What if one day you found out that the monsters you thought only existed in stories, were real?
Years after the discovery of Vampires, seventeen year old Jade and her twin sister Violet are sent to the very first Vampire Containment Facility. Also known as Campus Eternal.
At the school, Jade is confronted by Vampires who believe she can save them, but she doesn't think she is strong enough.
There is a man there who everyone is afraid of, he is personally responsible for the death of the last human at Campus Eternal. Even though people see him as wicked and cruel, she believes that he can help her save the Vampires.
The only question is: Is he willing to help her?


2. Prototype Ch. 2 - Throw Me Away


I sat in a chair that leaned patiently against the wall, with more lining up next to it doing just the same.
“Jade Knight.”
I heard my name and I was struck with fear.
“Violet Knight.”
I looked next to me and Violet was rising to her feet.
“So” the man in front of us said “Life in prison, or four more years of school?”
I would rather go to the school than suffer in our prisons. Who knows how much of my body would still be my own.
His gaze landed on me “What say you?”
“School” I said simply, but if felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.
“And you?” he looked at Violet.
“School.” She said low.
My heart picked up as I stared at her, I would keep her safe no matter what.
“School it is” the man seemed like he hated us for not choosing prison.
Violet locked her hand in mine and I looked back at her for the fiftieth time today.
“Which campus?” the man asked a larger man in a suit.
“Eternal Campus.”
“Agreed” he said looking back at us “You two follow me.”
I held tightly onto Violet’s hand as I followed the man.
“You two are to be shipped off tonight, your belongings will be behind you shortly.”
“What about our mom?” Violet asked.
“She has to face the courts, but she isn’t the guilty one here” his gaze lingered on me.
I huffed looking away “Get on with it.”
“With pleasure” he said a little too happily for my taste.
He shoved us both forward until we stopped at a cell.
“Uh, this isn’t a form of transportation” I stated.
“No” he glared straight forward “But it will be where you stay until it is time for your departure, now then” he pushed us harder “In you go.”
I walked in and Violet followed until we heard the clanking of the door and the jingling keys.
“Have fun” the man smiled wickedly as he passed us.
I looked over at Violet again to see a frown on her face.
“I’m really sorry” I said so low.
“Don’t worry about it” she sighed “I’d rather be with you than a whole bunch of girls who don’t eat properly, and boys who only talk about sports.”
I smiled “You love me because I’m unpredictable.”
She shrugged “I guess so.”
I followed her as she sat on the only bed in the small cell, now all we had to do was wait.

~ <> ~

They say good things come to those who wait… so then does this mean that we will be lucky and do good here? The flight was twelve hours and I was in so much pain! My back hurt, my head hurt, and I had to go to the bathroom like it was nobody’s business.
While we were flying Violet decided to sleep and leave me alone, I however like the dumb smart person I am decided to read about our new school.
It was called Campus Eternal, the very first school built for Vampires, as well as the largest. The campus was cut off from the rest of society miles and miles stretched on without a single house, if there was a convenience store there then they were brave. It was the same school that girl was found bound to a cross.
The large distance had a name; everyone called it the Great Gap. The only ones brave enough to enter the boundaries of the gap were the wild life, which didn’t consist of much.
In the article it said that it was rare for humans to be sent to the Vampire schools unless they committed heinous crimes. The girl found was accused of burning her house down with her parents and her two younger siblings still inside. Murder.
My gaze went from the paper to the sleeping figure next to me.
The girl was the first human in twenty years to be sent to Campus Eternal, and she lasted less then a month.
Campus Eternal was the last place a human would go, and here we were on our way to basically just die.
My gaze made its way back to the paper in front of me; it says that the campus has over one hundred human security guards. Who were trained specifically to combat Vampires and to paralyze them if need be.
Well where were all of them when the girl was nailed to that cross? What will happen to us?
The paper says that there are no humans currently attending classes, meaning we were in trouble.
I’m not sure I would be able to sleep even if I tried.
I had to go potty, and bad! I got to my feet and made my way to the walkway, trying my best not to wake up Violet.
There was pretty much no one on board, just a few guards sectioned throughout the plane and us. I walked slowly to the back moving a curtain, my hand pulled at the door but I stopped. There was a noise from the other side, not the side I came from either.
I hesitated before moving the curtain out of the way.
My voice locked in my throat. There were cages lining the walls and occupants in them.
The eyes all coming to land on me.
“Oh wow” I managed to say.
“Human” I heard a voice say.
I made my way further back to look at them; they looked like every other person I had ever seen.
I stopped in front of a girl, she looked thin and her make up was running down her cheeks. Her blue eyes giving away how she was feeling, her short blonde hair made her seem young and innocent.
“Are you alright?” I reached my hands through the cage to reach for her.
She grabbed at my hand roughly and I flinched terrified.
Her eyes met mine as she grabbed my hand sighing “You thought I was going to hurt you, didn’t you?”
I shook my head “Not at first.”
The girl smiled “Why are you here, on this plane?”
I knelt down in front of her “Are you a Vampire?”
She looked around at all the others before she nodded “Are you surprised?”
I nodded “I was told so many bad things” I admitted “But I never thought you would be just like me.”
A larger smile came across her face “Like you huh?”
“I was told that you all looked like demons and you killed as much as you could.”
Her smile faded “Now how do you feel?”
“I never believed it” I shook my head “That’s why I’m here.”
A boy from the cage next to her sat as close to us as possible “You went against their beliefs, didn’t you?”
I nodded “Your punishment is unfair, it’s not fair that you were all forced away because of one Vampire.”
I heard a laugh “Well this is a first.”
I turned to see a guy staring right at me with a menacing gaze.
“First what?” I asked confused.
“First time a human was dumb enough to side with us” he stated “After all these years too.”
“Well somebody has to” I said “We need to fix this, if you were really as horrible as they say we would all be dead.”
There was a silence.
“As true as that may sound” the girl started “We need you, and we can’t start a war because it would never end.”
I stared at her “But how would you guys be happy then? Fall in love with your soul mate? Live free and have kids, get married and raise your kids in a good place?”
She stared at me “That is not our destiny, there for it shall not be.”
I wanted to say otherwise but a guard caught sight of me “Hey” he hissed “What are you doing back here?”
I froze “I was uh” I looked at all of them “Looking for the bathroom.”
“Well you passed it, go back.”
I nodded before meeting the female Vampires gaze again before smiling at her; I sort of hoped to talk to her again.
“Get moving” the man pushed me forward.
“I’m moving, jeez” I hissed stopping in front of the stall for the second time before walking inside.

