What if one day you found out that the monsters you thought only existed in stories, were real?
Years after the discovery of Vampires, seventeen year old Jade and her twin sister Violet are sent to the very first Vampire Containment Facility. Also known as Campus Eternal.
At the school, Jade is confronted by Vampires who believe she can save them, but she doesn't think she is strong enough.
There is a man there who everyone is afraid of, he is personally responsible for the death of the last human at Campus Eternal. Even though people see him as wicked and cruel, she believes that he can help her save the Vampires.
The only question is: Is he willing to help her?


3. Prototype Ch. 3 - Meet the Monster


We were given a map of the campus in case we got lost. So I was looking at it to see my classes for tomorrow.
The first thing that caught my attention was the graveyard. There was a large cross on the map towards the back end of the school on the left side.
Why would they need a graveyard? At least the map was easy to read.
The next place I saw was the cafeteria, and damn was I hungry.
“Violet” I looked in her general direction “Hungry?”
She shrugged “I guess so.”
“Want to go with me to the cafeteria?”
She shrugged again “But won’t we be in danger?”
“I actually have the feeling we might be OK.”
“That’s what scares me.”
I smiled “Come on sis, live a little.”
“I was living; this here is a place of the dead.”
“Don’t talk like that here” I warned “The people here might be better than those lowlifes back at our old school.”
“I really doubt that.”
I was ready to walk out until I saw my reflection in the mirror “No way in hell was I going to step out like this.”
“See, are you trying to get yourself killed?”
I shrugged “I’m trying to live for once, just cut me some slack.”
She hesitated before going to her closet to go through her clothes.
I smiled doing just the same.
Next thing I knew I was in a pair of bright orange skinny jeans with a colorful band shirt.
“Are you serious?” Violet asked me.
I took a good look at her; her hair was black with light green eyes. Her face held no blemish on that pretty face of hers. But that wasn’t the problem… the problem was the tank top she was wearing with the shortest shorts she owned.
“You get the hell back in that closet and put on some more clothes young lady.”
She glared at me “I’m older.”
I gasped “By four minutes you ass!”
She smiled accomplished “So I win, I won’t change.”
“Weren’t you the one who was being all paranoid?” I asked “What do Vampires eat?”
“Blood, duh.”
“And you look like a perfectly warm bag of blood with no clothes on.”
She looked scared “Not even, they can’t bite me right?”
I shrugged “They aren’t supposed to.”
She sighed “Make me feel better then, tell me I can do this.”
I looked at her funny “You are beautiful Violet; you don’t have to prove that you are to anyone here.”
She smiled “Thanks.”
“Anytime, now let’s go, my tummy keeps going grr.”
She smiled “Come on.”
We walked for a few minutes before Violet practically froze next to me.
“Come on” I smiled at her “I haven’t seen an un-hot guy yet.”
She completely froze “What about the laws?”
I completely forgot about the laws.
“I can’t fall in love if I know that he will die because of it.”
It hurt me to think about that, but I wouldn’t be able to do it if they would die either, but the next thing I said didn’t sound like me.
“Not if the humans don’t find out.”
She looked at me “You can’t be serious.”
I shrugged “We are here, this is our high school experience, and love is love.”
She stared at me “Would you date a Vampire?”
I shrugged “If they were bad they would have killed us by now.”
“You keep saying that” she smiled lightly “I want to believe you, but I don’t know.”
“We won’t know until we try.”
She just stared at me.
“Come on, let’s go live a little.”
I saw a small smile form on her lips “Just don’t get caught.”
We walked through a short stone pathway before people came into view, Vampires.
I could hear her breathing stop.
“You have to breathe Violet” I said glancing at her quickly.
She nodded “I don’t know if I can do this.”
“Just walk, we are looking for food not people to flirt with, just focus on that.”
She nodded “That I can do.”
We walked further and the first thing I noticed, were all the eyes following us. I felt more self conscience than I normally do, were my pants ripped? Was there a mark on my pants? Did my hair look funny? Is there something on my face?
My gaze shifted to the map in my hands.
Where the hell was the cafeteria again?
I stopped dead in my tracks, I knew that voice.
“Need some help there?”
My gaze went up to meet the boy who saved me earlier; I had no idea what his name was.
He smiled “Help?”
I nodded “First, what’s your name?”
He looked at us both for a minute “The name is Landon, and you two are?”
“Jade” I pointed to myself “And Violet” I pointed to Violet.
His gaze lingered on Violet. His light blue eyes making it hard not to stare back.
“So” I interrupted “Do you know where the cafeteria is?”
He nodded “Not too many people would be there right now, but yeah follow me.”
