What if one day you found out that the monsters you thought only existed in stories, were real?
Years after the discovery of Vampires, seventeen year old Jade and her twin sister Violet are sent to the very first Vampire Containment Facility. Also known as Campus Eternal.
At the school, Jade is confronted by Vampires who believe she can save them, but she doesn't think she is strong enough.
There is a man there who everyone is afraid of, he is personally responsible for the death of the last human at Campus Eternal. Even though people see him as wicked and cruel, she believes that he can help her save the Vampires.
The only question is: Is he willing to help her?


28. Prototype Ch. 26 - This Love

It didn’t matter how long I stared at that cover page, because I couldn’t seem to turn the page.

I shut the book and stared at the cover again, it looked like a really old diary. The back was plain, old with a faded logo on it, the book used to be red, now the closest thing it resembles is a light brown.

How long ago was this?

I stared at the book, and for some reason I didn’t want to open it.

The large letters on the cover stared back at me, and I didn’t know what to think.

Why would Lucian take our original family name? Why didn’t my mom know about this?

I turned the book over so I didn’t have to stare at the letters anymore.

I wanted answers, I didn’t know if this could answer them all. I have a feeling that this book will only raise more questions.

One being, if I wanted answers so bad, why not just read the book? What did I possibly have to lose?

Part of me feared that it would be Lucian.

Speaking of Lucian…

I pushed the covers aside and I got to my feet. I made my way down the hall opening every door I passed.

“Lucian?” I called.

I made it to what I’m assuming to be the living room. There was a couch wrapped in plastic, it looked like it was ready to be moved.

I walked around to see the front of it; I had never seen anything like it.

How old fashioned was he? The design of the couch was too old to have been made within the last twenty years, but it looked older than that.

I pulled the plastic from the fabric until it was free.

The feel of it was different; it didn’t feel like it was created in a lab. It felt soft, and when I sat on one of the cushions, I didn’t want to get up.

I can remember going furniture shopping with my mother, every couch we found was hard and barely looked right.

“You act like you’ve never seen a real couch before.”

I shot off the couch to face Lucian.

He stood there wearing completely different clothes since I last saw him.

That could be why he didn’t answer when I called for him.

“Where were you?” I asked.

He shrugged “Having a little me time.”

He was acting different.

“I’m told it’s to relieve stress” I stated looking at him “You seem a little more uptight.”

He glanced to the side “I went to Campus Eternal.”

He had a bag in his hand.

“For?” I asked.

He tossed it on the couch “See for yourself.”

I looked at him before unzipping the bag. I stared at my clothes.

“Am I being held against my will?” I asked.

“Not if you want to stay” he stated.

I shook my head “I need to go back.”

“Not right now you don’t” he said.

I sighed before sitting back down on the couch.

“Abel has been looking for you” he stated “I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing yet, but right now this is the safest place for you to be.”

“So I am here against my will” I nodded “Great.”

“How far have you gotten” he asked.

“What?” I asked looking back at him.

“Gwendolyn’s’ Diary” he stated.

“Oh” I made a face.

“I knew you’d read it as soon as I left the room” he stated “I had a window so I took it.”

“So you made an excuse to leave?” I asked.

“I didn’t confirm or deny what I was leaving to do.”

I just shook my head away from him.

“I didn’t technically lie.”

“But you kept something from me” I stated.

“To protect you.”

“It doesn’t matter” I shrugged “If Abel wants to take his anger out on me, he can.”

Lucian walked in front of me “He has to find you first.”

“And you won’t take me back” I wanted to get mad and storm off to my room, but I couldn’t.

“He wouldn’t be able to get in here either” Lucian said before walking off.

I stared at the ground.

If I couldn’t get Lucian to take me back, and waiting here for Abel to get here would leave me old and grey, so what do I do?

I leaned back I pulled the bag on my lap to go through it.

My face went bright red when I laid eyes on one of my bras.

My anger flared, it was probably just an excuse to go through my underwear drawer.

I shot to my feet and brought the bag with me.

I found Lucian in the room with all the boxes.

He was going through one of them when I threw the bag at his head.

“You sick bastard.”

He held the bag for a minute before slowly lowering it, his eyes clearly showing his anger.

“You only left to go through my things?”

He tossed the bag back to me, nearly knocking me over as I caught it.

“Violet packed the bag” he hissed.

“Violet knows?” I demanded.

“She knows that you are somewhere safe.”

I just shook my head and walked out of the room.

I felt a little bad for hitting him in the head with the bag, but only a little.

I shut myself in his room and locked the door.

