What if one day you found out that the monsters you thought only existed in stories, were real?
Years after the discovery of Vampires, seventeen year old Jade and her twin sister Violet are sent to the very first Vampire Containment Facility. Also known as Campus Eternal.
At the school, Jade is confronted by Vampires who believe she can save them, but she doesn't think she is strong enough.
There is a man there who everyone is afraid of, he is personally responsible for the death of the last human at Campus Eternal. Even though people see him as wicked and cruel, she believes that he can help her save the Vampires.
The only question is: Is he willing to help her?


14. Prototype Ch. 14 - Beautiful People


I was here again, in my golden field of poppies.
This time it was different, I was able to see myself lying there in the center. My body showing no more signs of life.
It was like I could smell my own blood; the poppies closest to my body were red.
It took me a minute of staring before I realized someone else was here.
“Hello?” I asked.
Lucian stood over my body staring down, a sad expression on his face.
“Why couldn’t you listen?” he asked low.
I could only watch the expression on his face change from anger. Something was going on around us but I couldn’t see anyone.
“Not now” he muttered “Give me time.”
“Time?” I asked.
He didn’t seem like he heard me.
“You need to get the hell out of here” he hissed.
Why did I need to go anywhere? I was the one who was practically dead on the floor.
He held me tightly to his chest defensively; it was then that I saw what was lurking in the shadows.
Wolves came out, in a pack of at least seven or eight. They came in a circle around Lucian.
“You are the one that should leave” the largest wolf spoke.
Lucian didn’t move “Sorry but I haven’t given up my conquest quite yet.”
A flash and blood was spilled across the field, the sound of growling and cursing growing louder.
I couldn’t see anything, only smoke and the occasional line of blood.
“Enough!” I heard a growl.
The smoke began to fade and I saw several human figures.
“This isn’t over Lucian.”
Lucian didn’t say anything, instead he laughed.
Laughed? I’ve never heard him laugh before, but it sounded almost sarcastic.
“Just keep that nose out of other people’s business.”
The other guy growled before disappearing again.
“Jade” he said low.
I tried so hard to say anything, to grunt, twitch, just to let him know that I was alive.
But nothing happened.
All I could feel now was pain, so much pain.
A scream burst from my throat, it felt like my body was tearing apart.

~ <> ~

Again I was in the center of the poppy field. This time the lights were dimming making is seem sad.
“Lucian?” I called out.
He was always here, where is he?
I ran and ran; the glowing poppies just seemed to die out once I got too far away lighting the new ones. The poppies were brighter than the stars.
“Lucian!” I called out again.
I stopped once I realized I couldn’t run anymore. It was like I wasn’t going anywhere; the ground was just circling around.
Where was he? How many times have I called for him?
I looked around but no one was there.
Why am I even trying to find anyone? Obviously all this is in my head.
I scowled, or was that night a dream and this was real? Maybe I really am dead?
My gaze went to my body and sure enough blood, I was drenched in it. I couldn’t help but panic.
My breathing increased and I checked every part of me. I tugged at my arm to make sure it was fine, but it came off.
What happened next was completely ridiculous; I had to check everything else until my body began to fall away leaving me with nothing.

~ <> ~

A loud scream made me open my eyes.
Everything was dark; I couldn’t see my hand in front of my own face if I tried. Believe me I checked.
My skin was fine, my body was put together but I felt so tired.
I didn’t know what was going on, where was I?
The sound of running water caught my attention. It was low at first then it got louder and louder.
My ears hurt, I had to cover them. A light burst in front of me and the first thought that came to my head… is this what a baby feels like?
I felt stupid for even asking that, I mean babies didn’t think like I did right? Nah.
What was over there? Was Lucian over there?
I had to see, I had to get there. I found myself running until I was thrown through the light and warmth overwhelmed me.