We followed him to a building that almost resembled a church; there was a large glass window in the front of the building, it was another Angel.
“Keep up” Landon said walking in front of us.
People were looking at us again, this time they stopped everything to watch us walk.
“Don’t worry about them, they are just curious” Landon said opening the door.
I walked in with Violet close behind me.
“Ariel” Landon called.
I looked around to see the girl from earlier stand up to meet us. She was far more beautiful with her make up where it was supposed to be.
“Hey” she smiled at me “How do you like Campus Eternal so far?”
I shrugged “I’m not quite sure yet.”
“Then let me ask you this” she moved us further away from everybody else “Would you allow yourself to fall in love here, or are you going to just seclude yourself?”
“I’m open to the possibilities” I smirked, receiving one right back.
“Good” Ariel nodded “Now just to introduce you to the ones I know will help protect you while you’re here.”
I made a face “So some Vampires are actually bad?”
She nodded “They are mad at the humans, we all are” she looked to Landon “But not all of them know their place.”
“But why hurt us?” I asked defensively “It’s not like we forced them to come here.”
“You are human, to them is doesn’t matter because the human government will hear about what happens to you.”
I made a face “So then, who would want to help protect us?”
Ariel smiled “Me for one.”
“Me too” Landon said.
“But why?” Violet asked.
“Not because you’re human” Landon said “So don’t get the wrong idea.”
“Then why?” I asked.
He didn’t say anything for a minute “It’s what you said on the plane, I haven’t heard a human take our side since Vampires first came out.”
Violet looked over at me “You talked to them before?” she asked.
I shrugged sheepishly “I took a bathroom break, but I saw them at the back and they were in cages” I frowned “It just wasn’t right.”
Violet nodded.
“So how about you?” Landon asked “What is your opinion on Vamps?”
She hesitated “I’m not sure, but I haven’t seen why our kind hates you so much.”
I smiled accomplished; she was starting to get it now.
“You almost sound like you believe those words” Landon said low “Make sure you say it with more conviction the next time you’re asked.”
“I do mean it” she said “I really do.”
He just walked out leaving the three of us in here.
“What’s his deal?” I asked Ariel.
She shook her head.
Violet walked over to the food, I tried to follow but Ariel pulled me back.
“What is it?”
“He likes her” was all she said.
“Wait what?”
“He didn’t think she meant it, to him it hurt.”
I looked back at Violet.
“My brother can be very sensitive, but he has never taken a liking to a human before, he worries too much about the consequences of his actions.”
“So does Violet” I smiled “Maybe they are better together then we thought.”
“He needs somebody, and I mean needs” she said.
I knew what she meant, I see Violet all the time talking about romance and how badly she wanted to fall in love… and that this place would ruin that for her. Just the thing is, I think she was absolutely wrong. Vampires are people too, just more dangerous and… dare I say that can be a sexy quality?
“So what about you?” she asked.
“What about me?”
“Looking for love?”
“Like I said before, I’m open to the possibilities.”
She smiled “Not going to change your answer are you?”
“Not quite yet, right now I think I need to feed my hunger” I smiled.
“That’s an interesting way to phrase that.”
“Well it’s true, I’m starving.”
“Then let’s eat.”
I looked over at her “Can I ask you something?”
She nodded.
“Can you eat food?”
She laughed, it sounded almost musical “Of course, your government must really tell you bad things about us.”
I nodded “So then does that mean you drink blood?”
She hesitated before nodding.
“Would it be hard to be in a relationship, you know” I indicated over to Violet “If they ever did hook up.”
She made a face “We do drink blood, it makes us stronger.”
I frowned “So then it would be a bad idea?”
She shook her head “Vampires consume blood for more then one reason, not only for sustenance and power, but for pleasure”
“You get off on blood?” I asked oddly.
“No, rather it makes both the Vampire and the human feel more stimulated.”
I made a face “Have you been with a human?”
She hesitated before nodding.
“And you are still alive?” I gasped loud.
“They don’t know how to kill us” she said as if it were that simple “There are half-blooded Vampires here as well.”
“I don’t understand then.”
“The humans don’t know how to kill us, rather they just imprison us. All they know how to do is paralyze us.”
“So what happens to the human?”
She bit her bottom lip as if analyzing her next words “Well, they get to choose between life in prison or death.”
I felt suddenly hollow “Why?”
“The government believes they are protecting the people, that keeping secrets is part of the process.”
“That’s hardly fair, what if the people want to know the truth?”
She shook her head “They crave power; they refuse to let the people take that away from them. It’s not for the people by the people anymore.”