It took me a minute to realize that it didn’t matter what I did, it was stupid of me to think locking the door would keep him out.

I walked over to the bed to put the book in my bag.

How was I going to get out of here? I didn’t want to stay locked in this house.

Even though I was supposed to care that Lucian was here, I didn’t.

He was trying to keep me here, and I quite frankly don’t want to stay locked in this house like a prisoner.

I stood next to the bed thinking about what to do, but I glanced at the window not too far from the bed, and I knew what to do.

I was already dressed like a normal person, so I didn’t need to change.

I put the bag around my shoulder so that it rested firmly on my back, and I slowly pulled the window open.

It didn’t squeak or make any loud sounds, so I was in the clear. Lucian was probably fuming over me throwing the bag at his head, so he is most likely keeping his space. It was the perfect time for me to get out.

I peeked out the window only to see that I was in a second story room.

I made a face, how the hell was I upstairs when I never found any stairs?

I suppose this means I need to learn how to fly.

It took me a minute before I poked my head outside again, I looked to the left to see more windows, then I looked to my right and I could see a wood structure leading up to the roof, plants were covering it.

I took in a deep breath before I stuck my leg out the window; I carefully calculated how I was going to land on the structure before I jumped. Of course my calculations were wrong; math was never my strongest subject.

I hung on for dear life as I tried to find a place for my feet so I wouldn’t fall.

It was no use; I slipped but barely managed to catch onto the wooden stricture again.

I found a place for both of my feet this time, and made it to the grass below just fine.

I looked up at the window before smirking. Looks like I learned to fly after all.

There wasn’t time; I had to get away before Lucian knew I was gone.

As soon as I got to the sidewalk I froze, I was supposed to be locked up in the school. What would happen if someone saw me outside of it?

I stood there for a few minutes before sighing.

“To be honest I thought you’d be a lot further away by now.”

I glared at the cement in front of me; of course he knew I was going to make a fun for it.

“I knew you’d try to get away” he stated “I wasn’t sure if you’d make it out of the house or not.”

“By hiding the stairs” I stated.

“They aren’t hiding” he stated “They just aren’t in plain view.”

“That’s called hiding” I stated.

I heard him sigh.

I turned to glare at him. He looked exhausted, am I really that much of a hand full?

“This is why I didn’t tell you I loved you right away.”

I couldn’t help but laugh “Because you’d want to keep me locked away in a basement, so you could impregnate me then ditch the kids you don’t want?”

He looked at me for a minute “You watch too much television.”

“Take me back to the school” I said.


“If you don’t I’ll run” I warned.

“Run then” he stated “I won’t do it.”

As soon as my foot made contact with the cement I dropped face first onto it.

I heard something snap and I prayed that it wasn’t my nose, because that’s where all my pain was coming from.

I picked myself up a little to see blood. I quickly covered my nose and no doubt it was bleeding, but in that moment I realized it was my glasses that broke.

Half of the frame was lying on the cement, and the other half was trying not to fall off my face.

Lucian said nothing.

I held my nose and leaned my head back to try to stop the bleeding.

“You’re too accident prone” I heard him say.

I wanted to scream at him, to call him every foul word that I knew, but I just held my tongue.

He knelt down to help but I just shoved him back.

If there was one thing I hated, it was my inability to walk. When I hurt myself I feel stupid, and when people see it I feel even worse. The fact that he said something made my rage go into overdrive.

I was bleeding from my face, my glasses are broken, and all I wanted to do was go back to Campus Eternal, to my razors.

“Go away” I hissed.

“It’s not my fault you broke your face” he said back harshly.

“It is your fault” I lowered my head to growl at him “If you would have just taken me back I wouldn’t have ‘broken my face.’”

He just stared back at me, his eyes still showing me how angry he is.

“Just go away” I said.

He didn’t say anything.

“Go harass Gwendolyn’s other offspring.”

He grabbed me harshly by my arm and pulled me off the ground.

“Ouch” I hissed trying to pull away.

He only gripped tighter and dragged me back towards the house.

“I’ll scream” I warned.

He didn’t stop.

I opened my mouth to scream only to feel his hand cover it.

I blinked and I was no longer outside.

Again I dropped to the floor.

I groaned rubbing my face.

Lucian didn’t wait for my balance to come back; he yanked me off the ground again and led me somewhere.

I tried to latch onto a door frame to slow him down but that didn’t work.

He opened a door, finally stopping.

My arm was hurting; he still didn’t let it go.

I dug my nails into his hand hoping he’d let me go, it only made him increase his strength on my arm.

He turned on the water and shoved me into the shower.

“Clean yourself up” he demanded.

