What if one day you found out that the monsters you thought only existed in stories, were real?
Years after the discovery of Vampires, seventeen year old Jade and her twin sister Violet are sent to the very first Vampire Containment Facility. Also known as Campus Eternal.
At the school, Jade is confronted by Vampires who believe she can save them, but she doesn't think she is strong enough.
There is a man there who everyone is afraid of, he is personally responsible for the death of the last human at Campus Eternal. Even though people see him as wicked and cruel, she believes that he can help her save the Vampires.
The only question is: Is he willing to help her?


5. Prototype Ch. 5 - Over My Head


There was a loud banging sound that woke me up. All my pain came rushing back.
“Ow” I groaned rolling over to see an angry looking Ariel.
“You two did what?!” she hissed.
My guess was Violet couldn’t keep her secret to herself; she told Ariel that we went out looking for the guy.
“So what did you two find?” she asked after a few minutes.
“We never found him” Violet shrugged.
“What about you?” she eyed me.
“I didn’t find him.”
“Then what happened to you? I can smell blood.”
I frowned before rolling back over.
“Don’t mind her, she’s not a morning person” Violet said.
Of course she was awake…. She got her beauty sleep.
“And how do you explain the mud in your hair?” Ariel asked.
“I fell” I stated.
“How did you fall?” she asked a little more forcibly.
“She has always been clumsy” Violet laughed.
Yeah, and you can walk in heels as if they were made for you.
“Alright” she sighed “I was just worried.”
“I’m fine” I sat up running my hand through my hair.
“Why is there blood on your head?” Ariel was pulling my hands away from my head.
“I told you I fell, I hit a rock and I was out of it for a few minutes I fell again and banged up my knee.”
It was a flawless lie; Violet knew I was capable of hurting myself far worse.
“How are you feeling?”
I smiled lightly “My head hurts but I’m fine.”
Ariel nodded keeping her eyes on me “You sure?”
I nodded “Yeah, I just need a shower.”
“You might want to hurry it up, classes start in an hour.”
I wanted to scream, but just the thought gave me a headache.
I managed to get to my feet before walking into the bathroom. The mirror caught my attention. I looked horrible, my face was fine but I had dried blood on the right side of my head leading down my face. My hair looked like birds decided to make refuge there; I really did want to scream.
My gaze dropped to my hands, dried blood and scratches were all over them. Day one out of how many more to come… how many more did I even have here? If all of them were like last night I would just do the job for them, pills might work.
I pulled my body free of my clothes before turning the warm water on, it felt like I needed it more than anything else. I just shut my eyes and let the water run its course.

~ <> ~

I stood in front of a large door; inside would be one of the few classes I got. Me being human, I was given less classes; most of them were hard…. And I didn’t have P.E!
My first class was English, which obviously I knew.
I pulled the door open to see at least thirty kids. My heart picked up pace as I walked over to the teacher.
“You must be one of our new humans” the teacher said examining my schedule.
I nodded quickly before taking the seat he pointed out for me; it was away from the rest of the class.
The class was a full hour and a half, I didn’t learn anything new. We just read a book of our choice from the small shelf in the classroom.
My next class was Anatomy, which was odd…. Today they taught us about the anatomy of a Vampire. The fangs, the muscles and different ligaments, my brain couldn’t follow them all.
Next class was Photography, which I actually liked. There were a few girls there that we had to take pictures of; we were graded on how well our pictures came out with light as the main factor. I don’t know how to use light, so I just snapped until I got a good picture.
My next class was Art, which as I stood here picking up a large piece of paper and charcoal; I had no idea what we were supposed to be doing.
“Alright class, we have a model today” the teacher who I now know as Miss Shelby said.
A few of the students were talking to Miss Shelby and were asking who it was.
My gaze dropped to my fingers, the charcoal turned my fingers black.
“Ah, thank you for modeling for us today” I heard Miss Shelby say.
I was a little distracted as I wiped the black off onto my pants, realizing how stupid I was for doing so.
“Just go ahead and go to the back, you can be nude or you can use a sheet to cover you” Miss Shelby said.
I looked up but the door just shut.
“You any good at drawing human?” I turned to see Monica.
I made a face “I haven’t really tried to draw anything.”
She snorted “Then you shouldn’t even try, his body deserves to be drawn by true artists.”
I made another face at her “Then why are you bugging me?”
She just turned her head to face forward “Stupid human.”
“Bitch” she hissed.
I smiled at her “Ignorant hussy.”
She stood up abruptly.
The door clicked shut and I saw him.
“Just choose whichever position is easiest for you, face wherever you’d like” Miss Shelby told him.
My eyes followed him; he held the black sheet close to his midsection as he came into a sitting position in the center of the room. His side was to me as he adjusted the sheet to look a little more natural, not once revealing what it was supposed to hide.
“Lucian” Miss Shelby started “Try not to look so angry please.”
He just smiled; it was this half smile that had my breath caught in my throat.
He had large scars on his back, two long ones that took up more than half his back. A red rose was on the back of his left shoulder, almost at full bloom.
He stretched his arm making me notice the small tribal tattoo on his thumbs, with a thick silver ring on his left ring finger. He sat back before turning his head in my direction looking right at me before closing his eyes facing lower. It was then that I noticed the scar on the bottom right of his lip.
“Go ahead class, start your picture” Miss Shelby said.
I couldn’t move my hands, I was stuck on him. His skin was lightly tanned, his body was muscular, and he looked athletic. He had black hair that curled under his ears, his eyes were what… I was still wondering their color.
“Hey” Monica hissed next to me “Quit daydreaming and draw something.”
I snapped back into whatever reality I was in.
He looked graceful sitting there, his arms partially wrapped around himself and his head down as if trying to hide some sort of sorrow.
I began to draw him, and I knew the second my pencil touched down that it would look nothing like him, he was gorgeous.