~ <> ~

“Jade” I knew that voice.
My eyes weren’t really working like I had wanted them to. Everything was blurry I couldn’t stand it.
“Calm down” I wasn’t sure who’s voice that was.
“Looks like you were right?” it was another person I didn’t recognize.
“What’s wrong?” this voice belonged to Violet.
“She took a nasty hit to the head.”
“More like she was bludgeoned a couple times.”
“What happened out there?” Violet asked.
“Roxanne please.”
I could only make out the short red hair and her black silhouette.
“Yeah, but I can’t guarantee that she’ll see as well as she used to.”
“I don’t mind” I said “I can just get new glasses right?”
“Oh you wear glasses?” she asked “Then yeah, I think you’ll be fine just stay still.”
I nodded and watched as a shadow came over my face and then a bright light, then once again I felt warm.
Slowly things began to get clear and the light in her hand dimmed until I could see everything.
“How’s that?” she asked with a large smile on her face.
I nodded approvingly “I can see.”
My gaze went to the other person; it was Sage, the only doctor here who has the most knowledge of human medicine.
“So what happened?” Violet asked.
I stared at her “I’m not really sure” I admitted “The only thing I really remember were the kids.”
“Did they do that to you?” Sage asked gesturing to my arms.
I nodded. I tried to lift my arm so that I could look for myself but pain shot through my chest.
A gasp escaped my lips.
“We had to bring you back somehow” Sage stated.
“Bring me back how?” I asked running my hand lightly over my chest.
Now that I really noticed my side was hurting too.
“We had to defibrillate you” Sage stated “But your skin was badly burned.”
I frowned; I had to check to make sure. I opened the front of my shirt and peeked down… there was a large rounded rectangular burn on my right breast, it wasn’t something else I wanted to add to my collection of battle scars.
“It wasn’t supposed to burn you” Sage said low “I’m sorry.”
I shook my head “It’s alright, at least I’m alive I guess.”
They all nodded unsure of what to say.
“How did I get here?” I asked.
Sage looked at Roxanne.
“Well when we found you there were a few bodies around you, I was surprised to see myself that a Vampire hadn’t tried to feed on you” Roxanne said.
“They were human” I stated.
“Not what got them” Roxanne interrupted “They were found ripped apart; a lot of blood was missing.”
I could only stare forward “But why?”
“That’s what we want to know” Sage said.
“Who do you think did it?” I asked looking around until my eyes landed on Violet.
She just smiled at me; I knew exactly who she thought did it… who I hoped had done it.
“Looks like an angel was watching over you tonight” Roxanne said.
An angel huh…
“But we should leave you alone to rest” Sage said “Come on Roxanne.”
I smiled as the two walked out leaving me alone with Violet.
“So?” she asked “Why do you think they did that to you?”
“Because I was human here” I stated “They wanted the Vampires to turn them because they believed Vampires were gods.”
She looked at me like I was crazy.
“That’s what they told me before they decided to doodle on my arms with a knife” I stated flatly.
She looked uncomfortable now.
“I’m just… I hate it” I said low.
“So do you think it was Lucian?”
I looked at her “I hope it was, well no I don’t” I began to silently pout “I just want to see him Violet.”
A small smile crept on her face “I can try to go get him.”
“He won’t talk to me Violet, he made that perfectly clear.”
“Oh wah” she said “So what, you won’t know until you let me try.”
“I don’t want to force him” I sighed “I just guess…”
“Guess what?” she stared at me.
“I want him to want to be near me, you know?”
She shrugged “Maybe he does want to; he is just weird about being around a human girl.”
“That’s not it” I said, I already knew he was with a human before.
“And how would you know?”
“Because I do” I shrugged “Therefore it is fact.”
She laughed “For as much pain as you are in you’re still cracking jokes?”
“Someone has to be funny” I stated “We both know how serious you are.”
She shrugged “Someone has to be.”
It was my turn to smile “You know we really are twins right?”
She nodded “Of course, we are the complete opposite.”
I nodded “It really is crazy though isn’t it?”
She sat on the bed next to me “I’m sorry I wasn’t there to help you.”