I stared back at him horrified, he didn’t move.

“Do I at least get to be left alone?” I asked.

“Think about that for a minute, why would I tell you no?”

“Because you’re an asshole?” I asked sarcastically.

“Because you ran away last time I left you alone” he hissed “Good luck getting rid of me now.”

I stared back at him as my clothes just continued to get wet. He didn’t really expect me to take my clothes off with him right here did he?

When I found my gaze going back up to him I noticed he was staring away.

“Get out” I said.


“Lucian” I hissed.

“No” he said equally as calm.

Would he leave if I did undress? How could I escape if I was naked?

He must have thought about that.

I hesitated before pulling off the sweater and the shirt I was wearing.

I stared at him to see if he was looking, he wasn’t, so I tossed the wet clothes on the floor.

I watched him flinch, it was a small one, but I saw it.

I unbuttoned my pants and growled while trying to pry them off.

Wet skinny jeans are never fun.

I stood there after picking my jeans up, thinking about tossing them with the rest of my clothes, but deciding against it.

I put the pair of jeans directly under the water before throwing them at Lucian.

“How many fucking times are you going to throw things at me?” he hissed turning to face me.

He must have really been angry because he didn’t falter.

“Now will you leave?” I asked “I can’t runaway naked!”

“You aren’t naked” he stated.

I wasn’t sure how, but I was suddenly feeling brave.

I stared at Lucian while I pulled my arms back to unclasp my bra.

His gaze never left me.

I pulled the wet piece of clothing off and tossed it to the floor.

There was only one more thing to remove before I was stark naked.

He’s seen me naked before, what does he care?

I dropped my hands to the last piece of fabric to slide them off.

“Are you going to watch me shower?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything; I could see that he didn’t plan for this.

I tossed the last piece of clothing to the floor before putting my head under the water.

I was startled by it being shut off.

Lucian pressed me to the wall, kissing me desperately.

He pulled back to remove his shirt.

Fear kicked in, I wasn’t ready for this.

He stared back at me and I could see my blood on his face, my stomach was turning.

His skin was hot against mine, and I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t move.

“Lucian” I practically gasped.

He stopped, he was staring down and I felt way too self conscience.

What the hell was he looking at? He looked horrified.

He pulled my arm up almost too carefully.

His fingers lightly traced the area he gripped me earlier.

A bruise was already starting to form.

He placed a light kiss on the bruise before pulling away.

I watched as he picked up all the clothes.

“After you shower I’ll take you back” he said before leaving.

I stood there shivering, I had no idea what just happened.

I wasn’t sure how long I stood there staring at the mirror across from me until I turned the water back on. When I did I tried my hardest not to cry.




I sat on Lucian’s bed staring at the door.

After all of that I decided to stay, and he refused to be in the same room as me.

If I walked out into the living room he walked into his room, if I walked in there he went onto the one with all the boxes, it was an endless cycle.

At least this time I was wearing clothes, a pair of green basketball shorts and plain black shirt.

I walked out of his room to stand in the hallway. He lay on the couch staring at the ceiling.

I didn’t move, I just stood perfectly still not once taking my eyes off of him.

Technically I wasn’t in the same room, so he couldn’t run away from me.

His gaze dropped and he saw me.

I didn’t move, he however was quick to a sitting position.

“Why won’t you talk to me?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything.

This should be the other way around; I was the one who was assaulted.

I took a few steps into the living room and he didn’t move, so I moved closer.

He didn’t stand up to leave until I was right next to the couch.

I blocked the hallway so he couldn’t get away, and I had a hand on his shirt so he couldn’t disappear to get away from me either.

He stared to the side.

“Lucian” I said.

He didn’t even blink.

“Would you just talk to me?”

Still nothing.

“At least come in here and lay down with me.”

He cringed again and quickly ripped my hand from his shirt.

“I love you” I said before he could go anywhere.

He stopped trying to run away, but he still wouldn’t look at me.

I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around him.

“I love you” I said again.

His body tensed, so I held him tighter.

“I love you” I said.

“Stop!” he shouted.

“I love you!” I said it louder.

His hands were over mine trying to get me to let go.

“I love you” I said over and over again.

He leaned forward and what I heard next broke me.

“Jade, please.”

Was he crying?

“Don’t you love me too?” I asked.

“I’m horrible” he groaned.


“Please kill me” he whimpered “Kill me.”

He regretted it, he regretted it and it was tearing him apart.

“Lucian” I said low.

“Kill me!” I shouted.

“No” I dug my nails into his stomach “People don’t hurt people they love!”

I could feel him shaking.

“I love you” I said again.

