What if one day you found out that the monsters you thought only existed in stories, were real?
Years after the discovery of Vampires, seventeen year old Jade and her twin sister Violet are sent to the very first Vampire Containment Facility. Also known as Campus Eternal.
At the school, Jade is confronted by Vampires who believe she can save them, but she doesn't think she is strong enough.
There is a man there who everyone is afraid of, he is personally responsible for the death of the last human at Campus Eternal. Even though people see him as wicked and cruel, she believes that he can help her save the Vampires.
The only question is: Is he willing to help her?


7. Prototype Ch. 7 - Wasted


It’s been a full two weeks and I am fully alive! Violet is fine, everybody is just fine.
Just fine...
I sat once again in the small room I shared with my sister; it was getting colder and colder here. The weather here didn’t seem to go with the rest of the world.
Ariel was sitting across from me with Brock right next to her, and right next to him was Zero and Zane.
“Something has to be done” Brock said.
“What can we even do?” Violet asked.
Spring break is coming up, and this school seemed to be a popular place for human teens to trash, meaning that they were most likely going to get killed because of it.
We had a few weeks before spring break at all, but we had to plan to keep the humans away for their own safety.
“Why are they stupid enough to trash the school anyway?” Violet asked.
I hated how happy she’s been the last couple of days… she told me that she and Lucian had dinner the other night. I haven’t talked to him since my sister set her eyes on him. And thanks to her nosy self I figured out that the guy he was with that night was his younger brother Logan. Why can’t she go after Logan instead?
“Jade are you alright?”
“What?” I asked, I didn’t hear anything they just said.
“You’re spacing out” Violet stated.
“Sorry” I mumbled shaking my head trying to get a grip.
Why did it all have to bother me so much?
“Are you sure you’re alright?” Ariel asked me.
I nodded “My head just hurts, that’s all.”
She looked like she was debating on whether or not to say what she was about to.
“Well the campus doesn’t have painkillers that you can just get, but there is a person on campus that can get you anything you would want.”
“Who is it?” I asked, if I was desperate enough, or if I just couldn’t take it anymore I could just take all of them.
“It’s Lucian” Brock stated.
“I can ask him for you” Violet said happily.
I wanted to throw up.
My body just rolled over and I pulled the covers over my head.
“What?” Violet asked oddly.
“Just leave me out of it” I told her.
“Can do” she said.
I didn’t want to sit here and listen to them all talk about something that was weeks ahead of now. I had to sleep to get rid of this fake headache.
So I did.

~ <> ~

I heard a banging sound. It woke me up.
I sat up in my bed to see Violet smiling in the doorway.
She shook the bottle of pills in her hand “Guess what I got?”
I hated her now, I wanted her to leave him alone… or at least not talk about him to me.
“He is just so” she smiled wide “Hot!”
I rolled my eyes snatching the pills from her.
“Now you just have to thank him” Violet said.
“I’ll let you do that for me.”
She shrugged.
I waited a few minutes before I walked into the bathroom locking the door.
I stared at the mirror, at my reflection in it.
Why? This place was changing me. I don’t remember ever feeling this bad, or depressed before. My gaze went to my wrists; they had a few scars on them.
I had the pills, why not just finish the job?
I hesitated before opening the bottle.
“Cup, cup, I need a cup” I looked around until my eyes stopped on a package of plastic cups. They just sat there; Violet and I had no idea why they were even in here so we left them alone. Damn am I glad they were still in here.
I turned the sink on to fill the cup up, here I go. I got three in my hand and took a drink, then three more, again, again, until the bottle was left empty on the counter.
Now how much longer did I have to wait? My reflection didn’t change, it looked sad and scared. I just wanted some peace dammit!
I sat myself on the floor near the shower. I just had to go to sleep now, it shouldn’t hurt.
I wasn’t sure how long I actually sat here, I couldn’t feel anything. My eyes were getting heavier and heavier, until they wouldn’t open on command anymore.
Was this it? Do I finally get to relax and be happy without any strings attached?