I shook my head “I would much rather have something bad happen to me than to have something bad happen to you” I admitted.
“Don’t say that” Violet whined “You are the only one who keeps getting hurt, let me help.”
“Its not like I have any control over any of this” I stated.
“I know, but I hate seeing you get hurt.”
I stared at my hands.
“I love you Jade and there was no way I could have told anyone that I like Juliet, except for you” she held my hand tightly “No matter how far apart we get you never try to hurt me and I am always trying to get you to notice me.”
I tightened my grip around her hand “How could I not notice you, I’ve been a jealous bitch this whole time” I confessed.
“Please tell me you did not just say that.”
“So what if I did?”
“Then I would call you an idiot” she stated “I’ve been jealous of you.”
I stared confused “That’s not possible, there is nothing to like about me.”
Violet glared “Don’t you dare say anything else, just sleep alright.”
“I’ve been resting this entire time” I groaned “Don’t leave.”
Violet hesitated “Alright I’ll stay.”
I smiled “Thanks.”
“Oh hey” she practically jumped “There is good news however.”
“Good news?” I asked.
“Well the government sort of messed up with the vacation plans of the school.”
“So, what does that have to do with anything?”
“Duh” she smiled “We get to go home for Christmas!”
A smile formed on my face “Really?”
She nodded quickly “Right, Christmas will be here before you know it.”
I shrugged “Not when my body hurts like this.”
She was about to say something cheerful but there was a light knock on the door.
Violet smiled at me “Maybe it’s you know who?”
I shook my head; I could feel that it wasn’t him.
“Hey” I heard a boy at the door.
“Hey” Violet said back.
“How is she?”
“She just woke up, do you want to come in and say hi?”
There was no response, Violet just opened the door.
“Hey” Abel said “How are you feeling?”
I shrugged “I could always be better I suppose.”
“I heard about what happened” he said low “Do they know who killed those kids?”
I shook my head “They just found us all there, I don’t quite understand it myself.”
“I’m sorry” he muttered “I should have been there.”
“No” I held my hands up “I shouldn’t have ran out there, please don’t.”
He was about to say something but he closed his mouth.
“As long as you are here now” I started to say “Can I ask you something?”
He nodded “What is it?”
“It’s about Lucian” I said.
Abel didn’t seem comfortable “Alright.”
“Why is he mad at me?”
Abel looked confused “He’s not mad at you; he’s just an idiot most of the time.”
“Really?” I asked “He’s really not?”
He shook his head “He’s not trying to get involved with the human world, he just wants to have everything back to how it was.”
I nodded slowly “That makes sense, but that is what we are trying to do.”
Abel shook his head “No, no its not.”
“Yes it is” Violet stated.
“Maybe that is what Ariel and Brock want you to believe.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Violet butted in.
“Maybe you aren’t really doing what you think you are” he said “What if none of us wanted anything to do with the humans outside these walls?”
She looked confused.
“Then they would have killed us by now” I stated.
“Not true, they just want their freedom” he said “They are only keeping you alive because they want the humans to believe that their kind can show mercy.”
“And they can’t?” I asked almost mad.
He shrugged “I have yet to see it, bloodlust is an ugly thing.”
“But what are we supposed to do then?” I asked “Tell them we aren’t interested?”
He shook his head “They are protecting you from everything else, its just all they can do.”
“But that’s a good thing” Violet stated “Right?”
“Protection yes” he said “But what happens once Vampires are let out again? The same thing will just happen again.”
“How do you know?”
“Because Vampires hold grudges and humans still don’t know how to kill them, the only thing that will come out of this is slavery in the end.”
I felt stupid “But they said they wanted freedom.”
“And power” Abel added.
“But you guys already have the power to get out of here” I stated “Why need us?”
“Because, if we all get out then there will be another war” he sighed “Those of us who don’t want war have to constantly remind those who do.”
“Does Blaze want war?” Violet asked.
The look on Abel’s face hurt me; he looked like that very name wounded his soul or something.