“Wow” was all I managed to say.
“But it will be alright, we just have to get you out of here alive.”
“What good will that do?” I asked feeling depressed “They assume that we will learn things and die here.”
“But they made a deal with you, the people know that you were sent here” she stared confidently into my eyes “They cannot go back on their words with the public aware, that way once you make it out you can save us.”
I just stared at her “I want to save you, I just don’t know how.”
She smiled softly “Just let us help you first, you and your sister are a once in a lifetime opportunity.”
“But what about the ones who will try to hurt us?” I asked.
“In time they will see, you will save us.”
I nodded slowly.
“But before I get my hopes up any higher, how long do you have to be here?”
“Four years.”
She made a face “Are you fifteen?”
I looked at her funny “Do I look fifteen to you?”
She looked at me “Well you don’t exactly look fifteen, but no more then eighteen.”
“I’m seventeen” I stated.
“And they gave you four more years?” she asked surprised “That’s just plain mean.”
“How long are you here for?”
She lost her smile “It makes your four years look like a walk in the park.”
“Come on” I encouraged “Give me a number.”
“Well” she counted her fingers “A couple years.”
I glared at her.
“Alright, alright” she said before mumbling “Seven, three, two” she said low.
“I’m confused” I stated.
“One hundred and forty four years.”
My jaw dropped “Oh my god.”
“You have no idea” she smiled “I got out too, so my sentence starts all over again.”
“What do you mean you got out?” I asked “You can get out?”
She nodded “But they always find us again, no matter where we run. They even started to put trackers on us.”
I frowned “Why can’t they just leave you alone?”
“Because they are mad at us, they hate us because of what we are and what we are capable of.”
“Then why send us here if they hate Vampires so much?”
“To punish you for taking our side.”
That made more sense than I wanted it to, but it had to be the truth.
I went to open my mouth again but Violet was standing next to us again.
“I thought we were getting food” she was eating what looked like bacon.
“I am” I walked passed both of them and began to fill up the plate with as much food as I could.

~ <> ~

I sat at a table outside with Ariel and Violet. We were waiting for somebody, but I had no idea who.
“Alright” Ariel began “Just so we are clear, you two aren’t spies or anything right?”
“No” Violet said “Wait yes we’re sure.”
I just looked at her “If we were spies we would be wearing wires” I looked at her “You can check if you want.”
Ariel smiled “I’ll just have to take your word for it.”
“So who are we waiting for?” I asked.
“Well” she tapped her chin “Do you believe in myths?”
“Myths?” Violet asked “What kind of myths?”
“Mythological creatures” Ariel said “The kind that you never believed to really exist, like Vampires.”
Violet shrugged “I thought myths weren’t real.”
“Do I look real to you?” Ariel asked Violet.
Violet nodded.
“So if Vampires exist, what else do you think does?”
Violet looked surprised “Goblins? Gnomes?”
I glared at her “What kind of myths have you been reading?” I asked Violet harshly.
“Books” she looked to the side “How about fairies?”
“She meant Werewolves and Demons you dunce.”
“No she didn’t” Violet tried to argue.
“I did actually” Ariel saved me.
“What?” Violet’s expression changed.
“I meant Werewolves and Demons.”
Violet made a face before staring at her hands.
“Ah, speak of the devil.”
I felt scared, was he a Demon?
A guy walked up and sat down next to Ariel before smiling. By god that boy could smile. He was tan, extremely tan, with deep brown eyes and spiked hair. He was beautiful too.
“Ladies” the boy greeted.
“Brock” Ariel began “This is Jade and Violet.”
“Ah” he said “Colors.”
I glared “Yeah, colors.”
He raised his hands up defensively “My bad, I didn’t mean to offend.”
“Well I can insult your name too, if you want” I stated.
Ariel looked at me “This is good, treat us like we’re equals, I like her.”
I felt odd now “What do you mean?”
“She means that you aren’t acting like you are afraid of us or better than us, but more like equals.”
“I got that part” I glared again.
“So yeah” Ariel pointed to Brock “He is a Werewolf.”
“Wow, don’t even give them time to wonder” Brock sighed.
I saw a smile form on her face; it was different from all of the other ones I’ve seen on her. It was one that I had seen frequently on my own sister, she liked this Brock guy.
I smiled deviously.
“What?” Violet asked looking over at them.
“Maybe we should leave the two of them alone?” I suggested.
“Or you could just sit here and listen to the rest” Ariel smiled at us.
“Which would be?” I asked keeping up my smile.
“Brock and I are, kind of dating.”
My smile widened, if that was even possible “I knew something was going on.”
“Yeah, yeah” she looked back at Brock.