~ <> ~

We got off the plane to stare through a small empty field while a large bus waited for us.
“Move” the guard from earlier hissed at me.
I stood on the outside of the plane waiting for the cages to come out, but then I thought about the sunlight, wouldn’t they all burn?
The first one that caught my sight was a boy; he looked like he could be fourteen. Large chains bound his wrists and went down to keep his legs from spreading too far apart. Behind him was another boy bound by chains in the same manor. All of them were linked together and forced outside into the sun.
Something was burning them, but it wasn’t the sun.
I was about to say something but realized that they were fine, they never burst into flame or screamed out in pain, nothing.
I saw the girl with the make up smeared on her cheeks, she was bound and forced forward.
“Why are they locked up like that?” I demanded a guard “You should let them all go.”
The guard laughed “Shut that mouth of yours or else you’ll be locked up tight right along with them.”
I held my wrists out “You should really let them go, they don’t deserve to suffer because of your lack of knowledge.”
He shoved me to the ground face first.
“Jade” Violet called “Leave her alone!”
I heard a loud hissing “Release the girl.”
I didn’t have to see to know it was the female Vampire.
“I thought I would have fun with this girl” the guard laughed “Now that there is a human girl I might be able to take advantage of.”
He flew off me.
“You will do no such thing!” I heard a deep male growl.
I looked up and the one who was glaring at me earlier was free of his chains.
The guard flinched back; I could see fear in his eyes.
I stared up at the Vampire; he held a hand out to me. I took it without hesitation.
“Thank you” I mumbled.
“Hey” another guard hissed “Get back in line.”
The Vampire looked at me before walking back over there to stand next to the girl.
“Walk in a line” the guard hissed “On the bus.”
We all took our turns getting on the bus until it was full; we then made our way to Campus Eternal.
I could see the large white building as we drove, but it took so much longer to reach it.
It looked like a large white castle, it looked almost new.
The campus had statues at the entrance, there was a large stone staircase leading up with statues on both sides every couple steps. Angels, the statues were Angels that looked almost sad.
Once we reached the top of the stairs there was a large black gate that opened slowly to greet us. A man in a black suit with a white tie stood just beyond, smiling.
“Children, how nice to see some of you again” the man spoke calmly, almost amused.
I stopped, they can escape?
“If you gentlemen would, release them” The guards stood there surprised at the man’s request.
“Are you sure?” one finally asked.
A guard hesitated before going for their chains. It took several minutes before all of them stood there, almost like they were free.
“You may now leave” the man stated “You are not brave enough to stay longer on my campus.”
The guards all exchanged looks before bolting. The gates closed behind them almost automatically.
The man in the suit smiled “Come now children, I do believe a tour is necessary.”
I looked over at Violet; she looked scared and ready to run away.
I linked my arm with hers and I smiled at her “It’s going to be ok” now all I had to do was convince myself that.

~ <> ~

We all stopped in a room, it was large and the floor was most likely made out of wood. It looked like a gym, for P.E.
“We’re going to have to take P.E again aren’t we?” I groaned.
The girl from earlier smiled back at me “You better believe it.”
I frowned “Damn.”
We were assigned classes and a locker for P.E, and then we were sent to our new rooms.
Violet and I were assigned as roommates, luckily for both of us that is. We followed a shorter man down the halls until we stopped at our door.
“737” he said opening the door giving both of us an envelope “Welcome to Campus Eternal ladies, enjoy your stay.”
I stared into the simple room; the walls were bare covered in white. Two full beds on each side of the room, a large desk in-between them and two small closets on each side of the door facing the beds. Off to the side there was a door that leads to what I assume to be a bathroom.
And in the very center of the room were our bags.

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