~ <> ~

I heard a low voice in the back of my head. I could feel water all around me and I couldn’t understand why. I didn’t want to stay anymore; I just wanted to be free.
“You can’t just die.”
There was that damn voice again.
“Jade don’t you dare.”
Why? Did it like my suffering that much?
I couldn’t take it, my body just heaved until I threw up. It hurt so bad, my body ached and I was sopping wet.
Hold on. I forced my eyes open and sure enough the shower was running and I was sitting under the water fully clothed.
What just happened?
I didn’t want to move, the handle to shut the water off was too high. I couldn’t call out for Violet; she would know how pathetic I really was. She would know how much better she was than me.
I couldn’t keep it in anymore, I just started to cry.

~ <> ~

I could hear something, but it was like a low squeaking sound.
“Jade” it said deeper.
I rolled over to see what it was.
“What?” I asked.
My voice didn’t sound right, the word I said didn’t sound like a word to my ears.
Her mouth moved but I didn’t quite catch what she said.
“Hold on” I said sitting up I could feel water rushing out of my ears.
“Are you alright?”
I nodded “Just needed to sit up.”
“Where are the pills, my head is killing me.”
I couldn’t quite register her words right away “I don’t remember.”
“How could you lose them already?” she frowned.
“I don’t know, I was in the bathroom and then I just blacked out.”
She rushed into the bathroom “Oh my god Jade, the pills are all gone!”
I shrugged feeling like I still needed to sleep.
“Jade” she rushed out to glare at me.
“What?” I only looked at her, but she was blurring.
“Your eyes are freaking out” she said getting more in my face.
“Do you mind?” I pushed her back.
“What the hell happened?” she hissed “Are you high?”
“I’m not high” I glared “Now will you leave me alone?”
She just crossed her arms, she didn’t believe me.
“I’m going to go back to sleep, so you do whatever you want” I snuggled up next to my pillow and for some reason it felt so much better than it had last night.
“You don’t get to sleep; we have class in fifteen minutes.”
Panic shot through me “What?”
“Get up!”
I was up rushing to my closet to pull on some clothes. I didn’t know what to wear, I couldn’t see straight and it was killing me.
I grabbed my green skinny jeans and a plain black short sleeved blouse.
The rushing to my English class killed me.
I couldn’t read my book; all the words were moving so I couldn’t read them in order. Damn words stay still so I can read you!
Next was Anatomy, if it weren’t for the pictures I would have been completely screwed.
Photography was easier, I didn’t have to read anything, I just had to snap and smile.
Art came around again, this time however I wasn’t sure I could focus on drawing a picture.
“Jade” Miss Shelby greeted “Do you think you can do me a favor?”
I nodded “Sure”
“I would like you to model today, if that’s alright” she smiled “I didn’t have a plan for today, so I’m improvising.”
I nodded “Yeah, I can do that.”
“Clothes on or off?”
“I would prefer to keep them on” I said.
“Of course” she laughed low “All you have to do is stay still for a little while, think you can do that?”
I nodded.
“Go on and take your spot in the middle of the room, you can sit or stand, it’s completely up to you dear.”
I nodded again taking off my jacket to stand in the center of the room. All the eyes looking at me made me feel strangely dizzy.
It was then that I saw Lucian; his desk was diagonal to my gaze. He looked up at me before turning his paper.
I stared forward hearing the sound of pencils scratch on paper. I blinked and I was falling.
Then nothing.