~ <> ~

Time passed by quickly and I realized I should probably never draw again. I ruined him.
“Alright, I’d say its time for a break” Miss Shelby said “Lucian should probably stretch.”
He turned his head and arched his back until I heard a crack. His nipples were pierced.
Oh my god, I was practically drooling over a guy who was a total dick to me last night.
His head went back and I could see his adams apple. He was just… there was something, if not everything about him that I liked. Well except for that attitude of his.
“Alright class, now walk around and see what everyone else has drawn.”
Lucian just sat there in the center of the room looking like he was bored now. What the hell happened to that beautiful, graceful guy from a few minutes ago?
I got up to walk around, to see how much better everybody else was compared to me.
I was horrible, but Monica was shit at drawing. Did she really think she could draw?
The next one was alright I suppose, but there was one that looked almost perfect.
It took a few minutes before we got back to our own seats.
“Resume your drawings” Miss Shelby instructed before taking her own seat.
Lucian got back into position and I just stared again.
He had long dark lashes with a small scar going diagonally through his left eyebrow.
I sketched part of his face before I just stopped; I brought my attention back to the rest of the details, like the sheet ripples.
It felt like a long time before Miss Shelby stood up again.
“Alright, it’s time to put everything up” she smiled “Thank you Lucian, you can go get dressed now.”
My gaze followed him as he walked into the back room clutching the sheet to his private areas.
“Told you” Monica said with a smile “Just yummy.”
I felt creepy now, was I like her for staring at him like I did? No, because I didn’t think about him undressing me with his teeth.
Alright… now I am just like her.
I stood up to put my pencils and charcoal back before returning to the picture, it looked nothing like him.
Why couldn’t I draw him? I’m sure Violet would be able to.
The bell rang and I hesitated before leaving, I wanted to see him fully clothed to see if he had the same effect on me.
My last class was Music.
I stopped at the open door before walking inside. There were rows and rows of different instruments.
“Hello” I heard a quiet voice from behind me.
I turned to see Ariel smiling wide.
“How was your day so far?” she asked pulling me over to the only area without instruments.
“It was… interesting”
“Interesting how?” she eyed me “Any cute boys?”
I couldn’t help but smile “Maybe.”
A large grin formed on her face “What’s his name? Do you know his name?”
I didn’t want to say it; she might talk to him and then find out what happened last night.
I just shrugged.
“Dang” she pouted.
“So what do we do here in music class?” I asked taking another look around.
“We just get to play whatever we want; there is no teacher for this class.”
I nodded slowly “So then what do you play?”
“I don’t play anything” she shrugged “I prefer to sing.”
“This school has chorus?”
She nodded “Not very many people sing, but its still fun.”
I smiled lightly “I can’t sing but can I join?”
She returned my smile “You can mouth the words” she giggled.
At least a few minutes passed while more kids came into the class, one in particular caught my attention. Lucian walked through the doors in a pair of black jeans and an old band shirt.
My heart couldn’t contain itself. He had the same effect on me.
I didn’t want to look away but I had to, I couldn’t let Ariel know he was the one I thought was… cute.
“Oh no” Ariel said low.
“He isn’t supposed to be here.”
“Who?” I asked looking around, feeling slightly grateful that I could take a quick glance at him again.
“You weren’t supposed to ever see him” she groaned.
“See who?”
“I guess there is no way around it now” her gaze went to whoever it was.
“Who are you talking about?” I looked back.
“Lucian Cross” she said with so much venom I felt it.
“What?” I asked more surprised then I should have been.
“The one in all black” she pointed “He was the one person we were trying to avoid you meeting.”
I nodded slowly.
“Is he in any of your other classes?”
I shook my head “Haven’t seen him before” I lied.
No! Now what was I going to do?
“Good” she sighed “Stay away from him do you understand?”
I nodded slowly, why would I want to stay away?
I didn’t realize I was staring until he glared over at me. My face went red and I averted my gaze as quickly as I could.
His eyes were dark, with a hint of silver. I wasn’t sure how I suddenly knew that, but they were beautiful none the less.