Abel nodded “He wants the humans to pay for what they’ve done.”
“But haven’t they realized this generation had nothing to do with that?”
He nodded “That’s why you two are still walking around.”
“Then I don’t get it” I stated.
“The government still has the choice to free us” he stated “Yet they refuse to put something like Victoria and that idiotic human behind them.”
“What even happened to them?” Violet asked.
“The fame got to him” Abel stated “He wanted more, so he sold Vampire secrets for money and Victoria found out, he threatened to tell the humans how to kill Vampires so she did what she had to.”
“Are you serious?” I asked “But I thought it was out of self defense?”
He shook his head “It was to protect their most protected secret.”
I had no idea that was the case, it sort of made sense now… she killed him mercilessly. Just like they said she did from the beginning.
“Just do what you can to survive here, and then be done with us.”
I stared at him “How could you possibly say something like that?”
He looked confused “Because it’s simple.”
“No it’s not, we came here scared as all hell” I said “But you guys have grown on us, how could we just turn around and leave without even trying to help?”
“Human nature sucks doesn’t it?”
“You know what?” I hissed.
He looked ready to retaliate to anything I said.
Then I looked at Violet… was it just me or did I just realize they had something in common that I hadn’t noticed before?
“Is that what Blaze did to you?”
Abel glared at me “What makes you say that?”
“Because I’m not stupid” I said simply “You love him, don’t you?”
“And if I did?”
“Then I would ask you why you weren’t with him” I stated.
“Because he is mad at me” he looked to the floor “How am I supposed to be there for him when all he wants to do is go against me and make everything worse?”
“Wait, so were you two together?” Violet asked.
Abel nodded “He only acts like a hard ass, but he is just…” he shook his head.
Violet and I could only stare.
“I should go” Abel tried to leave.
“Wait!” I called “Please stay.”
He hesitated “I don’t know if I should.”
“We want to talk” I said “No secrets ask and tell.”
He looked back “That might not be a good idea.”
“Well you wouldn’t be the only one talking” I stated “We all will.”
He nodded after a minute of thinking “Alright, but nothing leaves this room.”
We all nodded.
“So?” Abel asked looking at me “Why are you so curious about Lucian?”
“Well isn’t it obvious she…”
“Shush!” I hissed at her “I like him OK?”
Abel looked a little unsure.
“I really, really like him” I admitted “But he keeps getting mad at me and yelling at me.”
Abel frowned “Because with him near you, you aren’t safe.”
“What does that even mean?” I asked.
“He knows” he stated “He just doesn’t want to get attached to you because you are human and you won’t be able to live as long as him.”
“Or does he think I’ll betray him?”
A flash of almost terror shot through his eyes “What?”
“I know, you took us to Lucian’s house.”
“Wait what?” Violet hissed “When?”
“When they took us from the bunker” I stated “They thought they knocked us out, but I found a room with boxes of letters and pictures.”
“That you have to keep to yourself” Abel said “Lucian can’t know you were there.”
I nodded.
I had to say it to myself… even though I knew that I was in pain, that Lucian didn’t hate me but he didn’t want me near him, I was OK. I got to have a girls night with Violet and Abel, even thought he wasn’t a girl he was in love with some one who was neglecting him right now.
These were the days that I thank whoever is up there that I’m alive.
But if there was a God, he had to stop torturing me soon; Lucian was someone I don’t think I could do without.
But the thing is, after all the time I’ve been here the only constant thing I knew from the very beginning was Lucian. I wanted him to look at me, to touch me, talk to me, anything.
Now I wasn’t sure of anything, who to trust, who to talk to, or even if Lucian is really the one I should be falling for.
Could I even trust myself anymore? Not even a little bit.
But now… even for a little while I was going to forget just how different we were. My being human wouldn’t affect anything, and Vampires should live to be happy.
Like Violet said, Christmas was going to come fast… and boy was she right.

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