~ <> ~

Why was it so bright? My eyes burned yet I couldn’t open them.
“Ah, finally awake?”
That was a voice I’d never heard before, it was soft and it made me feel strangely safe.
“Can you open your eyes?”
I had to use my fingers to do it, but I got them open.
“There” she smiled.
I couldn’t help but stare, she was gorgeous.
“What happened?” I asked her.
“Vertigo” she frowned “How do you feel?”
“What is Vertigo?” I asked confused, my head was hurting again.
“Where everything feels like its spinning” she had a poster in her hands before putting it on the wall in front of me.
“What is that?”
“I’m going to check your vision.”
I just stared.
Could she be a real doctor? She looked no older than sixteen… well except for her really short gray hair.
Her eyes were a pale blue, she looked like an albino.
“I’m going to ask you if you can read these, and I need you to answer honestly.”
I nodded “I can do that.”
She pointed to letters and I read them off, some I just guessed.
“Alright” was all she said.
“So, it looks like you need glasses.”
I already knew I needed glasses; I even had some I just never wore them because it would be yet another thing I’d compare to Violet.
“So what are you going to do?”
“I am going to have you take an eye exam and we are going to get you glasses.”
“Get me glasses how?”
She smiled “Believe it or not, but the humans still fund this school.”
I made a face “Really?”
She nodded “How else would we have food, blood, clothes, and any other item we needed?”
“Blood?” I asked, that caught me off guard.
“Well yeah, Vampires still need blood to function.”
I nodded slowly, if the humans really wanted the Vampires dead, then why would they keep feeding them?
“So I am going to prescribe you some painkillers” she said “And rest.”
I frowned “What does that mean?”
“No classes for the next two days, I want you to have your glasses before going back to your classes alright.”
I nodded.
“And from here I want you to go two doors down then make a right, I will be right there to do an eye exam.”
I nodded slowly “Are you the only doctor here?”
She nodded “Yes and no.”
“Yes and no?” I asked.
“I leaned human medicine before the whole world cracked down on us, so I am the only doctor you will see.”
“Dr… what?” I asked looking for a name tag.
“Dr. Sage?”
“Just Sage.”
I nodded “Thank you, you know for helping me.”
She smiled “You are a symbol of hope, you know that right?”
I nodded “So I’ve heard.”
“Is this causing you stress? I can give you something for that?” she looked worried now, ranting even.
“No, I’m not bothered by that.”
“Oh, OK” she sighed “I have to turn this in so, I will meet you in the next room.”
I nodded getting up; my feet almost didn’t want me to stand. I walked to the door that read Optometry, and that was the door I opened and walked through.

~ <> ~

After I got the exam I had time to myself now. I could sleep all day and everything would be fine, a stress free day and a new bottle of pain killers.
I felt relaxed; the only thing I was unsure of was the glasses. The last thing I wanted.
No one bothered me the whole day… except for Violet. I had to tell her what happened; I had to leave with her to get food. No Lucian.
She made fun of me for needling glasses.
That was the highlight of my day.

I laid in bed all day after taking the longest shower of my life. Exactly what I needed.
I tried to draw something, but the only thing I could manage to draw was a partial skull.
Once Violet came back we went to the cafeteria… no Lucian today either.
Sleep was supposed to be what the doctor ordered, yet for some reason I couldn’t sleep right, no matter how much I tossed and turned. No matter how tired I was my day was just shitty.

Today was my last day to be lazy. I stood at the door as a box sat right outside, sitting there almost mocking me.
I picked it up after a minute or two of staring; everybody should have been in their classes now so I didn’t have to show them.
They were silver rimmed with black designs on the sides.
I put them on before looking in the mirror. They immediately hurt my eyes and everything looked all weird. I couldn’t even look at the floor without it looking like I was higher than I actually was.
I still wasn’t pretty.
Today was a long day; I had to listen to Violet tease me once she came home.
Did I just say home? Man this place was really starting to get to me.
“You look like such a nerd” Violet laughed.
I sat there with a full plate in front of me yet for some reason I couldn’t eat anything.
She kept going on and on about her day, that she finally got her fifth period changed to music with me.
The only thing I could do was sigh.
Again, Lucian didn’t come to the cafeteria while we were there.

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