~ <> ~

I sat once again in my room, Violet wasn’t here yet.
It was getting late… late if you consider your sister as a player who should be home before nightfall.
It was after 10pm, she was nowhere in sight.
I sighed, my stomach was starting to growl and that meant I had to leave the room to eat something before I starved.
So I got up to re-dress myself, a pair of black skinny jeans and a zombie shirt.
I made sure I had my key before I stepped out of the room and headed for the cafeteria to see what the special was this time. For lunch I had spaghetti, they said before that around dinner it changes.
It was surprisingly cold outside, I had to rub my hands together to keep them warm, but the scrapes from last night still hurt, I had to be more careful.
The cafeteria came into view and a smile formed on my lips, I was alive right now, and hopefully alive to get back to my room.
I pulled the door open to see maybe three or four people sitting at a table together. No one I’ve met today.
I made my way to the front to stare at the small packaged cheeseburgers before taking one and getting whatever else I could. I took the seat closest to the corner near the door.

~ <> ~

How long has it been now? Two hours I sat here playing with the left over ketchup on the small plate.
Was I really reduced to feeling this miserable that the only entertainment I could find was ketchup?
I sighed, there was nobody in here and it was after 12am. What the hell was I even doing here? I got up and threw my trash away before making my way outside.
I couldn’t help but look around, it seemed like nobody was here at all.
“What are you looking for?”
My heart jumped, he just scared the hell out of me.
“Or should I ask who?”
“Why does it matter?” I hissed.
“You were in there forever you know that right?”
I glared at him “And you would know that how?”
He shrugged making his way closer.
“What do you want?”
Lucian stood there for a minute “You were looking for everybody, am I right?”
I nodded “Aren’t there supposed to be thousands of Vampires here?”
He nodded “They’re getting lazy; it’s exactly what the humans want.”
I made a face “Not what I want.”
He glared at me “Did I say you?”
“You said humans” I pointed out.
“Here you are no longer a part of their society, you are a part of this” he used his hands to indicate a space “This is where we are, a hell that has no way of knowing what goes on until we escape to feel freedom for at least a short time, a hell that they created for monsters. Who they believe to be monsters.”
I stared at him, I didn’t have any words.
“You’ve been here for a day” he finally dropped his hands “What do you think? Are we monsters?”
I shook my head “I never thought you were, none of you” I paused to think of anything else I could say to convince him “Do you even know why I am here?”
He shook his head, his gaze staying just as hard as he stared at me.
“I didn’t agree with the punishment, so I got sent here.”
“And the other human?” he asked in a new tone.
“She is my sister; she is here because of me” I said looking at the floor.
He stood still before turning to face me “I heard about this” he rubbed his chin “The Vampires are looking to you for hope, you think you can save them?”
I made a face “Honestly?”
“My question answered is all I want.”
“Fair enough” I smiled lightly “But I’m not sure I can, I know that they want to help me but I don’t think they will listen to me no matter what I say when or even if I get out of here alive.”
“You don’t think you’ll live through your time here?”
“Uh yeah” I said harshly “Didn’t you say I wasn’t going to last long here last night?”
He stared at me, his eyes not giving any sort of indication to what he was about to say “And I meant it.”
“Well then explain to me the reason we are having this conversation” I demanded “Because I think we both know it’s not for the greater good.”
He shrugged “Just making a point that needed to be made.”
“Alright, well I don’t get it” I said dryly “What’s your point?”
“Stay away from the wrong people.”
“Aren’t you the wrong people?” I asked harshly.
“Yes I am.”
“Then why are you talking to me?” I asked feeling slightly bad for being right.
“If I knew the answer to that I would tell you” he looked almost stressed now “I’d like to know the same thing.”
“Do you have anyone else to talk to?” I asked before I thought about it. He had to talk to people, he was… he was him.
“No one I want to talk to.”
“Wait” I held my hands up “So you… want to talk to me?” I asked a little too awkwardly.
He didn’t say anything.
“So you don’t have to answer my questions?”
“Why the hell not?” I demanded.
“Yes I want to talk to you” his head facing the opposite direction of me.
I couldn’t help but smile “You don’t have to be all mysterious you know.”
I heard him laugh “Mystery’s got nothing to do with it.”
“So then now what are we supposed to do?” I asked “I was told to stay away from you.”
He turned to face me, an angry look on his face as he came closer; he stopped inches away from my face.
I couldn’t back up, my body wouldn’t move away.
A smirk formed on his face “But you don’t want to stay away, do you?”
I couldn’t get any words out.
“Your silence says it all” it was a split second, but his eyes softened.
“Do you want me to stay away from you?” I asked low. 
He pulled back “Yes.”
I felt suddenly upset; I was mentally prepared for him to say no and for him to kiss me. Not to get pushed away.
“I can’t be kept to my word, so it’s up to you to make it your own and keep it.”
He started walking away.
“Hey” I called after him.
“Goodnight Jade.”
It was like he disappeared into the shadows.
But why was my heart pounding so hard as if he were still right here in front of me?

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