He wasn’t in one of the cages I saw, why would she try to run away from him then?
“So do you think they should meet Zero?”
“I don’t see why not.”
“Let’s go find them then.”
“Are you in some rush to have them acquainted with everyone right away?” Brock asked.
“Maybe I am.”
“I guess” he shrugged “I think they are in their room, not like they ever leave.”
She smiled “Come on, let’s meet the last two.”
“Wait” I stopped “Four out of who knows how many Vampires are supposed to keep us safe? Are you sure we will make it?” I practically panicked.
“Yikes” Brock said “Here I thought Ariel was dramatic.”
She play hit him “Be nice.”
I frowned, we were doomed!
“This way” Brock led the way.
We followed him down the main hallway until we reached the tallest structure in the entire school.
“This here is the main dormitory” Brock informed.
“Look what we got here” I heard a voice.
“We don’t have time for this” Ariel said to Brock.
Brock turned around “What do you two want?”
“To see if the rumors were true” the boy smiled, his smile looking almost scary.
“What rumors?” Ariel asked unsure.
“That the geek squad was walking around with the humans” he smirked “Looks like they were right after all.”
I glared at him “Don’t you have something better to do?” I hissed.
A larger grin plastered on his face “Don’t worry kitten, I have no reason to want you dead.”
“Yet” the other guy said.
“Do I look like a kitten to you?” I hissed again.
“Yes” he said simply “Or perhaps more helpless than one.”
My glare intensified “I am not helpless; you are just an ass who likes to pick on people.”
That smirk never left his face “Don’t fret kitten, you have more people than you know watching over you.”
“Like you?” I asked harshly.
“Yes like me.”
I felt a little bad now “Then next time you decide to make nice at least act like that’s your intention.”
He shrugged “I don’t make nice.”
Brock just seemed to glare at them.
“Alright then” I stared awkwardly “So who are you then?”
“Blaze” the smart ass said.
“And you?” I asked the quiet one.
“Abel” he said as if he had no feelings.
I nodded “Jade” I pointed to me “And Violet” I pointed to Violet.
They both nodded.
“For future reference” Blaze said “Try not to piss off the wrong people, you won’t even get a good argument in.”
“What does that have to do with anything?”
“I’m sure you’ve heard about the girl on the cross.”
I stopped, the very first person to mention her since we’ve been here “So what of her?”
“She pissed off the wrong person.”
“Leave it alone” Brock said harshly.
“What?” Blaze asked “They need to know that nobody here can be trusted.”
I looked back at Brock and Ariel.
“What is he talking about?”
“A person you won’t have anything to do with” Ariel said.
“Just one person?” I asked “That’s it?”
“Not at all” Abel spoke this time “You have no idea how little you know.”
“I’m sure I know absolutely nothing” I said earning blank stares from them.
“Well that was easy” Blaze stated.
“Not really” Violet said low.
Blaze smiled at her “The other one speaks, and here I thought the girl’s vocal chords were damaged.”
“No, she can talk” I said for her “That much I know.”
“We need to go” Ariel stated.
“What’s your hurry doll?”
“What is it with you and pet names?” I asked Blaze seriously “With a name like Blaze I suppose I can understand.”
He smirked again “At least my name has some originality, think before you speak human.”
I could hear Violet’s eyes rolling, god I loved her sometimes.
“I’ll be sure to keep that in mind cupcake.”
His expression lost its amusement “I suggest you take her away before I add a scar to that pretty face.”
“Awe you think my face is pretty?” I asked before thinking.
Violet just pulled me away.
I saw the smile form back on his face when I turned around. For an ass he was, how shall I say… handsome? Dark blue eyes that seemed to last for days, and a bright blue Mohawk, he acted like he looked. Abel looked more homely, with the light brown eyes and his short brown hair.
“Never, and I repeat never be alone with those guys” Brock said.
“Why, they seemed fine to me” I said sarcastically.
“Steer clear, I mean it.”
I shrugged walking close behind them.
“Shit” Brock stopped right in front of us.
“What is it?” Ariel asked looking around.
“We need to go back.”
“What, why?” she asked “We need to talk to Zero.”
“That has to wait” Brock said quickly.
She stiffened.
“Why wait?” Violet was the one to ask.
“He is close” Brock said.
“He?” I asked “Who is he?”
“It doesn’t matter just get them the hell out of here” Brock said harshly to Ariel.
She nodded quickly before pushing us back in the opposite direction.
“Where are we going?” Violet asked.
“Just run” Ariel said quickly taking a glance back.
I looked back and Brock was no longer in sight.

~ <> ~


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