All of a sudden I felt dizzy, and even though I didn’t want to I dropped.

I stared up at Lucian as he disappeared right in front of me.

Only when he was gone, did I realize I was in my room at Campus Eternal.

I stared up the ceiling I have seen so many times, and I wanted to glare at it.

But I could feel the tears coming.

“Don’t cry” I said to myself.

I shut my eyes tight hoping it would help but it didn’t.

“Don’t you fucking cry” I hissed.

I opened my eyes and the tears fell.

“Damn it” I stared upwards.

My already crappy vision blurred. I forced myself to roll over so I was now sitting up.

I looked around my room as I wiped at my eyes, Violet was not here.

I forced myself to stand up, and I made my way to the bathroom and I splashed cold water on my face. It surprisingly helped.

I used the towel on the rack to dry my face before I actually looked at myself in the mirror. My eyes have been so used to seeing through glasses that I could no longer see like I used to. That was another thing I had to do, I had to go to Sage before I even started Gwendolyn’s Diary. I know I was worried about losing Lucian, but right now I just wanted him to leave me alone. Then it dawned on me, the diary is in my bag, and my bag is still at Lucian’s.

I growled in frustration.

I had to stand there for a minute to calm my nerves.

The only thing I needed to do right now was go and see Sage again, tell her that my glasses snapped it half when I fell on my face.

I pulled on a pair of shoes before making my way to the infirmary. It was late into the afternoon, even though it was dark out it seemed like it was still light.

The large moon lit up the night; it made it hard for me to focus my anger on Lucian.

I stopped a few times to admire the large sphere.

It didn’t take long to get another eyes exam, Sage was a little displeased at the fact that I didn’t have my broken glasses to show her. It wasn’t my fault; I didn’t have time to grab them.

The wait for this pair of glasses would be shorter, fortunately.

I was walking back to my room when I decided that I didn’t want to sit alone in my room to sulk, so instead I would go to the cafeteria and eat.

I pulled open one of the doors to see Violet sitting at a table with Juliet next to her, Ariel on her other side, and Abel standing with his back against the wall not to far from where they sat.

“You’re back?” Violet was up quickly to hug me.

I looked over at Abel, he just looked at me. I think he exhausted all of his emotion, crying can do that.

I opened my mouth to speak but I was interrupted.

“So there is something big coming up” Ariel said.

I just looked at her, if it was something like spring break I was completely out.

“Valentines Day is coming” Ariel stated.

I felt the urge to vomit. That was her ‘something big?’

“Jade?” Violet asked.

I looked at her.

“There is another ball” she said “Lucian can take you to this one.”

She was too excited.

Her smile faded when she saw my lack of interest.

“Did something happen?” she asked.

My gaze went back to Abel; he didn’t look even slightly different.

“Abel?” I asked.

He looked at me, I still didn’t see anything. He was numb, and I understood so much how that felt.

Violet looked a little mad that I completely ignored her.

“Would you be mad if I hugged you?”

He continued to stare at me, this time showing confusion.

“Can I hug you?” I asked “Please.”

He stood up straight pulling away from the wall.

“Because I know you are mad at me” I could feel the tears coming again “But I could really use one.”

He was the one who moved; he came forward and wrapped his arms around me.

I clung to him, he must have known that something happened because he whispered “I’m so sorry” so low that I barely even heard it.




The night seemed to go on forever. My normally lazy body refused to let me sleep.

I felt tired, I felt exhausted, but sleep would not claim me.

Violet was asleep and she has been for hours.

Valentines Day kept going through my head, and I hated so much that it was.

I never cared so much for that holiday, it’s stupid. It’s all mushy and hearts and chocolate.

Of course the chocolate I enjoyed, but I’ve never had a Valentine. When Violet mentioned Lucian I don’t even know how I felt.

I don’t even know why she was bringing it up yet; Valentines Day was literally in fourteen days. It’s barely February today.

I sat up in my bed to stare at the small window by the door; I could see the little bit of sunshine trying to make its way through. I checked the time; it was 6:13am.

I ran my hand over the word ‘Worthless.’

I was feeling like a lot of that right now. Instead of getting up to create new ones, I began to pick at the nearly healed skin. He never failed to make me feel so good and happy, only to make me feel like I was lower than dirt. I get that he felt bad about what he did, but why did he have to be such a child about it? If I was the one who messed up I couldn’t teleport away from him, he would make me face him.

Maybe he just needs a couple of days to calm down. I nodded to myself; I’ll give him a few days. If he doesn’t ask me to that stupid Valentines Day ball, you better bet I will give him something to feel bad about.


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