gaze on the paper.
“I’m fine”
“And you have a new pair of specs.”
I glared “Are you going to make fun of me now too?”
He just stared “Does it look like I have a sense of humor?”
I couldn’t help but laugh, a smile finally formed on his face.
“I really needed that” I admitted.
He nodded “Now can we talk about more important things?”
I nodded “The project.”
“We will need some time, so it would be best if you stayed the night.”
I was in the process of nodding before I shook my head “No can do.”
“We don’t want to attract a lot of attention” he stated “We want your friends and my friends to stay oblivious.”
I made a face “Why do you keep saying we?”
His eyebrows furrowed “Because, this is what we have to do.”
I shrugged.
Then I remembered my photography project.
“Hey, do you think you can help me with my photography project too?”
He looked unsure “What kind of project?”
“Just have to take a picture of the opposite sex.”
“Why don’t you ask one of your friends to help you?”
I stared down.
Maybe I was destined to fail then die.
“It’s… well”
“Spit it out.”
“They aren’t my friends” I finally said “They just expect so much from me, and they never talk to me unless I have to do something for them.”
“See” he said “Now are you sure you’re on the right side?”
I stared up at him “What are you talking about?”
He shrugged “Just trying to confuse you.”
“Well its working” I huffed.
He smiled, it seemed like he needed it too.
“Alright” I took a deep breath “Let me see the paper.”
He handed it over. I started reading it before I saw him pick up my fork and take a bite of my spaghetti. I couldn’t read anymore.
“You do know that plate is taken right?”
“It’s not like you’re eating it.”
“Maybe I was going to” I said childishly.
“Then eat it” he gave me back my fork.
“Let me read this first” I said.
The first thing that caught my attention was the words ‘artistic nude.’
I started choking.
“See, I told you it was important” he took another bite “That’s why we need time.”
I sat there, the artwork is due Wednesday.
“You have got to be kidding me” I said.
“That’s why I said you should stay in my room.”
“But… it says nude” I pointed at the paper.
“I noticed that” his gaze staying serious.
“There is nothing I can do” he said sitting up perfectly straight.
I found myself blushing again “So like Saturday then?”
He just nodded.
“That soon?” my body was shaking.
“You have nothing to be afraid of.”
“Well you are the one that is telling me to make a huge secret out of this, and that no one can know.”
“Because, it will make it harder for you” he stated.
“Why?” I asked “Why does it have to be so hard?”
“I don’t know why.”
“Why can’t you just help me?”
He stiffened “Because.”
“Don’t you want to help me?” I asked.
“I do.”
“Then help me.”
“It would be far more dangerous.”
“It just would.”
I bit my lip watching him “What would it mean if you helped me?”
“It would mean death” he hesitated “Your death.”
“It just would” he said more angrily “Can’t we just leave it at that?”
I just sat there before giving him his paper back, I pushed the plate over to him too “I’m not hungry anymore.”
I got up and grabbed my soda.
“Haven’t you ever wondered why I just come out of nowhere?”
I stopped “So what if I have?”
“If you thought people hated humans, you have no idea how much I hate them.”
“Hurry up and get to the point” I hissed.
“It would be a way of betraying them all, all of the people I led here.”
“Fine” I threw my hands up “Don’t help me, just know that when I’m dead with my body ripped to shreds, you could have helped me but you didn’t.”
I walked out before he had the chance to reply.
My eyes just started to water, and before I knew it I was crying.

~ <> ~

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